Astral Chain Salvage Farming Guide – How to Salvage, Get G Coins

As you make your way through different files of the Astral Chain, you will see there are a lot of different items that you might not need at the moment but still you can pick them up. These items can be very useful and if you pick them up they go to your junk section. These items can be salvaged in Astral Chain. Technically they are the junk material and you can recycle them which is just given a good name Salvaging.

Astral Chain Salvage

What you can do is salvage the items you do not need to get some currency, G. These coins will be more useful to you through the game.

You will find many extra items in every file but if you rush through the file you won’t be able to get them. Roam the map and you will find many items.

Even, some items will be specifically marked for salvage. Sometimes you can destroy some environmental elements to get more salvage in the file you’re playing.

Now when you get the salvage items, you have to go to any merchant in the game. There will be no one who says no to your salvage.

You can go to any merchant located anywhere in the game. No one will turn you down for salvaging. Now go to the sell tab and select salvage, while you’re speaking to the merchant.

You will see all the items that you have collected throughout under the salvage label, you can sell any of these items to the merchant to get coins.

Now keep in mind that you can virtually sell any extra item as salvage, but you will also see ‘Cat Food’ under the salvage tab.

You must not sell that because that is going to help you during your file side quests of rescuing the cats. This food will help you feed them or lure to go with you.

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