Astral Chain Outfits Unlocks Guide

Do Astral Chain have extra outfits? Yes, it does and our Astral Chain outfits unlock guide is here to help you.

Even though in Astral Chain, you play as a police officer, you don’t just have to get through the whole game with just one outfit. There are many ways that you can change the outfits in-game or even get new ones. If you want to customize your previous outfits you can even do that. You just need to do a few things to unlock new outfits or customize the ones you have and that is where our Astral Chain Costumes guide will help.

Astral Chain Outfits Unlocks

The first thing that a player can do to get more new outfits is performing better in the game. At the end of each file, the game has a way to evaluate a player’s performance. Players will be graded on their performance through a specific file.

All you need to do is perform well during your missions and do everything as it is mentioned. Also, you can do those side quests to get even more points and better performance.

When you complete a file, definitely you are going to get your rank increased by some extent, depending on your performance. Based on how many red and blue cases you solve, how well you do in combat, and other factors, you’ll gain experience to rank up.

If you move up in your rank, you’ll unlock a new cosmetic item in Astral Chain. And as you increase in rank you get a new piece of clothing along with a health boost.

There is another way to unlock some unique clothing items in Astral Chain by completing the order. You get a lot of resources by completing these orders. All you need to do is give a little more time to each file.


Roam through the map and don’t rush through it. You will be surprised by seeing so many clothing options there are at the end.

How to Change Outfits

Now to change these clothing items in Astral Chain that you just acquired, you need to open team options and go to floor b2 of Neuron HQ which is the main location.

Here you will see that you can change your clothing and other accessories that you have acquired throughout the game. You can even change the outfits in the locker that you gain access to as you proceed through Astral Chain.

Hidden Clothing

Some of the best articles of clothing are hidden inside certain levels. The ones we have identified so far are:

Square Glasses Eye Accessory
In the second chapter of file 3, in the area where you eavesdrop on two unsuspecting folks. Just across from them is an area accessible by a chain jump on top of a fire escape. Repeat this for the next building at the end of which will be a box with the item inside.

Police Armor Jacket
In file 3 chapter 3. You can find this while still in the astral plane. In the area where you first have to lift huge blocks, you should get on top of them and use the device that opens the way for you and it’ll raise you instead. From there to your left, you can spot a flight of stairs, taking those will get you to an arena and a mini boss fight with a “C-6” level enemy. So, a tough fight but at the end of which a box will appear and give you the cool looking Police armor jacket.

Bandage Eye Accessory
In file 5, from the room where your twin is lying unconscious, enter the room immediately left of this one and the bandage will be on the floor next to a bed.


Raven Armor
Complete Olive’s special case R1-B1 ARI to get this costume, although you get this very late in the game, almost near the end in File 12.

Lappy Suit

  • Lappy badge is given after you visit all of Neuron’s facilities with Lappy in file 3.
  • Lappy Arms is given after you speak to Marry and defeat Jin in File 5
  • Lappy Wisdom is given to you after you speak to lappy at the start of file 7
  • Lappy Legs are given as first-time reward for winning the Lappy’s Balloon Bash mini-game in file 8
  • Lappy Body is given to the player if he speaks and takes Lappy’s quiz and scores more than or equal to 40 points in file 8.
  • Lappy Head is purchasable from Brenda in file 12.
  • After you have all of the above, you’ll need to complete Olive’s case “Deskwork,” in File 12.

Drab Civvies
Speak with Hal in File 10 to acquire the costume.

ARI Medical Gear
Find all the toilets in the game and give all the types of toilet paper you find to Bel aka the Toilet faerie to be awarded this costume.

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