Astral Chain Enceladus Boss Fight Guide – How to Defeat, Tips and Strategies

Enceladus can aptly be described as being the most complex boss players will encounter up until this point of the game. Beating it requires heavy use of the player’s Legion; effectively using it will yield desirable results. Let’s dive further into this encounter in our Astral Chain Enceladus Boss Fight Guide.

Astral Chain Enceladus Boss Fight

Enceladus is likely to start off its assault with a charging attack, react quickly to dash out of the way.

One indispensable piece of advice is to use the Chain Counter as much as possible, it is without question the most important and effective tactic against this boss.

Essentially, using the Chain as a sort of clothesline, you can render Enceladus immobile for a few seconds, the most opportune time to land a few combos.

To do so, you must simply have yourself and your Legion placed on either side of the boss as he charges you.

Charging into the chain will work to its disadvantage as it’s slung backward; down and staggered, this is the time to attack, having your Legion out while he’s down will maximize damage output.

Understanding when to call forth your Legion and when to have him get into its position is paramount.

Don’t get too close to Enceladus once it’s up, it’s likely to bring down its fist and do a considerable amount of damage.

The best way to deal with this is to approach it, wait for it to attack you with its fist, dash backward and attack once it’s done – an opening for you to exploit.

However, there’s a possibility of him firing beams at you as well, so keep a close eye on him and check to see what he’s about to do. In case of it resorting to its beam, you’ll have to move in a serpentine manner in order to not get hit.

Another move to be wary of is the red circle Enceladus is likely to trap you in. Touching the barrier will damage you. The way to handle this is to destroy any glowing orb outside the barrier; use your Legion to do so.

There are usually two orbs so make sure to look around and target both of them in order to escape.

Enceladus will also extend its detached arms towards the player; a purple light will emit from the palm of its hand. It will slowly chase you as you move backward but do move back to give your Legion room to attack.

The way to deal with this is to have your Legion attack the detached arms, forcing them back to their owner. Finally, Enceladus will resort to using its beams more frequently.

From a hail of laser beams to extending large beams from its fingers or hitting you with duel beam blasts, the player will have their work cut out for them as the boss will quickly switch from one attack to another in order to catch the player off guard.

The best way to deal with this is to dodge the beams to the best of your ability while simultaneously running towards it; try to get under it as it won’t be able to attack you there.

However, at this point of the fight, he will resort to stronger close-range attacks to make you move: he will either bring both of his fists down (which will damage you considerably if you get hit) or whip his arm towards you.

Eventually, Enceladus will destroy the platform you’re on, don’t fret as you’ll land on another. By this point, you’ve seen everything Enceladus has to offer.

Following the steps stated above, keep attacking during every opening and you’ll take it out eventually.

The most effective is using the Chain Counter to send him flying back when he charges and attacking when he’s down – doing this 5 or 6 times will most definitely take him out.

Even though Enceladus lacks much diversity in its move set, it’s a heavy hitter and even one attack can be devastating, so always remember to keep your distance when it looks it’s about to attack.

Attack only when it gives you an opening, and make sure to use your Chain Counter whenever he goes in for a charge; do all this and will undoubtedly get past this boss.

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