Astral Chain File 07 Walkthrough Guide – Homunculus Fight

This guide will include all the details of the seventh chapter of the game. This chapter will focus on you trying to follow the Homunculus in its tracks and dealing with any enemies on your path. You will face off with Homunculus in this chapter so be prepared for a tough yet enjoyable boss battle of the game by following our Astral Chain File 07 Walkthrough.

Astral Chain File 07 Walkthrough

The chapter will start off with you roaming the city in the aftermath due to the Homunculus’s attack. Your objective is to meet with Akira so move forward and you’ll encounter few chimeras.

You can deal with them easily but be aware of the laser beam from the Homunculus aimed at you.

Olive will tell you before the laser fires so that you can get out of its path. Move ahead and you will see the Homunculus. It will attack you by throwing trucks at you avoid them and move forward. Go down the stairs on your right and meet up with Akira.

Go ahead to up the ladder to be greeted by more enemies. These are the flying chimeras take them out easily and move on ahead.

Now there are two ways to go ahead the way on your right is simple just go up the ladder but if you want to face more enemies and get more items on the left path.

Do avoid the poison emitting from the masses. Once you reach the area you will have to fight more enemies and Olive will tell you to save your squadmates and to be careful not to hurt them.

Move forward go left and up the stairs to press the switch that opens the bridge towards the man hanging for his life. Avoid the poison and go forward and save him with the help of your Legion.

Go ahead and up the stairs open the gate and up another ladder in the distance.

You will now arrive at an alleyway go through it and deal with the enemies. This is one of the unique fights where the chimera will take you to the other world when its health goes low. Deal with the enemies in this world to go back to the real world.

Upon arriving you will get a call from Olive to tell you to follow the Homunculus. Collect any Red Matter you can and proceed forwards and up the stairs.

As soon as you reach the open area the Homunculus will shoot a laser beam at you dodge it and follow it up ahead.

Deal with more enemies and proceed into the building ahead. Go left and continue forward until you are sucked into the Astral World.

Deal with the chimeras in this world to go back to the real world. Then go left and make your Legion dig so that you can crawl down the shutter.

As you come out Olive will tell you that you have lost sight of the Homunculus go straight through the bridge. The Homunculus will jump behind you and you will have to run away.

Go inside the building and proceed further but do avoid its laser beam. Olive will tell you to group up with the others. Approach the door and make your Legion lift it up.

Proceed further and try to move downstairs. Once you reach the outside try to help the civilian ignoring the raging Homunculus in the distance as you cannot do anything to it at the moment.

Once you are finished helping go follow the Homunculus leading you to another building.

Deal with the enemies and then take the elevator up. Go ahead and reach the roof to encounter a great ton of enemies. You have to deal with all of them. Once you are finished do not get relieved as you will have to fight the boss Homunculus next.

Defeating Homunculus

Now your fight with the Homunculus will begin! The first section of the fight will be much easier as you can easily deal damage to it by attacking its legs during its laser blast.

Once its laser blast starts just dodge it and go towards it and deal as much damage as you can.

The tricky part is when the second section of the fight begins. In this stage, it moves around the area and is very fast on its feet.

It will do jumping attacks at you and area blast in which he will shoot spikes at you. But you are good in combat you can get close deal damage to its feet and back out without getting hit.

In the final part, it will jump towards your building. You just have to attack its arms and this boss will go down in no time. Thus bringing an end to your File.

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