Astral Chain File 9 Walkthrough Guide – Defeat Jenna Anderson, Tips

This Astral Chain File 9 walkthrough guide will include all the details of the ninth chapter of the game. This chapter will include you dealing with alot of Homunculus and Mini-Homunculi. You will try to stop Jena in her path and finally face off with her in one of the most technical boss battles in the game.

Astral Chain File 9 Walkthrough Guide

You’ll start off the chapter in Zone 33 with the objective of searching Harmony Square. Move forward and after a while, some cutscenes will start. You will now face off against a different Homunculus.

In the first section of the fight, the Homunculus will attack you by slamming its arms on the platform you are standing on.

Simply dodge its attack and counter-attack by hitting its arms. Be careful as after a few slams it shoots a laser beam at you so avoid that.

After dealing enough damage to its arm it will go into the second section of the fight where now it will attack you in almost the same manner but there will be a few platforms.

Jump towards the platform it is resting its arms and chain them. After dealing enough damage it will fall. Immediately after defeating it you will be sucked into the gate above and thrown into the Astral World.


Moving from platform to platform proceed further. You can see a mini-Homunculi eating something off the wall you can shoot it using your Arrow Legion if you want.

Proceed towards the main path use the Axe Legion and destroy the structure in front of you. Go ahead to reach a block and pressure pad use your Legion and move it.

After that, another structure will need to be destroyed do that quickly and go on ahead. You will reach an area filled with poison you can get through if you are inside the Axe Legion’s shield.

Go ahead and deal with the mini-Homunculi and go further towards the structure that needs your Sword Legion to examine it. Examining it will open up a path go along this path to reach an area where you have to make use of your Arm Legion and Axe Legion to get out.

Destroy the lasers in the last and proceed further. Now you will come across the boss, Egg Homunculus and you have to destroy it.

This is a very unique boss fight as the boss won’t retaliate at all because it’s an egg. Use your Arrow Legion to shoot the two glowing circles. Its outer shell will break and now you can deal with the inner core.

Use any method you like to deal with damage to it but do be careful of your surroundings as there will be many mini-Homunculi and other creatures.

After destroying the egg use the gate up ahead to get back to HQ. In HQ Jena Anderson will drink up the blue evolve and become strong. You will now have to face her!

Jena Anderson is a formidable opponent and you might find it very hard to defeat her. She will use her speed to avoid attacks and do slam attacks on you which might immobilize you for a few seconds.

With the help of your Legion deal damage to her whenever you get the chance. After dealing quite some damage to her she will drink more blue evolve and transform even more and run away.

Your objective now is to follow her and save the commander. Head down to the garage and start the chase.

You will make your way towards the objective and Jena’s men will try to stop you shoot em down proceed further.

Like the men weren’t enough, even a Homunculus will try to stop you deal with shooting it a lot. After that, the bike part will be over and you will have to face Jena once again but this time she is much stronger than before.

Jena is now more powerful and can fly making it much harder for your attacks to hit her. She can attack you from a distance and sometimes it can be a pain dodging attacks one after the other.

She will eventually land this is good opportunity to attack her. After dealing enough damage she will grow much more and the final part of the fight will begin.

Move towards her dealing with weaker enemies in the area. Now this section will be a lot like the Homunculus fight. She will slam her arms on you and you have to dodge it and attack. After dealing enough damage she will be defeated.

This final section will be when you transform. You will move towards Akira but you have to stop yourself by pressing buttons showing on the screen. After a few cutscenes, this chapter will end.

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