Astral Chain Cats Locations Guide – Where to Find All Stray Cats

Among the many collectibles that you can find through the missions in Astral Chain, Cats are the most fun to find. Our Astral Chain Cat Locations guide will lead you to all the 15 cats scattered across the 12 Files or missions in the game.

Astral Chain Cat Locations

Finding these cats across the missions get you various benefits, or they can be simply fun to track down.

Cat #1 – File 01
At the beginning of the game, you will get your first file named File 01: Startup. Through which you will find the cat of this level.

This level’s cat name is Kinder and you will find it as you pass through the blue case and very close to and before the red case actually as you go along the highway right after that motorcycle chase. Go towards the left side of the road and circle back to it as you hear that feline voice. You will eventually see the cat crouched at the shoulder of the road.

Cat #2 – File 02
File 02 of the game is named File 02: Awake. This level’s cat will be found in the Walnut when most of the level is passed. Keep in mind that you will have to rescue this cat and in order to do so, you will be needing Arm Legion. The time when you will be chasing chimera and you go to the upper level of the avenue and protect some civilians from the attacks – which serves the red case.

After completing the fight, you go to the east and back into the alley, there you will find the cat.

Cat #3 – File 03
File 03 of the game is named Link. When almost half of the level is over and right after you enter the Astral Plane in the far north, you will return back to the rooftop. There you will have to deal with some chimeras and also rescue some civilians.

After that, you go to the staircase in the far northeast and go down from there. You will see a man who’ll be redshifting and you will see his cat. You just deal with the man and rescue the cat.

Cat #4 – File 04
File 04 of the game is named Siege. Just when you reach the staircase at the mall and find Jena, You just need to go back to the first floor. You just have to go to the north side of the stairs and you will find the cat hiding in the debris. Keep in mind that you have to be quick and catch the cat in the first try because you cannot come back down here ever again.

Cat #5 – File 05
File 05 of the game is named Accord. You will find the cat of this game right after the civilians’ rescue. The name of the cat Is Smee and as you go to the second floor of the subway you have to go to the north of the map and in the middle, you will a yellow-colored bench. You will find the cat under the bench.

Cat #6 – File 06
File 06 of the game is named Complicit. To find the cat you will have to go to the mission of Rescuing Douglas and as you will be on the pursue you will find the cat on the rooftops there. You will have to use your IRIS, the cat will be buried under some trash. When you locate the cat go down there knock the bags and pick the cat of this level named Danny.

Cat #7 – File 07

The seventh cat is named Nero, and can be found with a lot of maneuvering when you are following Homunculus go to Rayleigh Plaza Roof and go to the other side of the helipad to the narrow way between a tall and a small building.

You will see a yellow ladder there, use that to go on the roof of the taller building. From the edge of that building, drop on a platform and you will find the cat there.

Cat #8 – File 08

There is an underground parking lot near grand avenue at the beginning of the level, get inside and stick to the right and go as far back as you can. You will see an officer trying to get the cat out from under the car, offer the cat some cat food and you will get the cat, Chano.

Cat #9 – File 09

In harmony square, go to the harmony media center. There will be a row of red awning, your next cat Mia will be near one of these awnings.

If you try to pick her up, she will just jump backward that will make it impossible to pick her up. Before that you just throw a can near her, she will be distracted by the sound of can and then you can pick her up easily.

Cat #10 – File 10

You will find a cat lover when you are working to fix the broken gate and you head to the southeast of the lower camp level to a room further down.

Offer that cat lover some help in finding the next cat, Yuki. Cat lover will mark the places where Yuki likes to hide.

Don’t check all of them, just go to the northeast of the map and you will find cat lover there, again. He will have some catnip, summon the beast legion and give it the scent of catnip, it will lead you to a ladder.

Give another scent to the beast legion and it will lead you to the cat.

Cat #11 – File 11

Right where you emerge from the secret base, on the southeast side of the lower camp just head north up to the alleyway that’s far west side on the map.

Climb the ladder and follow the way and you will see Vanilla hiding behind a cardbox.

Cat #12 – File 12 (R1-6)

File 12 is a big epilogue and you will find multiple cats here. The first one will be in the Ark Sewer Management map. There will be a long hallway connecting the two circular chambers on the north side of the map.

There will be a gate to enter the area, but just before the gate you will find an area in the corridor where you will find Nightshade in a cardboard stack.

Cat #13 – File 12 (R2-2)

You can enter the large ARI Legion’s lab through the lobby from the south side, which is mostly inaccessible. You will find B.B there hiding under a desk.

Cat #14 – File 12 (R2-8)

At the forgotten rooftops, mostly on the south side, you will find a ladder to go down the metal pillars against the billboards.

On the roof’s edge, go to the very end with barbed wire and drop down at the end, you will find Theo there under a tank.

Cat #15 – File 12 (R2-B2)

In the center of the lower camp level map, you will find a set of stairs on the alley at west side with a lot of red matter. This is a small area to the right of the stairs.

You will see a dumpster at the end of this area, pick up this dumpster using Legion and you will find Amber behind it.

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