Astral Chain Briareos Boss Fight Guide – How to Defeat the Gorilla Chimera, Tips

The first properly challenging boss fight players will encounter in Astral Chain will be against Briareos, a huge hulking gorilla-like Chimera with arms dangling to the side which he uses for area attacks. Our Astral Chain Briareos Guide will help you in defeating the boss easily to proceed with the game.

Astral Chain Briareos Boss Fight

You can easily dodge him due to the slow movement of his attacks. Whenever he gets close to the player, there is a time window before he smashes on the ground, that they have plenty of time to escape.

When the fight starts, you can quickly stun him by chaining the boss down. You can easily do it by pulling out the Legion with LZ and use the right stick to wrap it around the boss.

Once it is done, he is going to be held down by the chains and you can take your sword out to do him some pretty good damage.

Be careful as you cannot hold him down for long. In a few moments, he is going to break the chains and free himself to attack you. Soon enough in the fight, you are going to see other enemies spawning.

They will be coming for you so now, not only do you have to kill them but you have to dodge Briareos while keep fighting him and damaging him.

Keep repeating the same process of chaining him down and attacking him with your sword. Always move away when he breaks the chains.

If chain attacks don’t work for you, try to position yourself behind the boss and hit with your X-Baton on his back.

Even though Briareos is constantly moving around, players should be able to easily get behind him for a couple of attacks before he turns around. When he does that, simply dodge roll towards his back and repeat the same attacks.

Partly through the fight, some fellow police officers will get infected and the player needs to stop damaging Briareos and instead change their focus to defeating those officers as quickly as possible.

If you manage to defeat Briareos quickly you can also get some Material Code as a bonus reward.

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