Astral Chain Duty Report Password Guide – How to Unlock Duty Report

The world of Astral Chain is fleshed out by the player’s actions as a police officer and interacting with the people. By seeing how our characters function and relate with others, we develop a stronger bond with them. One such way of creating this bond is by reading the Duty Report, a report written by the dual protagonists’ father, Max. Our Astral Chain Duty Report Password guide will teach you how to unlock and read this report.

Astral Chain Duty Report Password

While playing through File 06, players will be given the opportunity to read the Duty Report, however, to access it you will require a password.

Players should be made aware of the fact that once they close the Report, they will be unable to read it again unless they re-start File 06 from the beginning (this isn’t too much of a problem as players will be given access to all their files later in the game to review, so players will have a second opportunity to read through the contents of the Report).

The Report will be fairly lengthy as it details the certain facets about the protagonists as written by their father.

As one would expect, it’s quite sentimental and meant to develop these characters further while providing reasons for the player to truly care about them.

It’s absolutely a treasure trove of personal information that anyone interested in the lives and background of the central characters will want to read.

Some astute players will be able to figure out the password on their own – it’s not necessarily a difficult one to figure out. The game is basically challenging you to do so, as you are a detective.

The password is composed of 4 characters or digits, and knowing that it was set up by the protagonists’ father, it should be fairly easy to determine what it is. But for those who are unable to figure it out, here it is:

The password is the twins’ birthday: 1125.

As to be expected from a loving father, he thinks of his children at all times and would use their birthdays as the password.

The Duty Report is essential for players later in the game, but early access to it will help enrich the player’s experience and understanding of the central characters.

Once more, for the sake of hammering it in, the password is 1125, and you will not have access to the Duty Report until later in the game, so if you’re burning with curiosity, make sure to gain access and read it thoroughly before closing it!

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