Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Wardens of Law Locations Guide

This Assassin’s Creed Valhalla guide is about the locations of the Order of Ancient Members who fall in the cluster of Warden of Law

If you are looking to unlock the Disorder of the Ancients trophy, you will have to eliminate all the 45 Order of the Ancients members first. Among these 45, seven are the Wardens of Law. This guide will give a detailed account of the location of all of these 7 Wardens of Law in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Wardens of Law Locations

The Order of the Ancients is divided into smaller branches, each governing a certain section of power across England and Norway.

These Order of the Ancient branches in AC Valhalla include:

Eanbhert – The Vellum

Location: Inside the locked house in Glowecestrescire

You will get a clue about the location of Earnbhert – The Vellum first when you kill the Hunta – Son of Hunta standing in the market in Ledecestrescire.

You should then head towards Glowecestrescire to get the second clue to unveil Eanbhert. You will find this second clue in a cave in the area of Thieves Warren.

Once Eanbhert is unveiled, head towards the locked in house in Glowecestrescire.

The house is located near the dock in Glowecestre town and the only way you could enter the house is through an opening that is in the side of its roof. Another hint that you will receive is that the house is overgrown with vegetation.

Tata – The Dart

Location: Quatford’s Stables in Eastern Sciropescire

Assassinating Eanbhert will unlock the first clue about Tata – The defender of Otta’s Wyrd, also known as The Dart.

So head towards Sciropescire as soon as you get the first clue and go to the area to the left of Dhustone Quarry.

It will be a tower there. So, enter the top portion of the tower through the window in the wall and open the wooden trunk to get the second clue that will unveil The Dart.

Now that the exact location of The Dart has unveiled, fast travel to Quatford, Sciropescire and you will see The Dart standing by a hut.

Gunilla – The Adze

Location: The dock of Repton in Ledecestrescire

First, head towards Brimclit Monastery in Suthsexe and scan for the order member ‘The Bell.’ You need to finish him off in order to get the first clue leading to Gunilla – The Adze.

Once you have got the first clue, head towards Ledecestrescire and talk to Anglo Saxon Man to participate in the drinking contest.

You need to win the drinking contest in order to get the second clue.

So after receiving the second clue, you have another clue to obtain to finally unveil the location of The Adze.

So head towards Ledecestrescire central area, which is to the southwest of the marked Mask.

Go inside the house there and you will find a clue by some folded carpets. This clue will unveil The Adze.

So next, just head directly to the dock of Repton in Ledecestrescire and assassinate her.

Abbess Ingeborg – The Firebrand

Location: In the Roman District within the City of Jorvik

You will find The Firebrand in Chapter 2 during the main mission that is called burning the Firebrand. The mission is pretty smooth and simple and there is nothing out of the ordinary here.

So at the end of the mission, when you need to locate The Firebrand, just head towards Jorvik and then to the south of The Minster area.

You will see two statues standing tall over there and a fallen statue in some grassy-snowy ground opposite to them. This is where The Firebrand is wandering.

Grigori – The Needle

Location: Coppergate Market – Jorvik

You will find The Needle in Chapter 3, during the main mission of ‘Pricking the Needle.’

So the first difficult task during the mission is locating the stall with black cloth. So when the objective is given, just go talk to the big buy and then talk to the kid in order to find the black cloth.

Next, you will have to find the key that is hidden by a statue.

So head towards the Sewer locations in Jorvik and climb up the short wall on which there is a large statue.

Search for the key behind the statue and then go down into the sewer.

Attack the guard there to get another key from him and then unlock the door there to trigger a cutscene with The Needle.

Return to Coppergate Market since The Needle will have escaped there and finish him off.

Audun – The Vault

Location: Yuletide Feast – Jorvik

You will find Audun – The Vault in Chapter 4 during the main mission called “Closing the Vault.”

The mission is pretty straightforward and in the end, all you have to do is to accuse the right council member. The one you choose will be the one you will be required to assassinate.

Hence, it is pretty obvious that you should be accusing Audun.

Once you do, his location will be revealed, so then head directly to the Yuletide Feast in the Jorvik and finish him off.

Reeve Derby – The Vice

Location: Near the Waterfall, Village of Picheringa – Eurviscire

The Vice’s location will be revealed once you have killed the previous 6 Warden of Law, Order of Ancients members.

So head directly towards the village or Picheringa in Eurviscire and scan for him near the waterfall. Just attack and finish him off.