Astral Chain Diomedes Boss Fight Guide – Defeating the File 03 Boss, Tips

Throughout the missions in Astral Chain, players will go up against several different bosses each with their unique strategies and attacks. Diomedes is just another one such Astral Chain boss and our guide will teach you how to defeat him easily.

Astral Chain Diomedes Boss Fight

When you face Diomedes, you might think that he is very strong. He’s quite big because of all the armor he has but surprisingly he is not as difficult as he may seem.

You will notice as you go on fighting with him that his movements are very slow. As his movements are slow after sometime they become predictable and you can attack him in between his attacks.

Keep in mind that this boss’ attacks hit hard even though they are slow, so you might want to just dodge them.

And as he is starting to swing his weapon, at that moment you can easily hit him with a big attack as it will take a lot of time for him to swing that weapon.

Another quick way and useful strategy is to just wrap him up, and you can attack him with everything you have and in no time you will be prompted to finish him. After defeating him, just go up the ladder to the next flaming can.

From that flaming can you can climb down another ladder, you will reach the area where you first met Quiz Kids.

From there just follow the waypoint and you will meet Akira. You may see some chimeras through the way but you can just pass by them if you don’t want to fight.

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