Astral Chain File 2: Awake Walkthrough

Astral Chain File 02 puts you through exciting new mechanics to master along with a few boss fights. In this Astral Chain File 2: Awake Walkthrough, we’ll be helping you learn how to overcome all the obstacles in the second chapter of the game.

Astral Chain File 2: Awake

The chapter will start with you being in the Neuron police HQ. Your first main objective is to find Alicia and Max. Head to the elevator and select to go to the roof. After you arrive on the roof go towards the objective and you will have a conversion with the squad. While chatting, keep in mind not to address Alicia as ‘ma’am’ since she despises it. After the conversion head back to the elevator and press B3.

Train with Jin
To go to the training area, make a right from the elevator hall and then take the first left. Be sure to collect the item from the end of the hallway so you can get full Medicine. Now make a turn back and enter the training room.

Here you can train and improve yourself to be perfect for combat. Not only will you be given Legatus Cradle, but you will also learn all about IRIS which helps greatly in solving clues. It will help you identify and examine objects around you under the possession of your enemies and people.

You’ll also be able to access all the information and locations of cases related to them. If you find yourself lacking in any prospect in the game then attempt training missions here. You’ll also be provided with training programs that you can select a task from. File 2 only requires one training mission to be completed for advancing.

Do bear in mind that once you leave the training room you cannot come back! Just kidding but it is for this mission though.

After completing training go to the command room for the next objective. Head to the elevator and press B2. You will meet Olive Espino here who will basically tend as your communicator and will lead you in the mission not physically though.

You’ll be briefed about the several gates that have been opened in the city and that they lead to different dimensions.  The gates are also important to know about since they lead towards chimeras that are around the city.

After you’re apprised, you will go to Grand Avenue to investigate if there is any presence of a chimera there.

Grand Avenue Crisis
After you arrive in the city, you’ll be given the first case, which will require you to look around and see if chimera is present anywhere. Make sure that when you arrive at the location, you turn on your IRIS as it will help you find clues. IRIS will assist you with the hologram of people releasing heat waves, and it will glow in three different colors. You’ll find a total of four glowing objects, and you have to analyze each to help you get clues to investigate the incident.

Start going around the area and interact with the objects that are glowing. Get near the bridge and look around for a puddle and interact with it. You’ll find a puddle that will be full of Red Matter, and you can examine it with the help of your IRIS and get information on it.

It would be best if you also collected this Red Matter. To be able to do so, take out your Legion and collect it. By collecting all the matter, you’ll earn the duty points, and you’ll also get more rewards by the end of the file. Additionally, you’ll also get a new clue in your book.

After you’re done collecting the Red Matter, it will be disclosed that the puddle is a big handprint.

After you’re done gathering the matter, go right from the puddle and then head over the southeast. You’ll find Max, and past him, you’ll see a supply crate.

Attain energy spike from supply crate and head west. Here you’ll find a bunch of cops talking with each other having glow ring under their feet. Try talking to these officers, but it will appear that they don’t want to share anything.

Go away from them and then come back closer, but this time with your Legion. Go right next to the officer with your Legion and when it’s close, press your A key while pressing ZL too. This will allow you to hear what they’re saying and then go back and report it to Max.

You don’t have to worry about the Legion becoming noticeable to the public as regular people can’t see it.

When you go back, Max and he will ask you two questions. For the first question reply the option “giant hands” and for the second reply the option “pulled through the gate”.  The case will be done with, and you’ll acquire bonus Medicine (Mini) x1 and 2,500 Duty Points.

After that Max will instruct you to follow where the chimera went. Follow its trail with the help of your Legion. Keep following them till you get a scene and then go down to parking garage named Rayleigh Plaza Parking.

Outside from the Gate
Proceed towards the garage and collect Red Matter as it can be useful for you later and give you duty points. Then proceed outside the garage and turn left. As you go further, you’ll find a supply crate on the right, and you’ll be able to get Medicine. Also, move further, and you’ll find Red Matter on your right too. Collect the matter for duty points.

Bathroom Location
As you move forward, you’ll find “Destroy” graffiti, and along with it, there will be a garage door. Bend down and enter the door.  You can find toilets here, and by using it, you’ll get a Tarp. Now go back to the trails till you find another garage door. Bend down again and exit.

After you’re out, you’ll see a number of puddles once again filled with Red Matter. Start collecting it as before with your Legion. Once done, go towards the west and attain Medicine from the supply crate. Once you’re done collecting the Red Matter, head north.

Now keep going further, and you will face a boss Briareos.

Taking down Briareos
This boss is easy to take down if you use your Legion to full potential. Just take your Legion out and put it around him so that it stuns him.  You’ll do so by taking your Legion out by pressing LZ and wrapping around by your right stick.

Now it’s easy just go in do damage and quickly get out. Repeat this couple of times and you will have this boss down in no time. When you’ve successfully put him down, you’ll acquire Common Material Code x1, 200 Gene Codes, and 1,500 Duty Points.

In case of getting stuck, use X to heal and let Legion do its action.

Destroying the Gates
Next up you will have to surround a gate with Astral Chain and destroy it. It will be best that before you go ahead and destroy the gate, collect some Red Matter from the northwest corner. You’ll also find an item to boost your Legion and a crate beside a car containing an Energy Spike.

After destroying the first gate, proceed further into the area go right then upstairs. You will see another gate that needs to be destroyed just like the last one. Do so and press forward to deal with the enemies.

Keep going until you reach outside and deal with more enemies. The next objective is to save the civilians in the area.  You’ll have to combat two types of enemies. The first types are with aberrations, and the second is Laius enemies. Akira will be beside you, helping you take them down.

Defeating them all will award you Common Material Code x1 and 8 Gene Codes. Finish this and head east.

Cat Location
After you head east, go back into the alley, and you’ll find the cat. Remember that you must have the Arm Legion to protect and rescue the cat.

Combating Enceladus
Here you will encounter another boss Enceladus. This fight is harder than the previous boss fights. This boss will continuously move around the area and can be a pain as he can’t be wrapped in chains like the last boss.

However, a different technique known as the Chain Counter can work effectively against him if done right. If you do it right there is a chance of him being stunned and you can deal damage to him. The boss uses tough punches to deal damage to you and has the ability to trap you in Red Matter. You can get out of this by making use of your Legion.

After defeating the boss follow your squad to find the remaining civilians while exploring for good items. When you find the civilians, you will engage in another battle where you’ll fight weak enemies and then your Legion. Defeat it by using your guns and baton.

Now you’ll have access to Sword Legion but it ain’t over yet. More Legions will be after you and you must defeat them. Use your Legion abilities for a quicker victory. Next, you will have to move from platform to platform with the help of your Legion and doing so will complete the mission and you can progress to the next file.

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