ASUS Quietly Launches Tinker Board, A Powerful Rival To Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a very popular small factor board that is perfect for doing small projects. However, these small systems lack the power to tackle some demanding tasks and that is where ASUS Tinker Board comes in.

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ASUS has silently launched its Tinker Board device to rival the popular Raspberry Pi only the ASUS’ device is much powerful and costs almost the same. Tinker Board is the same size as the Raspberry Pi but has a processor powerful enough to play 4K video and 24-bit audio, which makes it an ideal device if you are looking to create your own mini media center.

That’s not all, as this board also excels in other aspects that are usually not seen in these mini boards. ASUS’ mini board features 2 GB RAM which is twice as much featured on Raspberry Pi along with gigabit Ethernet and the latest generation of SDIO for add-on boards.

Like Raspberry Pi, this board also runs on a variant of Debian Linux and supports that Kodi for media streaming.

Surprisingly, ASUS Tinker Board is not much expensive as it is available for £55 ($68). However, the main question is the software support for this board as Raspberry Pi has a huge developer and community software support behind it and ASUS’ mini board is kind of new in the market.

While you will be able to accomplish more using the Tinker Board but don’t expect much help while getting started.

What do you think of ASUS’ mini board? Will it be able to gain the developer or community support? Let us know in the comments.

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