Astral Chain Axe Nemesis Guide – How to Defeat, Attacks

Astral Chain Axe Nemesis Guide will help you learn everything you need to know about the fight, attacks, and how to defeat it. Let’s get down to who Axe Nemesis is and what you need to do when you face him in Astral Chain.

Astral Chain Axe Nemesis

Once the fight starts, you will realize how there is a defensive barrier equipped onto Axe Nemesis that you will need to destroy using the Gladius Sword or the Legion of the Arm.

Although this will be a lot harder and time taken to execute, but by using the Legion of the Arm, you might be able to hurl bright glass towards him or his barrier to destroy it right away.

After you successfully destroy his protective barrier by using the Legion of the Arm or the Gladius Sword, try switching to the X-Baton for your combos to be a lot faster, and effectively make use of the Beast or the swift Legion of the Sword to attack.

Once you see Axe raising his sword onto the ground and the arena gets filled with widely appearing bright spots, these are where his attacks will deal most of the damage.

Switch to the Legion Beast and dig at least one of these points, thus making it appear and safe to stand on.

Whenever you notice him leap forth and plummet downwards in-order to create a whirlwind, make use of the Beast Legion and try escaping so that he is not able to reach you.

Try moving around and dodging his attacks by using the button ‘B’, especially the ones in which he attempts to move towards you while he is spinning since you will not be able to target him while he is doing this.

You are also advised to stay away from the glowing ax which you will see planted in the ground nearby when you come across Nemesis while he is landing the Axe Plummet, or else you will suffer getting hit by an explosion because of the ax.

Keep an eye out for his barrier since he might reactivate it, so you may have to repeat the same method to destroy his barrier.

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