Astral Chain Gene Code Guide – Empower Character, Level Up Legion

Gene Code in Astral Chain serves as the game’s version of experience from other similar RPGs and action-adventure titles. It is also the only way to level up for your Legion. If you want to make your Astral chain character empowered and all leveled up, then this guide will show you the right way to do it. For this your goal is to get the Gene Code and here’s how you can do it:

Astral Chain Gene Code

It’s true that Gene Code can be achieved by defeating chimeras but all the members in Astral Chain are not chimeras which means Raven and Human Soldiers which corresponds to you not getting at Genetic Code for them. The “finish” command is key to get this process done quickly. This command is displayed during battle when an enemy approaches death. Just hit “A” and the enemy will be finished for you. Using this command frequently increases the amount of genetic code you get as well as your legion obtains skills.

You can also replay completed chapters again to earn more experience and gene code from them. This way you can replay any chapter you like for as long as you want and continue earning more gene code. To replay a chapter, just head to your personal PC in Neuron HQ.

You can also make your Gene Code Drops more efficient by equipping certain abilities that boost the Gene Code drops. With these abilities in place, every enemy killed will drop additional Gene Code that they will not drop otherwise

I hope this guide was helpful. Have fun playing the game and let us if you want to know anything else and we’ll write about it as well.

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