Astral Chain File 08 Walkthrough Guide – Defeat the Axe Nemesis, Axe Legion

This Astral Chain File 08 walkthrough guide will include all the details of the eighth chapter of the game. This chapter will include you trying to close any gates you can and collecting Red Matter for 10 mins. straight! You will also try to find Max’s Legatus. You will have to do a lot of work in the Astral World and deal with a formidable boss who won’t go down easily.

Astral Chain File 08 Walkthrough

Once the chapter starts you will roam the street with Akira. Jin will call you and tell you to go to the roof where you defeated the Homunculus.

Your main objective is to go to the Rayleigh Plaza rooftop to close some gates but you can spare time to help others in the area by doing cases.

When you are ready to proceed to the main path open your IRIS to know where to go. You will come across the same building where you have to use the elevator to get to the rooftop.

Here you will be briefed by Alicia and she will tell you which area you should check for gates. You can check the red gates here on the rooftop as well. Interacting with them will lead you to the Astral World and you will have to deal with chimeras.

Once done you can go towards the waypoint. Here you and Akira will split up.

Akira will take the nearest gate and instruct you to clear the area of Red Matter and close any gates you find. You will have to do this for 12 mins after that Akira will come back and you will meet up.

Olive will tell you that they are picking signals from Zone 36 and that you have to find Max’s Legatus.

Make your way towards the objective. Inside the building is a maze type area and you have to get to the top. Deal with the enemies in your way and make your way ahead. Akira will separate from you and you will end up at a gate.

Go inside the gate and your objective will be to find Akira. Go ahead and deal with more enemies quickly. Make yourself towards the platform and have your Legion push it towards the other platform and keep doing so until you reach the pressure pads.

Stand on top of one and have your Legion stand on top of the other and the wall will rise. Proceed further and deal with more chimeras.

Move ahead to come across a pressure pad where a block needs to be placed. Do so with the help of your Legion and proceed further.

Now use your Arrow Legion to shoot the two cubes and go along the path. Here you will see three pillars that need to be joined together. Use your Legion to move the platform ahead to go towards the farthest pillar.

Move this pillar towards the second pillar and after that move towards the first pillar and move it here. The three pillars will join and a path will open where you shot the cubes. Go there and proceed forward.

Avoid the toxic gas and go up to the pressure pads stand on them and the final path for the block to be placed will open. Go towards the block and push it towards the pressure pad.

Get on the platform which is going up and reach the upper area where you will encounter new types of enemies, Berthold. These small round enemies explode upon impact so be wary.

Proceed further and move the blocks to make a path until you reach your final goal.

Now you will face off the boss in this area Axe Nemesis. This is a formidable opponent as you cannot deal damage to it as it has a shield. You need to throw the explosives laying on the ground at its shield.

When it breaks you can damage to it however you like. Try to dodge off its attack because they can be tough to evade and can deal quite some damage. Finishing this foe will grant you the Axe Legion and this chapter will end.

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