Astral Chain File 3: Link Walkthrough

This Astral Chain File 3: Link guide will include all the details on file 03 of Astral Chain. This third...

This Astral Chain File 3: Link guide will include all the details on file 03 of Astral Chain. This third chapter will have you going through Maison Forest and investing a lot of people and fighting a lot of bosses. Huh? You thought the bosses in the last chapter were hard and a lot in numbers? Well then be prepared for more of these bosses who will try their best to defeat you.

The chapter starts off with you getting appointed a task to go and talk to Joseph in the command room. Next, up go to the elevator and press B3 and go to the training area. Here you can check out the special programs and meet Dog Mascot named as Marie Wentz. Fast travel will be unlocked after you talk to her.

If you want you can train for a while and once you’ve talked to Akira, you can now learn skills of your Legion by going into the Legatus Menu and upgrade any selected skill. Your Gene Codes will be consumed to open a successful upgrade. After finishing this attend Lappy’s call.

Five Locations in HQ

Lappy informs you about the tour therefore, you must visit 5 different locations in HQ such as:

Blue Case: Down and Nerdy – Visit the Tech Department (B3)
Blue Case: Take a Load Off – Visit the Break Room (B2)
Blue Case: Meet the New You – Visit the Locker Room (B2)
Blue Case: High Maintenance – Visit the Legatus Terminal in the Command Room (B2)
Blue Case: Staying Healthy – Visit the Infirmary (B2)
Blue Case: Sanctuary – Visit the Restroom (B2)

The main areas to cover are “Down and Nerdy” and “High Maintenance”, as they help you progress into the story. As for the Tech Department, Tabitha will upgrade your weapons but you need material code first which can be bought from Ted. Go to Lappy and take a picture with her.


Once you’ve visited all five areas, you’ll get a call from Marie. Visit the Garage to meet Marie. Once finished talking to her, Olivia enters the chat and you’ll get appointed another task at the Residential Area “Maison Forest”.

Next stop is the rooftop! Akira is waiting here for you so that they can leave.

You will arrive at the investigation scene and here you will have to investigate a lot of people.

Luckily finding them isn’t hard and conversions are short so you’ll be done quickly. Now your objective is to get as many clues as you can. These people are scattered around the green circle area which is marked on your map. The people you need to talk to are the following:

Street Merchant – He can give you some good clues.

Observant Boy – This boy can be found right after your conversation with the street merchant.

Arm Mechanic – Talk to him then cut the line so that the ladder can be used to the next set of people. You can also get a blue case from him.

Quiz Brothers – These kids won’t give the clue easily first you have to solve their quiz. Give the answer the fourth kid and you can proceed.

Concerned Woman – Talk to her for clues.

Chatty Woman – She is beside the previous woman chat with her for clues.

Art Aficionado – You can talk to him for clues and can also get a blue case from him.

Records Officer – You can talk to him for clues and can also get a unique blue case from him.

Secretive Woman and Lovestruck Man – You must eavesdrop on them to get clues.

There are additional blue cases as well in such as: Malfunctioning Robot, Winging It, A Drone’s Fate

Visit Akira, have a little chat with him and he’ll ask you some questions. The answer to his first question is “Red Ghost”. The answer to the second question is “no legs” and the answer to the third question is “there is no hole in its chest”.

The answer to the fourth question is “Red Door” and the answer to the fifth/final is “Blast Hole”. This will complete the questioning and you will now have to make your way towards the incident area.

At the area, you must investigate the crime scene. This is where you summon your Legion to examine and will have to follow the chimera’s trail yet again.

Toilet Location
Once you’ve completed the Maison Forest Search mission, you’ll have full access to the northeast of the map where you’ll find the Bathroom location.

Find an opened entrance opposite to the three redshift patients. Find the bathroom there and collect the dead leaves.

Red Case: Chimera Takedown

Make your way around the corridor and inside the building. Get outside to reach a platform with people sitting next to it. Cut the fence and go down to reach another area full of platforms. Advance and go through the gate and follow the objective here. Deal with the enemies up ahead and then proceed further down the stairs.

Deal with an enemy there with your Sync Attack. After dealing with the enemy, you will encounter the first boss in this chapter. Normal attacks don’t deal damage to it until you slash the chain connecting it and the chimera. After slashing it you can give it a proper beating. Deal with this boss along with more enemies and proceed towards the objective.

Move across the platforms until you reach the elevator. Reach the top with the help of your Legion. Once at the top attack the cubes near the walls and proceed further. Your objective now will be to repair a drone. You’ll need three items Titanium Gear, Gyrosensor, and Camera Cable which are separated at different platforms.

Find them and come back to the drone to proceed further.

Go up the stairs and destroy the cube. Go further and destroy another cube near you and you can go ahead. Attack another cube up ahead and jump down. Now you have to raise the wall with the help of your Legion. At the top, you will be greeted by a boss named Cerberus while a cutscene shows Isabelle is downed.

Cerberus Boss

Deal with the enemies near the boss and approach it. Try to deal as much damage as you can with the help of your Legion. Attack it from behind and make use of the wrapping ability. Once it loses a decent amount of health it will run away chase it to the final area. A good trick here is to wait for it to go in the air and do a slam after which it can be attacked.

Dodge its attacks and keep dealing damage to it avoiding the meteors coming from the sky. After finishing it approach Isabella and rescue her.

Red Case: Civilian Rescue

Now you will go back to the other world. Here you have to deal with the enemies while protecting the civilians. After some time, you will encounter a new boss, Diomedes.

Diomedes Boss Fight

This boss is quite easy to deal with as it is slow and doesn’t deal much damage as most of its attacks can be evaded easily. If you use your Legion effectively and dodge most of its attacks while dealing damage then this boss will go down in no time. After defeating it proceed and go up the ladder.

Twin Team-Up
Go ahead and go down the ladder to reach an area where you have been before. Go ahead and reach Akira dealing with enemies around. Now you will have to enter a new gate to rescue Akira this time.

Proceed towards the objective and destroy the cubes in the area to go ahead. In the area ahead are 3 cubes which need to be attacked so they turn blue.

Do this quickly and proceed forward dealing with more chimeras. Proceed further dealing with the enemies and destroying the cubes. Attack the cubes and go towards the platform on your right. Cross the gap using platforms and go ahead to come across more cubes. Attack them and go towards the objective. After some time, you’ll encounter yet another boss; Arrow Nemesis

Arrow Nemesis Boss Fight

This boss isn’t hard to deal damage to but is hard to reach. It moves around the area and puts walls in your way. Slash them and move towards it and deal damage to it. After defeating it you will be rewarded with Arrow Legion.

Cat Location
The cat is found in the northeast of the map. Once you’ve cleared the waves of Chimeras and are at the Astral Plane, head up the rooftop and find a staircase going down. Head down from it to come across a man with cat. Rescue the cat to proceed.

Once the cat is saved, reach Akira and follow him back to HQ to end File 03.

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