Astral Chain File 11: Reckoning Walkthrough

This Astral Chain File 11: Reckoning walkthrough will include all the details of File 11 of Astral Chain. You can think of this as the last chapter of the game. You will try to find Joseph dealing with a lot of enemies and bosses in the facility.

Astral Chain File 11: Reckoning

After dealing with everything in your path Noah the final boss will approach you and you might find it very hard to defeat it. Read the guide to get the walkthrough and how to defeat the bosses.

Clones of Akira

After a few cutscenes, you will arrive at the ARI 300F. Go further into the facility and make your way towards the elevator.

Your main objective here is to find Joseph. Enter the elevator and some point it will stop unexpectedly. Using your Arm Legion open the doors and proceed further. You will come upon tubes containing Akira’s clones.

After the cutscene, you will have to deal with them. After dealing with them follow Akira and go up the stairs and deal with more enemies.

You will come across Akira and he will run off again for you to follow. Follow the path and you will come upon a closed bridge use your IRIS to find a button thing atop the bridge.

Shoot the button thing ahead and the bridge will open. More of Akira’s clones will appear and you have to defeat them to proceed. Go ahead and deal with more corrupted enemies and go further towards a new foe, Arke.

Arke Boss

As soon as you enter the room Arke will come down through a gate and will be your opponent.

Arke is one of the easier bosses of the game. This Arm Legion type looking fellow can be defeated in two ways.

Either you can deal damage to its heart by shooting arrows or you can try to get behind it and attack it while dodging any attacks it throws at you. Do any of this and defeat it to proceed further.

However, if you choose to shoot arrows, you must be aware to guard yourself when needed. Shooting arrows make you prone to an attack too and if you do it while being too up in its face, you will surely get a hard hit. The best option is to aim for its heart while shooting the arrows so as to deal maximum damage.

You will now have to use your Sword Legion a couple of times to slash the appearing barriers. Once through you will arrive at an area filled with poison use your Axe Legion to proceed.

Hall of Terrors

As you go ahead, giant crystals will start emerging behind you and you need to mount your Beast Legion to run away avoiding the crystals forming on the ground on either your right or left.

Make your way through using the Arm Legion and proceed further. You will now face the Ravens they might be formidable opponents but you can take care of them easily using the different abilities of your Legions.

However, make sure that you do not run into groups of ravens because they can prove extremely dangerous in groups. You can be easily run-onto if you don’t deal with one at a time. So, make sure that you don’t take any extra burden and keep the fight going in a progressive way. If you feel like taking a breather, tie some of the ravens with chains and take your moment.

Make your way towards the elevator and enter it. You will now be in the longest elevator ride ever. Enemies will spawn non-stop but remember that you have your Axe Legion’s shield that should be more than enough to protect you again these enemies. After dealing with enemies over and over again you will face a boss, Scylla.

Scylla and Akira Howard Boss Fights

Scylla Boss Fight is yet another boss fight that is not as hard as it may seem. Thanks for the Axe Legion that you have got, just use it to gang up on him and deal damage with your Legion avoiding its attacks.

You should plot for bringing Scylla between you and your legion and there would be absolutely no chance for Scylla to make out of it alive.

So once you have dealt with Scylla, take the elevator and proceed towards Akira Howard to face-off with him. Akira too, isn’t hard to take down but his Legion assisting him can be a menace.

Just focus solely on Akira and do as much damage as you can. Akira himself doesn’t do much damage but his Legion does. Just keep avoiding the attacks from Legion and focus your attacks on Akira instead of his legion to take him out.

After dealing with him Joseph will come and you will have to deal with the Arm and Beast Legion. Akira will help you with dealing with them. Once one of them goes down the Arrow Legion will appear and after that the Axe Legion and then the Sword Legion. So, this way, you will be actually dealing with all five of the legions in a series, and hence you must be prepared enough.

The best strategy against these five legions is to tackle one at a time, and the weakest ones first. It is because, strategically, if you start fighting sword legion, you won’t be able to time your attacks properly due the other legion behind you. So, take out the Beast Legion first, for his aggression. Next, the Arm one. Sword and Axe legions should be taken after them and finally the Arrow Legion.

After defeating them you will face off the boss, Noah. You can call this much of a fight as you just have to move from platform to platform and reach it. After that dive into the boss to fight with Noah Core.

Noah and Noah Prime Boss Fights

Deal damage to the core while dealing with the weaker enemies around. The core will send out attacks in which it will shoot lasers and more. Try to dodge most of its attacks or just block by using Axe Legion.

Deal damage to it and avoid area blasts. After defeating it you will face the final and most difficult boss of the game Noah Prime!

The most difficult boss fight will now begin, for which you can check out our detailed guide here. In the first section dealing damage to it is quite easy just to avoid its attacks which are easier said than done and attack it from behind.

After dealing quite some damage the next section will begin. In the stage, he will run away from you just avoid his blasts and deal damage to him when you get the chance. After some time he will go up in the air and attack you from above.

Avoid all of his attacks and wait for him to land and when he does charge at it and do as much damage as you can.

The next section will include him shooting lasers at you from a distance. Approach him avoiding the lasers and attack him.

This section will end after you do some damage to him. After that, he will become harder to hit and will go airborne a lot. Whenever he touches the ground try to do any damage you can and back off when he tries to shoot you.

The next stage walls will appear around you ignore them and attack him if you can.

You can fuse and do quite some damage to him and he will most probably die, Finally!!!. Defeating him will mark the end of this chapter and most probably the game as the last chapter is quite brief.

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