Astral Chain Bathrooms Locations Guide – Where to Find All Toilets

Each mission or File in Astral Chain contains one Toilet as a “collectible for the players to find. This Astral Chain Bathroom Locations guide will help you in finding them all so you can check this collectible set off your list.

Astral Chain Bathrooms Locations


Bathroom #1 – File 01
This is the first file and as soon as you enter the game and take control of your character, you have to run towards the medics ahead of you and go through the cutscenes.

You will see the truck on the left side, run around it and you will see that the bathroom is over the other side of the highway if you look very closely through the highway divider. You will find some antiseptic wipes here.

Bathroom #2 – File 02
You will go to the parking garage as you will be chasing a chimera very early in the level along the grand avenue. When you enter the garage, go to left and then head south.

You will see a not completely closed gate, duck under this partially closed gate and you will be able to see the bathroom. You will find tarp for the toilet Faerie there.

Bathroom #3 – File 03
This level’s bathroom will be in the northeast of the map and you will find it in the middle of the level.

You will have to complete at least the Maison Forest Search mission and then go to the place where there are three redshift patients. Look for a partially closed door and duck down to find the bathroom on the other side of the door. You will find dead leaves here.

Bathroom #4 – File 04
In the mall, on the second floor when you have your first encounter with Jena and you rescue bran. You will make your way through some sticky slimy hallways.

This hallway will turn left and you go walking down that hall until it intersects with another narrow hallway. Now turn right on the narrow hallway and you will find the bathroom there. You will find old flyer there.

Bathroom #5 – File 05
In the Harmony Square Station, you will have to go to the second floor of the station – the floor that you will go to the bottom of the stairs close to the entrance.

There behind the train, there will be train tracks and you will find the bathroom there. You also find Subway Schedule there.

Bathroom #6 – File 06
As you infiltrate Hermit base, you will be going through some air ducts and you will find your desired location there. The tricky part is that in this file you will not go to the actual bathroom but the air duct right above it.

At the beginning of the air duct scavenge, turn left and as you approach the first vent just look down. You will see a grate, what you have to do is just bump into it for a few times and it will come open. You will pick up Hermit Pamphlet there.

Bathroom #7 – File 07:

When you reach the upper left corner of the map, and on the side of the building you can see Homunculus from the roof. Run to left and you will find a ladder, use the ladder to go down and chain jump to the roof behind and you will find the bathroom there.

Bathroom #8 – File 08:

You will cross between two sections at the Rayleigh plaza and when you cross that narrow bridge, use chain jump to jump eft to the small gap. You will find yourself on a small floating platform, use arm legion to drag platform to the left and chain jump to the next platform. There at the corner, you will find the toilet.

Bathroom #9 – File 09:

Find the Road that is in between the Harmony Medical center and the building named ToMO815. Run to the end of that road and right past the construction area you will find the toilet.

Bathroom #10 – File 10:

The drain that runs down the center of the southern area of Ark management map, you will find the toilet at the end of that drain.

Bathroom #11 – File 11:

At the left to the main entrance of ARI redshift lab, go downstairs and you will find the toilet halfway around the curve.

Bathroom #12 – File 12:

You just need to go to the toilets at the police station and interact with the second last toilet on the right-hand side.

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