Assassin’s Creed: Unity Social Club Missions Guide

How to complete all Assassin's Creed: Unity Social Club Missions to renovate all social clubs in the game to increase money earned through Cafe Theatre.

In Assassin’s Creed: Unity, Arno can renovate Cafés/Social-Club in every main district of Paris. Every renovated Café/Social Club increases money earned through Café Theatre and provides a couple of missions to complete.

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Assassin’s Creed: Unity Social Club Missions

Similar to Café Theatre missions, it’s better to procrastinate these missions until you have unlocked Berserker Blades and Phantom Blades.

Read on for a complete walkthrough of every Social Club mission in Assassin’s Creed: Unity.

Ile da la Cité Missions

Bridge Brigands
The first captain on the bridge to south side is extremely easy to complete if you’ve acquire ‘disguise’ skill. The idea is to morph into a civilian while passing through the Extremists and head inside the house to assassinate your target.

Alternatively, you can assassinate the Extremists using Phantom Blades followed by assassinating the primary target.

For the captain on the bridge to the west side (south-side), blend in the crows and use Eagle Vision to identify the target. You can either double-assassinate two Extremists followed by assassinating the captain or use a Phantom Blade for a relatively easier completion.

For the captain on the bridge to the west side (north-side), approach the area from the south. The captain and his guardsmen will have their backs turned towards you. Simply complete the job either using a Phantom Blade or stab in the back.

For the captain on the bridge to the northeast, climb at the top of the lone building near the bridge and perform a leap of faith into a hay cart. You can either assassinate him from the hay cart or follow him to stab him in the back. Your call!

Marat’s Missive
The letter that you need is carried by a man standing in the northernmost corner of the restricted area.

It’s better to approach the target from the rooftop and wait until the Brute leaves the area. Once the Brute has left, aerial-assassinate the man, grab the letter, and use the lift for a quick getaway.

Ventre de Paris Missions

Let them Eat Hay
Start off this mission by unlocking the door outside the restricted area and using the Phantom Blades to drop a couple of hoarders in front of you.

For the next hoarder, blend in the crowd on the south side and either assassinate him openly or use your Phantom Blade. The fourth hoarder can also be assassinated in the exact same way, but make sure that his allies don’t catch you in the act.

For the final couple of hoarders, head inside the house from upper-floor balcony and head downstairs followed by using the Phantom Blades on both of them.

Cat Food on a Hot Tin Roof
In this mission, you’re required to assassinate four lieutenants of Foullon’s battalion. All four of these lieutenants are pretty well hidden and guarded in a number of investigation zones located in the east of your starting position.

Hoarding Hostages
In this mission, Arno is required to free four farmers held captive near the area of Cour des Miracles.

An Engaging Egyptologist
For this mission, you need to speak with Champollion at the waypoint to the southwest corner. The Champollion will ask you to steal three duplicates from three different Extremists located in three different restricted zones.

Quartier Latin Missions

Café Procope
After all, conspirators whom you need to kill are in the same location in the restricted area, hit the defender outside the tavern with a Berserker Blade. By doing so, you’ll lure out several Extremists. Hit another defender with a Berserker Blade to make it even easier.

Finish off the remaining enemies and conspirators by either Phantom Blades or head-on followed by leaving the highlighted area to complete the mission.

Roux’s Remains
Roux’s lieutenant can be assassinated in multiple ways, but I’ll only share what worked best for me. Start off by dropping down into the sewer located in the backyard and come out in the courtyard.

From this point, blend in the crowd and get near to the lieutenant at the main entrance. It’s better to use a Phantom Blade for a clean job followed by using Smoke Bomb to aid you in your escape.

Marais Missions

Artful Dodger
This mission is relatively easier if you head inside the Hotel de Sens through the southwest corner of the restricted area.

While standing in the archway, keep your Phantom Blade aimed at the base of the large statue. As soon as your target gets into position, take a headshot to make a clean job of it. After eliminating your target, escape the area to complete the mission.

A Dramatic Exit
You’ll encounter many Extremists during this mission, but it’s very much possible to eliminate your target without having to face even one.

In order to do so, you need to head inside the mansion using a small alleyway located on the southwest side of the restricted area.

Once inside the mansion, hide under the large staircase and identify your target. As soon as your target comes down, assassinate him followed by leaving the area using the same path.

Breaking the Habit
You’ll find your target under a pergola inside the restricted area. Head inside the restricted zone from the southwest edge. Be careful as you may encounter a Seeker patrolling the area.

If Seeker isn’t in your line of sight, get close to aim at the target standing under the pergola and drop him with a Phantom Blade to complete this mission without any hassle.

Bievre Missions

Extortion Contortion
After meeting up with the woman, keep on following her, but don’t head straight inside the restricted area. Instead, climb up the building in front of you and stay outside the area near a small alleyway at the backside.

Use a Phantom Blade and assassinate a Watcher patrolling the area near the alleyway. Wait a while and your primary target will approach the area to investigate the dead body.

As soon as he does this, use another Phantom Blade to assassinate your primary target without heading inside the restricted area.

Chouan Riddles
The house that you need to infiltrate can be accessed in two ways: by picking a lock or going through the open window. I’d recommend using the open window and hiding as soon as enter until all Extremists leave the area.

Interact with the glowing letter on the table and lure the Extremist near the stairs using Last Known Position. While the Extremist is investigating the area, assassinate him using a Phantom Blade.

Head downstairs and examine the clock followed by opening up the chest above and leaving the area to complete this mission.

Bara’s Funeral
This mission tests your skills in combat by asking you to defend a funeral. Here are some tips which will help you complete this mission without facing much difficulty:

In Assassin’s Creed: Unity, bullets deal a considerable amount of damage; therefore, assassinate the targets on rooftops and balconies before enemies on the street level.

After reaching the designated location, head towards the top of the rooftop on the east side of the funeral and assassinate a couple of Watchers and other enemies from this decent vantage point.

Throughout the mission, you’ll have some allies helping you in battle. Use them to your advantage and kill already engaged enemies for a quick finish.

Once everything is done, leave the highlighted area to complete the mission.

Louvre Missions

Retribution for a Rabble-Rouser
This mission is more heavily focused on stealth than anything else. After the mission starts, you need to blend in with the crowd near the statue. In order to do this, you can make use of a small alleyway in the area.

Once you’re blended in the crowd, you need to wait until blue and red Extremists jostle each other. At this precise moment, you need to use a Phantom Blade to assassinate your target.

Timing this assassination is extremely important because whether Extremists will see you or not depends on it. Once you’ve assassinated your target, leave the area to complete this mission.

The Black Office
To assassinate the woman, you need to wait at the northern corner of the courtyard. It’s important that you blend in with the crowd. You need to make sure that there are no guards looking and quickly assassinate the spy as she walks near you followed by heading inside the building.

For the second target, you need to wait in the main hall and follow as he goes upstairs. Once you get to the top, assassinate from the back for a clean kill.

You need to be careful as the upper level is a restricted area. Once above, go past the guard facing the open door and the locked door. Wait until the patrolling guard is away and assassinate the guard by the door followed by the patrolling target and finally, the primary target to complete this mission.

Betrayer of the Queen
This is one mission where I wouldn’t recommend using Phantom Blades. Instead, you should remain blended in the crowds and keep trail of your primary target.

You should assassinate the target when you’re sure that there are no Extremists in the area. Drop your target and leave the area to complete the mission.

Invalides Missions

Spiked Bourbon
In this mission, you’re required to take out four Templars in the same restricted area located in the north side of the starting point.

The surrounding area is teeming with blue-clad guards who will only engage Arno if he’s caught stepping inside the restricted area or seen killing someone.

Special Delivery
After accepting the mission and getting to the restricted zone, keep on following the target until he gets on a narrow strip of dirt road. At this point, you need to pickpocket the target.

After making the delivery, you’ll be assigned a new position and a new target: Colonel L’Au. After getting to the location, it’s recommended to use a Phantom Blade through the fenced area to drop your target.

Another thing to keep in mind is making sure to kill your target during the first target or you’ll have to wait quite a long time for him to come back. After assassinating the target, leave the area to complete the mission.

Smoky yet Robust
This is another combat-oriented mission that requires you to assassinate 13 targets inside the same restricted zone. It’s recommended to equip your best gear, weapons, and loads of consumables, and projectiles before starting this mission.

Tip: You’ll come across a shop for refilling your ammo on the main street nearby.

To get started, head towards the vinery near the northwest edge. From this point, advance toward the edge of the house and assassinate two Extremists using a couple of Phantom Blades.

After this, make sure that the Watcher in the vinery isn’t suspect of your action and hop on top of the chest, against the wall. The reason you need to do this is to hit the defender with a Berserker Blade so that he attracts most of the Extremists near his location.

Once the defender has attracted most of the Extremists, climb on top of the wall and toss a Poison Bomb at the group of Extremists. It’s recommended that you put another Berserker Blade inside a defender or a Brute.

In this way, you’ll kill most of the enemies without getting into hand-to-hand combat. Finally, take out the remaining enemies using Phantom Blades or using any way you prefer and escape the area to complete the mission.

This guide is currently a work in progress! We will add videos for the remaining few missions in the days to come.

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