Astral Chain File 4: Siege Walkthrough

In Astral Chain, each case provides you multiple side missions to finish. File 4: Siege has two locations: Harmony Square and the Ark Mall. Your main goal is to find a woman dressed in white so this Astral Chain File 4: Siege walkthrough will sum up everything you need to do in this mission.

Astral Chain File 4: Siege

This file has 12 red cases. Two you solve before leaving HQ, 5 in Harmony Square, and five in the Ark Mall. There also 7 blue cases; 5 in Harmony Square and 2 in the Ark Mall.

Once the command room cutscene ends, warp to the garage and interact with a bike to start riding it. Head to Harmony Square in the city and look for some cases to solve by talking to the citizens with speech bubbles above them.

Go up the walkway and then cross it to talk to a woman holding an ice cream. She’ll lead you to where you need to go on the map. Eventually, you’ll encounter some people you have to fight so take them down and proceed forward to the next objective.

You can start the case by talking to the man in red about Jenna Anderson. He won’t respond well to it though so you’ll have to subdue him until he calms down and then enter the building behind him.

The building will have a Street Psychic there who you need to interact with for information. You’ll spot the next objective on your IRIS so head to it.

In that area, you’ll encounter a woman next to a dumpster and once you interact with her, she’ll send you on a hunt for a haunted dumpster. This item will be highlighted by a red marker in an alley surrounded by red matter so scan the area and then move forward.

You’ll end up in another realm where you’ll have to fight for your life against two waves of enemies. These shielded enemies can be tricky to take down so use your chain to subdue them before finishing them off.

Use your Legion as much as you can in this fight. You’ll head back to where you were in the city once you’ve won.

Leave the alley and head right until you reach a turn. The path to the right from there leads to the Mall. Once you’re there, go up and talk to the woman standing next to a prosthetic arm in the big green circle.

Then go past the area with the crazed fan on the walkway across from a blue marker on your map, to find the Easily Scared Woman sitting on a bench. She’s just outside the location of the Psychic.

Talk with her and then go to the next blue marker towards the Easily Lost Man.

Once you find him, you have to help lead him to the Larger Burger restaurant. It’s behind where you currently are and past the area of the fight, you had with those civies at the start.

Head down the stairs and escort the man left to the building and you’ll finally get the last intel you need to find Jenna.

Head to the yellow marker on your map to find Jenna Anderson. You’ll have to chase her through the square and she’ll go through a gate, so follow her.

Follow the new marker that shows up and suddenly an orb will start floating in the air. Use your Arrow Legion to take it down and that will bring down the wall to your left.

A chimera will then appear and you’ll have to take it down to proceed. Then shoot some more orbs to lower a platform to the next location. Scan the floating object while defending it from a chimera attack until a structure goes down.

Head down and follow the marker on your map. You’ll have to zip across gaps, take down foes, and shoot more orbs to open pathways as you proceed forward. Eventually, you’ll spot Jenna going through another gate so chase her until you get to a boss fight.

Aello Boss

The enemies in this Aello boss fight are extremely agile so you’ll have to rely on your Arrow Legion to take them down. Shoot them down and then when they’re low, hit them with your sword.

Taking down the first wave will then lead to another wave of chimera attacking. Plus there will be a special foe that you defeat by cutting its chain with you Sword Legion. Take them all down and go back to the city.

Once you regroup, a cutscene will start in which you answer questions. The answers are:

  1. Woman in White
  2. Ark Mall
  3. Strange Tentacles
  4. Ghostly Armor

You’ll then be in a new part of the Ark Mall. Follow the marker while fighting off enemies until you reach Jenna’s location.

There will be a cutscene, followed immediately by new types of Chimera attacking you. Beat them and then chase Jenna by following your map. You’ll constantly be attacked by enemies along the way but you can choose to run past them until you reach the exit.

Eventually, the Chimera will grab your friends so take them all down and rescue them. Once that’s dealt with, turn on your IRIS and proceed to the marker to start the Arm Nemesis boss fight.

Arm Nemesis Boss

This boss fight is about verticality. The Arm Nemesis will hit you from above so alternate between your legion Arrows and Legion Sword using the same tactics as the last fight.

The boss has a lot of health so it’ll take a while but you’ll get it done by doing this basically. Once you win, you’ll get the Arm Legion.

Talk to Jin and then a cut scene will happen. Alicia is trapped under some debris so rescue her with your newly acquired Legion Arm. Then go to Akira. Go nuts with your arm by lifting up doors and taking down Chimeras on the way to the exit.

Once you get back to the Mall area, you’ll have to fight off both breeds of Chimera. Make use of your sword and new arm to win this fight. Then switch on your IRIS and go up the elevator to the marker.

Walk into the round room once you’re out of the elevator. After a cutscene, you’ll have to fight Jenna. She’s pretty fast so you’ll have to be really agile to beat her.

Try firing arrows or sprinting at her to catch up and then switch to your Arm Legion to attack. Once enough damage is dealt, the fight stops and a cutscene plays after which players have to fight the Homunculus.

Defeating Homunculus

Homunculus is a very challenging boss who will do a ton of damage if he touches you. Start off with your Arm Legion and immediately attack the back leg and try to stay behind him as he turns.

If your Legion runs out, hack at him with your Legion Sword. Watch out for his sweeping and AOE attacks by dodging or staying behind him.

Eventually, he’ll lower his head and you can slash and hack at it with the arm and sword. Once you’ve done enough damage, you can take his arms from him and then switch to your legion Arrows. Shoot at him as he opens his mouth to do another attack and switch to your Arm when he comes down.

Eventually, he’ll pull out his laser and try to hit you with it. In that scenario: Hit him with arrows. This fight is tough but doable if you’ve mastered your legions. Winning the fight ends File 4 of Astral Chain.