Astral Chain File 6 Walkthrough Guide – Defeat Hestia and Tartarus, Tips

File 6 of Astral Chain is titled “Complicit.” It has 17 red cases, as well as 17 blue cases. The two main locations in which these lies are Harmony Square and the Forgotten Rooftops. This Astral Chain File 6 walkthrough details each one of those cases.

Astral Chain File 6 Walkthrough


After your interaction with Hal on the roof, head to the garage and then go to Harmony Square from there. Once you reach there, follow the waypoint.

During this, you’ll have to be careful as there are enemies in the area and you need to stealthily get past them. Your IRIS will help you stay out of their sight.

Get to the waypoint and then platform across with your Arm legion. Take out the guards to make this easier and pick up a keycard off one of them before heading to the elevator behind the door.

Take out 3 more guards by sneaking to the left and then go outside to Zone 09.

You’ll find another drone here. Use your IRIS to scan the area for clues and check the footage that the drone has.

After this is done, you’ll need to save a guard downstairs from a few enemies. Once this is done, proceed to Zone 09.

You need to start talking to the people in green circles in order to gain intel. You can’t go through the front door at the moment so head to Camp Lookout and do The Injured Lookout case.

Basically you need to get medicine for the man in order to proceed. He’ll direct you to another way for you to enter on the right side by going through the rooftops. You can use your legion to get this done.

Once you’ve gotten to the secret entrance, talk to the really impatient man standing next to the vendors.

Also, talk to the Shopping woman and the Shopkeeper next to her. Eventually, you’ll come across a very Thirsty Man by some vending machines.

Soon enough you’ll have to answer some questions as well about your investigation. The answers are below:

  1. Hermits
  2. Stop redshift
  3. Use a drug
  4. Liquid
  5. Thin man

To finish up your investigation, visit the new waypoint outside the city. You’ll find yourself on top of some rooftops when getting there and you’ll get into a fight some enemies.

You’ll see a rich guy being assaulted by some enemies so you have to step in. Once you’ve taken them down, go past the train and to the tunnel.

There are some people there that you need to eavesdrop on and then you’ll finally have 100% completion on this investigation.

Enter the Hermit base through the vents and immediately turn left before the first vent. You’ll come across a grate that you can knock down to enter the bathroom and collect the Hamlet Pamphlet

When going through the vents, you’ll eventually have to use the Beast Legion to dig yourself a way to enter the room.

Continue along this path until you get to a room where you’ll have to use your Beast Legion to dig a path for you. You’ll meet the leader Kyle who will fight you.

This fight is pretty easy. Just wrap him up and then slash at him with your sword. He can evade your attacks but he’s nowhere near as challenging as other bosses who do this.

Just keep an eye out for this AEO attack which is telegraphed by him flying up.

Beating him will make him agree to lead you into his lair. He tells you to find Douglas by tracking him via his case and your Beast Legion.

Leave the base and follow the marker on the map. Once you’ve given the Beast Legion the scent, it’ll take you to the vent area and then up on the roof.

The ladder is broken so you’ll have to use your Arrows to bring down the ramp that you can climb. This will cause a few foes to spawn but you can handle them relatively easily.

Open the door ahead with your Arm Legion and take out more foes before proceeding to the roof. Take out the Chimera you encounter up top and then cross the Astral Plane gate that opens.

Once you’re in, you’ll need to make use of your IRIS to platform your way to Douglas’s location. You’ll also encounter a giant structure that can only be shifted by shooting at the glowing orb.

Continue and you’ll eventually get past this section and get thrown into a fight with Hestia.

The fight is pretty similar to previous ones that required long-range combat. Use your Beast legion to do damage from afar along with your arrows.

Once he’s down, go up the elevator, past more platforming structures and take down the flying chimeras that attack you along the way.

You’ll be in another puzzle section that requires you to shoot three orbs separately after taking down some enemies. Activate the pressure plates to go up.

You’ll spot Douglas and will have to take down a few foes but then you’ll come face to face with another boss named Tartarus.

Now he isn’t too hard to beat as long as you just stay behind him and do damage to his back legs using your sword.

If he turns orange or yellow then he’s about to do an attack so be ready to evade. Once he’s down, you can finally rescue Douglas and escort him out of the Astral Plane.

Head over to Douglas and you’ll exit the Astral Plane.

Immediately after a cutscene, you’ll fight off more enemies. The big guy might prove challenging so use the wrapping strategy to bring him down and then slash at him.

Once they’re all taken care of, scan the camera to get Douglas’s location.

Once you head to the location, you’ll have to climb a structure but first, clear it of all enemies.

When you’re on top, you’ll have to do more platforming until you reach the roof. You can spot some civilians in disarray and can even save one and then go the building that they’re running out of.

Take the elevator up and go to Douglas’ room. You can scan the camera to find out where the person who took his case went. After taking out more foes, a boss fight will happen.

Stay behind the boss’s legs and attack while avoiding his swinging and blast attacks. The boss will retreat up the walls after taking enough damage so use your arrows to shoot it down while dodging his laser.

Once the boss is taken care of, File 6 of Astral Chain will end