Astral Chain Cerberus Boss Fight Guide – Defeat the Three-Headed Dog, Tips

Cerberus is a mini-boss that has three ‘dog-heads’. Players will face the Cerberus boss in File 3 of Astral Chain, before the Diomedes main boss fight. Our walkthrough guide will take you through this encounter so the boss and his minions present no problem.

Astral Chain Cerberus Boss Fight

You will not get to fight the boss right away, since first, you will have to defeat the minions called Chimeras.

Although these hounds come in a pack, but luckily for you, they can be put down rather easily, especially if you focus on taking them down one by one.

You will need to use a finishing move so that you can recharge your health before you are ready for your next foe. I advise you to use your Power Charge whenever you possess your Legion.

Put your wrapping ability/technique to good use here, since you will be facing multiple enemies at once whom you can wrap up at the same time, and use the ‘Finish Off’ prompt whenever it appears to make quick work of the enemies.

Also, try dodging right after you land a couple of attacks on them or maybe just even one if you are too prudent. This will counter their continuity which they will be observed practicing in battle.

Once you’re done with the Chimeras, Cerberus will drop down and start attacking you right away, which is when you’ll want to start dodging again.

Cerberus performs combos of projectile and AOE(Area Of Effect) slam attacks to deal damage, you are advised to stick to dodging these.

You will realize how the key to fighting Cerberus is a lot more about dodging his combos than the rest of the Boss appearances in Astral Chain.

You also have to take the fact into account that your skill-set will be a lot more restricted at this point since only your Sword Legion will be unlocked here.

You can try making use of the wrapping technique against the boss as well, although it will not be all that easy, in fact, you will find yourself struggling in order to do this since Cerberus will come off as a very quick-paced foe.

Put your Legion right in front of the boss and try attacking him from behind or even squishing/sandwiching him here to deal more damage. Even though this is a very good tactic but it is relatively difficult to pull off.

You should prioritize attacking him when you are circling to his side with your sword’s slash attack, landing multiple hits at once.

Keep in mind that Cerberus will flee to another platform once you get him to 70% health, followed by him throwing red energy balls/meteors at you which you will need to dodge and to reach him you will have to cross a gap to reach another platform which is where the battle will eventually come down to.

Make sure you stick away from the edges or you could end up falling down very easily. At this point, you have to keep dodging whenever the boss goes up, whilst continuing to wrap and attack him.

Remember not to try and track him when he’s doing so, just go ahead and spam the dodge roll to avoid taking any crucial damage.

You can also try attacking him right after he slams down because this is when he is going to be vulnerable for a brief moment.

This battle is more of a test for your dodge-reaction skills. Since you will find yourself dodging his combos and reacting to them at the appropriate moments which the game offers you during the fight.

Conclusively, when you get his health low enough, you will see the ‘Finish Off’ prompt again, which you can use to put Cerberus down.

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