Astral Chain File 12 Walkthrough Guide – How to Unlock and Complete the Epilogue

This guide will include all the details of the twelfth and last chapter of the game. This Astral Chain walkthrough guide will tell you how to unlock this File 12 and what you have to do in this mission. This chapter is quite brief as compared to the other chapters since you have basically defeated every enemy by the end of File 11.

Astral Chain File 12 Walkthrough Guide

The chapter itself cannot be started like all the other chapters in the game. When you complete the chapter 11 save the game file during the end credits. Then exit to main menu and load the save file to what is essentially an epilogue for Astral Chain.

Now you will start off in Neuron HQ. This chapter doesn’t have much importance but you can check your combat abilities. Olive will now give you some missions which you must complete.

The main objective of these missions are to clear off any corruption around the Ark. These mission will test your combat abilities. Completing the chapter will end Astral Chain for good this time.

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