Astral Chain Noah Prime Boss Guide – Attacks, How to Beat, Tips

Astral Chain is filled with bosses that can be serious trouble if not dealt with immediately and Noah Prime, the final boss, is surely one of them. Here’s everything you need to know about beating the final boss.

Astral Chain Noah Prime

Now after fighting your way through the skirmishes on the way to the real battle the battle with Noah Prime would begin. We have broken this battle down into three phases.

Phase 1

This phase consists of you dodging the attacks and not attacking at all. Use the Legion jump to move from platform to platform. Use either Sword Legion or Axe Legion to move swiftly. Jump as soon as a new platform appears.

Phase 2

Noah Prime now sucks you in and a new phase begins. You have to essentially fight against an orb here.

Use Sword Legion with the Roun ability to quickly put in some damage. In contrast to that, you can also use power surge, a speed boost or Rush attack with any other Legion.

Be on your toes and try to deal as much damage possible, as quickly as possible.

Watch out for attacks from the ground wherever the purple lines appear. Sometime Noah Prime would grab you using the ethereal tentacle and render you immobile. To break out summon your Legion.

Be wary of the purple barrier that the boss would sometimes put up around you. If you touch the barrier damage would be dealt. To break out, use your Legion to destroy the four crystals outside the barrier.

Another attack is when giant rainbow sparks blow out of the orb from above. Put some distance between yourself and Noah Prime, now put some bullets in it with your gun and the arrow Legion.

Noah Prime would attack with an attack with increasing intensity as its health gets lower, try to conserve as many items as possible and the Legion fusion for the endgame. Use the Legion to deal maximum damage.

Phase 3

The final phase begins with an ambush from Final Noah Prime, a fused version of Yoseph.

Since this is the endgame, go all out with recovery and damage dealing tools. Use any remaining grenades to take away Noah Prime’s any possible health.

The ground would have purple hue where you would be attacked from just like before so watch out.

Dodge the purple orbs as soon as they appear as you would be attacked the very next second. The main issue in this fight is the amount of damage the boss deals, so you would want to focus on dodging mainly.

Use up any drinks that would boost defense. Since the boss can be bound using Auto Bind ability of one of your Legion, use that and go crazy.

Now let’s get into attacks to watch out for. Quite often the boss will make the floor warp up beneath you, and when this happens immediately dash forward or use the Beast Legion to ride on.

The boss will start launching those purple orbs at you and the height you’re at puts you at a serious disadvantage, so get back to even ground as quick as possible.

You can also use ax Legion’s defending ability, although the energy would wear over time so watch out for that.

As soon as boss creates a vortex to suck you in, use the best Legion to jump and run away or else it is certain death. When the boss uses a beam to try and annihilate you, use best Legion again to dodge the attack and run away.

In case you have been able to keep your hands-off using fusion, now is the time to use it and deal maximum damage!

As Noah Prime approach thirty percent health mark, he gets more ferocious. Keep your distance and keep attacking. Watch out for instant kill attack. Your gun can also deal some damage and allow you to keep distance while you attack.

Go all out and use as many items you can to win this fight!

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