Astral Chain Laius Boss Guide

Laius is the boss you would be facing off against at the end of File 01 of Astral Chain. He is an extremely dangerous foe that simply gets down to business, killing you! That being said the move set for this guy is no different from the others you will come across in Astral Chain so he serves as a good training opportunity.

Astral Chain Laius Boss Fight

Laius is best known for his kill streak; however, he’s far from perfect. He may be faster and more agile, but every enemy has a particular weakness. Although you might find his attacks a bit stronger and the overall pace quite fast compared to your previous battles, it would not be too much trouble fighting him.

Laius Tips and Strategies

While Laius is about to attack, dodge and try to attack from the flank. It is a good strategy to go for his back but be careful as he is swift in his movements.

The Legion you have is going to be your best plan of attack and as weird it may sound, your baton as well. Your Legion would also help put some distance between you and the enemy.

However, no one is perfect and you might be dealt some damage. You need not worry, put some distance between yourself and Laius, switch to your handgun and try to put some bullets in him.

Akira and the Legion you have can out considerable damage so do not think of moving away as a cowardly move. It is best to calmly strategize at times.

Since the Legion’s attacks are sentient, it may get ahead of itself and lose a lot of health. Be sure to check in on it and pull it back if the meter gets too low in order to recuperate it.

Once Laius’s health is down to a certain point, the battle will shift its course with buses being thrown at you. Stay on your feet during this phase! The cars would be coming head-on and you would have to run either right or left. Some of them might end up hitting you but that is no biggie.

If your health is already low from the previous battle be more careful as you would hate to die in such a straight forward part of battle. This car throw section lasts for about half a minute after which a cutscene is initiated. The whole scene is mesmerizing packed with cutting-edge graphics.


Some explosions later the cutscene is complete and you would be rewarded with XP and health items for future use.

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