Astral Chain File 10: Madness Walkthrough

File 10 of Astral Chain is titled Madness and this Astral Chain File 10: Madness walkthrough covers everything you need to do and all the cases. Interact with Olive and Hal at the start then start exploring the waypoint area. Once you step outside, you’ll talk with the Cat lover who will then give you this next case.

Astral Chain File 10: Madness

Once you’ve covered all the markers on your map, you’ll come across the Cat Lover in the tunnels. She’ll hand you the catnip so you can track the cat down. Go after the trail into the Astral Plane and you’ll find the cat after taking out some foes.

You’ll spot a blue marker on your map when going back. Go to it and you’ll end up at a gate disposal case. Hall will call you after you’ve taken it out and give you a new mission.

Defective Detector Mission

Head to the yellow waypoint and then press A to use the detector. Your goal is to take out foes and protect yourself while it charges up.

Once you’re done with that, you’ll have to go to another waypoint and fix another detector. It is in the dump on the west side of the area where you fix the first detector.

Here, you learn that a thief was sabotaging them, and you’ll encounter the Uneasy Man. With the Uneasy man out of the picture, you then face a Chimera. He will burrow underground so either wait for it to resurface or use you IRIS and Beast Legions to dig it up yourself. Take the Chimera down with the help of your Legion. After this, you will face two Hydras.

At that point, Hall will call you to tell you it’s been fixed. Going back outside will trigger a cutscene with Olive. Hal will call and tell you to go to her. Catch up and then leave the area with her.

Going Forward

This next part will be the last stealth portion of the game. You need to maintain your stealth. Enter the area and ignore the guard across the canal and turn right. Sneak past the guard get to the bridge.

Cross the bridge and turn left. In front of you will be another guard across the canal. This one won’t move on his own and you cannot do anything about him. Use your Arrow Legions to shoot the pipes towards the right of the guard to distract him. Now chain jump across the gap to the left.

Head up the ladder to keep on the main path. After this, the next path is simple enough. The guards are patrolling, and you need to keep on climbing platforms while making sure you are not detected.

After the stairs, go across the floating platforms. Go slow as there are three guards at the end. Go to their right and descend the ladder. Here, on the second platform, there are five guards. You can pick them off one by one. Take them out and follow the rest of the way. As you leave the area, you enter a fight with Aberrations.

Defeat them and follow Olive to face Fire and Ice Frogs. Once you have dealt with them, you will fight Kronos.

Kronos Boss Fight

Opening the door will lead you into this boss fight. Kronos is a shielded enemy so get your Axe Legion ready.

Kronos have finger guns and shields. For the first part, just evade and follow the main path while hiding behind the walls. Keep pushing on cover to cover until you reach the last wall. Here, use the Arms Legion to open the doors and directly face Kronos. In this large room, Kronos will attack you.

Kronos is very difficult to manage from a distance as he keeps on bombarding you with projectiles one after another. Using Axe attacks allow you to remove his shield and dealing with his short, ranged punches make it very easy to deal with him. Take out the shields faster than they can regenerate and stick to attacking him as frequently as you can.

He’ll try to smash you so avoid that by sticking behind him with previous bosses. Just keep repeating these steps and this fight will be over.

Ravens and Evil Akira

You are now in the final prep room for the bigger boss of File 10. you have now regrouped with Hal and Olive. You’ll have to battle a new enemy type known as Ravens. You’ll get into a scuffle with an evil version of Akira.

Carefully time dodges for a while until a cutscene happens that lets you fuse with your Legion. The Raven Corps are not meant to be fought with, but you can still shoot them down with your Arrow Legions. Simple use your Beast Legions and keep on avoid getting hit until the dialogues finish. When the real fight begins, you will in your final form, Legion Fusion.

Then do serious damage to Akira with your attacks quickly. If he runs around, pursue him to ensure you attack him and end this fight quickly. Your mission will be to match Akira Fusion to Fusion. You heal with every attack making the fight very safe and simple. If Akira jumps back, just fling your claws at it.

Finally, you will get the prompts to overpower Akira and end it all. Winning this fight ends File 10.