Assassin’s Creed Unity Paris Story Missions Guide

Paris Stories are story-based optional missions in Assassin’s Creed Unity that appear throughout campaign. Players have the liberty to complete them whenever they want and earn cash rewards.

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Assassin’s Creed Unity Paris Story Missions

There are fifty Paris Stories in the game which can be started as early as during Sequence #1, though I would recommend waiting until you unlock Phantom Blades and Berserker Blades.

Read on to find a walkthrough of each Paris Story in Assassin’s Creed Unity.

Tall, Dark Strangers
Keep on following Leonormand and when she asks you to eliminate her targets, use Eagle Vision to identify them. Here’s a quick rundown of everyone whom you need to assassinate:

  • The farmer is located in the south of your position. Use Phantom Blade from a decent distance to take him down.
  • The soldier is found fighting with civilians near the crowded plaza. Ofttimes, the civilians will kill him, making your job easier. If not, intervene and assassinate him.
  • The lawyer is located inside the house on the left side.
  • The thug is located in the northwest edge of where Leonormand stops, in a small courtyard.

Flamel’s Secret: The Monks
Head towards Notre Dame and identify the cult members inside the cathedral using your Eagle Vision. You need to look for the only cult member who patrols the area in an anticlockwise circle.

Simply wait near the crowd and pickpocket him when he comes near. Violence isn’t recommended since there are two Extremists in the area.

Flamel’s Secret: Denis Molinier
You’ll find Molinier in the south side of Ile Saint-Louis’s Viewpoint.

Head to the top of the townhouse’s rooftop and identify Molinier in the courtyard. Before interacting with him, head inside the open window near the building’s top floor and drop two Extremists.

Head upstairs and interact with the chest which will require a key to open. At this point, you need to either pickpocket Molinier or take him down followed by opening up the chest to complete this mission.

Flamel’s Secret: The Elixir of Life
You need to head into the sewers from the southeast corner of Notre Dame. Keep on going through the tunnels and avoid a small group of hostile monks.

Keep on going straight and find Flamel’s Elixir of Life using your Eagle Vision. You’ll have to kill two guards standing outside the lab. Once you’ve stolen the Elixir of Life, return to Leonormand to complete this mission.

Using the Ol’ Noggins
Get to the waypoint to the west side, and climb the wall to the north of the courtyard. Drop down and walk through the crowd to reach to get to the wooden structure in the middle of the courtyard.

Use Smoke Bombs or Disguise skill to complete your steal. Once this is done, steal document from two targets and head over to Conciergerie. Go inside from a window on the upper floor and walk down until you see a guard facing away from you.

Take out this guard and interact with two chests followed by getting back to Mme Tussaud to complete this mission.

Get to Mme Tussaud’s shop to the north side. Don’t engage three Extremists and climb to the upper floor to go through a door near the balcony. Once inside, turn on your Eagle Vision to identify the letter.

Now travel to the southwest corner to find Jean Lessard. Once again, identify him with your Eagle Vision followed by assassinating and leaving the area to complete this mission.

You can easily do so by blending in the crowd.

Sewer Rat
Once the mission starts, use your Eagle Vision to identify Rotondo who will be in the underground area. From your starting position, head inside a sewer to the south side.

By this way, you’ll have to face a small group of guards. A better way to assassinate him is to go through the area to the west side of your starting position.

Once you get to him, use a Phantom Blade to complete the job without engaging any guards.

A La Lanterne!
In this mission, all you need to do is to escort Duchess to her destination. Blend in crowd when you see enemies near your location and only engage if you see her in a battle. Otherwise, just keep your head down and you’ll complete this easy mission in no time.

The Great Escapist
Once the mission starts, head to the investigation zone on the east side of the Bastille. Assassinate your target by any means you see fit and acquire the prison manifest.

In order to infiltrate Bastille, head over to the west wall and go inside using an open window. Once you’re inside, your task is to kill the Brute guarding the ladder and retrieve it for your quest-giver.

Critical Comedown
Once the mission starts, head over to the investigation zone to the southwest corner. You can either assassinate the critic or simply pickpocket him – both options are fairly easy.

Once this is done, head to the southeast corner and approach the area from the southwest. In this way, you’ll be able to enter the building using an open window.

Use your Eagle Vision to identify your target and quietly assassinate him to complete this mission.

Scene Stealer
Once the mission starts, enter the restricted area using a door in the northern corner. Once inside, take the stairs on the right side and wait until the Brute has left the area before opening the locked door.

You’ll encounter a small group of enemies on the other side so be careful! Once the area is clear, go up and open another locked door on the right side.

Once inside, assassinate the Defender guarding the diary and retrieve it to complete this mission.

Devilishly Tricky
In this mission, you need to drink from three different fountains (identified by using your Eagle Vision) followed by moving to a highlighted area to clear off a small group of enemies.

Have everything in your arsenal that will help you in combat and you’ll complete it in no time.

My Kingdom for Some Whores
Once the mission starts, head towards the west side and get to the ground level. Blend in the crowd and quietly assassinate your target without being spotted by Extremists to complete this mission.

De Sade’s Reprieve
After accepting the mission, head south towards the heavily guarded Chatelet. Get to the area from the east side, climb the wall and head towards the south side.

In this way, you’ll come across an open window above the arch. Once you’re inside, kill the guards ahead followed by stealing the desired document to complete this mission.

Sadistic Blackmail
De Safe requires you to steal a couple of things which can be identified using your Eagle Vision. Here’s a quick rundown of where you can find all things:

  • The one found to the east side is inside a building (middle-floor). You can head inside this building from an open window near the rooftop.
  • The next item is carried by a man standing in a small graveyard.
  • The next item is carried by a man wandering in the large market near La Hale aux Bles.
  • The last item is found on the north of De Sade’s Estate on the middle-floor of a building.

The Cult of Baphomet
Head inside Notre Dame to steal the two chalices you need. One of the best ways of completing this mission is to reach the one located at the back of the cathedral by climbing the balustrade.

In this way, you’ll be able to get both of them without any guards spotting you.

The Ritual of Baphomet
While in the investigation zone, head to the underground tunnels. You need to keep on going through the tunnels and assassinate each target who comes across you. This is as easy as it can be! Just be patient and don’t engage unnecessarily to complete this mission without any difficulty.

La Bande Noire
Keep on following your quest-giver to begin the battle. I wouldn’t recommend directly jumping into the fray. Instead, choose a more subtle option and use Bombs and Ranged Weapons to your advantage.

You need to survive all waves to complete this mission.

Iscariotte, the Giant
After speaking to witnesses and observing the dead body, head towards the restricted area and go inside from an open window on the top floor. Once you’re inside, go down the stairs and assassinate Iscariotte while in cover. Escape the area to complete this mission.

Headlining the Guillotine
Retrieve the journals and plant them on any three locations of your choice. Planting a journal is exactly like pickpocketing. I would recommend using three spots in the northernmost area for an easy completion.

A Fistful of Duelers
This mission pits Arno against different enemies and is solely based on your combat skills. It’s better to leave this until you’ve completed Sequence #10.

It’s better to master Perfect Parry, Ground Execution, Dodging, and Ranged Attacks to complete this mission. In this mission, you’ll face a regular soldier, a Brute, a Defender, a Seeker, and the quest-giver himself.

The League of the Crimson Rose
After speaking to the three civilians, you’ll have to defend The Crimson Rose from attackers. Enemies in this mission can reach staggering numbers so make sure to have everything you’ve got to make it a little easier.

Personally, I like to stick to Phantom Blades, Bombs, and Ranged Weapons. Another good strategy is to hit the Officers with a Berserker Blade which will turn them against their allies and they are extremely useful in this way. Killing all enemies in the area completes the mission.

Return of the Crimson Rose
Once you get to de Choisy’s House, enter using an open window located in the north side of the building. After interacting with the document and the door, head to the other investigation zone to the north and once again enter the area using an open window.

Once you’re inside, simply free the Count de Choisy and exit the area to complete this mission.

Crimson Sunset
Your initial targets can easily be assassinating using Phantom Blades or anything of your preference. Once this is done, get to the next waypoint to find The Crimson Rose against you.

The ideal strategy to beat him is to begin with a Strong Attack followed by small combos and another Strong Attack. Alternatively, you can also use a Ground Execution or a powerful Ranged Attack for a quicker finish.

Flying Boy
Laplace is found inside a restricted area. You can either head inside from an open window or by any means you prefer. After speaking to Laplace, head to the College des Quatre-Nations to the east side.

Go to the area using the rooftops and either blend in the crowd by jumping into the haystack below or go with a more direct approach. Once you’ve sabotaged the apparatus, retreat your steps and leave the area to complete this mission.

Carmalite Nuns
In this mission, your task is to escort a group of nuns to their destination. Enemies will constantly attack the nuns and the best approach is to get on the rooftops and rely on Ranged Weapons. In this way, you’ll be able to drop snipers and even perform aerial-assassinations.

Stop the Presses!
All posters that you need to remove are marked on your mini-map as small restricted areas. The best way to remove these posters is to approach slowly and blend in crowd while using your Eagle Vision to identify any threats. Also, don’t forget about snipers on the rooftops.

Use your Phantom Blades or Hidden Blade to assassinate any target that might pose some threat and remove all the posters from all locations.

Once this is done, infiltrate the next restricted area from the northeast edge and sabotage the press to complete this mission after leaving the highlighted area.

Encyclopedia Diderot
The key to completing this mission is to be patient and not to rush! Even if you lose sight of the thief, don’t worry as a highlighted area will appear on your mini-map.

Go slowly and beware of Extremists guarding the area. Once you get him to his feet, you’ll have to defeat a couple of normal enemies. Use anything that you see fit in addition to Bombs to complete this battle and the mission.

Desiree Desired
Keep on following Bernadotte and protect him from attackers who appear on the way.

I find it extremely easy to stay behind him and let enemies overwhelm him before going in for easy assassinations. Once Desiree has reached his destination, the mission will end.

Desiree Dismayed
Head to the Bernadotte’s House, use your Eagle Vision to identify three documents. Once you’ve investigated them all, head towards the restaurant and watch the proceedings.

Let enemies close in on Bernadotte before intervening and eliminating them.

Desiree Delighted
After identifying Bernadotte, keep on following him and occasionally talking to him or drawing your sword to scare off the whores. After reuniting the two lovers, lockpick the chest and steal letter inside at the waypoint to the south.

Once this is done, return the letters to Desiree and survive a small group of Extremists to complete this mission.

French Crown Jewels
In this mission, your task is to retrieve four diamonds. Here’s a quick rundown of everything that you need to do:

  • For the first diamond, assassinate or pickpocket the man outside
  • For next two diamonds, head towards the waypoint to the northeast corner and climb up the rooftops to avoid Extremists. Once you get to your targets, aerial-assassinate them and retrieve the diamonds.
  • For the final diamond, use the same strategy provided above.

Coat of Arms
After finding the tailor, head towards the restricted area from the west side. You can use the window on the middle floor to enter the area, but make sure to dispatch two Watchers using Phantom Blades.

Once inside, eliminate the guard threatening the tanner before talking to him. Your next task is to find St-Just’s valet on the southwest corner of your position.

Before talking to valet, eliminate his two guards. Once this is done, you’ll have to defeat the valet.

The best way of doing this is by utilizing Ranged Weapons at your disposal after a Perfect Parry. Once the valet is dispatched, return to the tailor to complete this mission.

Swiss Stash
After accepting this mission, get to the designated area and hide behind the hay cart near the restricted zone and assassinate all targets using Phantom Blades.

Once this is done, get near Necker and steal his letter to reveal the locations of gold. Here’s a quick rundown of where all the gold is:

  • The gold to the east side is inside the top floor of a heavily guarded building which can only be accessed from the ground level.
  • The gold to the north side is inside the top floor of a house which can be accessed from the window on the rooftop.
  • The final two gold chests are located inside a heavily guarded building to the west side.
  • Use your Poison Bombs and Phantom Blades to infiltrate these buildings and retrieve the gold hidden within. Once all gold is acquired, return to Necker to complete this mission.

Vicious Verses
The documents that you need are all in the same house, on different floors. The best way is to start from the rooftop and then go down while eliminating Watchers on the way.

Use your Eagle Vision to identify targets and retrieve all documents without raising an alarm. I would highly recommend using Phantom Blades and cover kills as much as possible.

Once you’ve acquired all documents in the area, leave the place and return to Chenier to complete this optional quest.

Arm the People
In order to steal weapon docket from the Seeker, approach the restricted area from the north side and perform a cover kill from the small wooden platform.

Once this is done, head towards the northeast restricted area. In this area, you need to steal four blueprints. Similar to previous mission, it’s better to start from the rooftop and work your way down while assassinating targets; Watchers on the balcony should be your priority.

In addition to this, you can also use Berserker Blades on stronger enemies like Seekers or Defenders to cause havoc. Once you’ve acquired all blueprints, return to Mericourt to complete this mission.

Escort Mission
In this mission, you’re required to free prostitutes from three different areas. Here’s a quick rundown of everything that you need to do:

In order to free the whores inside the cage, attack Watchers using the Phantom Blades and hit Defenders with Berserker Blades to cause havoc and free prisoners inside the cage.
The second group of whores is located inside a building. In order to free them, use the similar strategy as above.
The last group is in the middle of a small crowded area. You can blend in the crowd and free them without engaging anyone.

Once you’ve freed all prisoners, mission will end.

Cassini’s Constellations
In this mission, you’re required to retrieve three notes from the Paris Observatory. The best way to enter the restricted area is by using the trees in the northeast corner.

Avoid engaging enemies and use the lift to reach the scaffolding near the eastern tower. Head towards the left side and perform a ledge-assassination on the Watcher followed by killing the Brute from behind.

Get the lift inside the tower and drop all targets using cover kills and Phantom Blades. Another good idea is to hit one or two tougher foes with Berserker Blades.

The last note that you need to retrieve is located in the garden. Once you’ve acquired them all, return to Cassini to complete this mission.

The Condorcet Method
You need to receive two papers located to the south of your starting position, inside restricted areas:

Once you get to courtyard, enter the area from the rooftop on the north side and drop down to blend in civilians. Use your Disguise Skill to pickpocket the man carrying the paper without raising an alarm.

For the second paper, you need to head on the top floor of the heavily guarded building.

The best way to complete it is to reach the rooftop and enter the through the open window on the building’s east side. You’ll have to kill a couple of targets followed by retrieving the paper to complete the mission.

A Romantic Stroll
In order to eliminate Extremists, start off with killing snipers on the rooftops. Once this is done, get to the ground level and kill a couple of Extremists guarded a couple of doors. Following this, head inside and assassinate Watchers near the stairs.

After you’ve cleared the area of all enemies, meet up with Napoleon to complete this mission.

Signaling Officer Murat
In this mission, your task is to sabotage two cannons located in a restricted zone. Here’s what you can do to complete this mission without any difficulty:

After you approach the restricted area from any side, hit a tougher foe with a Berserker Blade. Once most of the enemies have gone to berserked enemy’s position, toss a couple of Poison Bombs near this location. Once this is done, use your Phantom Blades to kill off any remaining survivors.

When you’ve done it, walk to the cannons and sabotage them followed by escaping the area to complete this mission.

A Nine Chappe
In this mission, your task is to disable four Chappe Towers in different restricted areas. Read on for a quick rundown of everything that is needed to be done:

  • For the two towers on the south side, reach the restricted zone and sniper the targets inside the towers using Phantom Blades. With that being done, sabotage each tower and leave the area.
  • For the tower on the east side, use a combination of Berserker Blades and Poison Bombs to cause confusion and take out all enemies at once.
  • For the tower on the north side, reach the top of the compound at the corner of the restricted area and eliminate rooftop sentries. Once the rooftops are secured, get down and eliminate the officer followed by sabotaging the tower and jumping into the nearby river to complete this mission.

Precious Correspondence
In this mission, your task is to retrieve three letters from different restricted areas. These letters are carried by Extremists so make sure you’ve everything in your arsenal.

Approach the restricted area from the southeast corner and target the Brute carrying the letter with a Berserker Blade. Once all enemies get to his position, throw a Poison Bomb to take them all out.

If there are any more enemies, kill them using the Phantom Blades. After that, head to the waypoint to the east which is an extremely well guarded area with loads of enemies.

Consider having some blue-clad guards to cause a fight between the two groups and use your Poison Bombs, Phantom Blades, and Berserker Blades to clear off the area. I wouldn’t recommend going in directly!

For the final letter, head towards the catacombs below a graveyard to the south side. Once there, try and hit a Defender with a Berserker Blade and go down the stairs to reach the investigation zone.

Once again, use Poison Bombs, Berserker Blades, and Phantom Blades to kill all targets followed by retrieving the final letter to compete this mission.

Constructing a Close Shave
Once this mission begins, you need to take care of the sentries on top of the rooftops. Once this is done, go through the door in front of the quest-giver and enter the restricted area.

Once you’re inside, use your Last Known Position or dispatch enemies one by one using your Phantom Blades to retrieve the desired items. Once you’ve acquired them all, return to the quest-giver and protect him from the attackers to complete this mission.

Up in Arms
In this mission, you’re required to sabotage three armaments located in a restricted area. Start by reaching the rooftops on the southernmost corner and drop down into the haystack located in the courtyard.

From the hay cart, assassinate the Brute and sabotage the first armament. From this point, head towards the tunnels going north and use Phantom Blades to dispatch enemies guarding the area. Once this is done, destroy the second artillery.

You’ll find the last artillery behind a wooden fence. Destroy the last one and leave the highlighted area to complete this mission.

Marianne Returns Home
Once this mission starts, keep on following Marianne until you reach her home. At this point, you’ll have to protect her from multiple high level enemies.

The best way to clear this mission is to assassinate enemies while they are attacking Marianne. Another thing that works great in this scenario is Ranged Weapon attack after a Perfect Parry.

Once the outside area is clear, head inside her house and perform cover kills to complete this mission.

The Little Prince
After starting this mission, follow the nearby assassin. The ideal way to complete this mission is to cross the stony bridge and climb the building on the eastern side when the Defender is not looking in your position.

Once you’re inside, make sure to eliminate all Extremists in the area before moving to free Prince. The idea is to rely heavily on Phantom Blades, Berserker Blades, and cover kills to make this fight a whole lot easier.

With Prince on the streets, you’ll have to protect him from attackers. Aerial-assassinations and Phantom Blades do wonders in this part of the mission. Once the area is clear, walk with the Prince and talk to the assassin by the boat to complete this mission.

Turtle, Snake, Bear, Paper, Scissors
In this mission, your task is to eliminate three targets in investigation zones. Here’s a quick rundown of everything that you need to do:

The one closest to your position can be killed by blending in the crowd and using a Phantom Blade. For the other two targets, enter both houses from the ground-level door at the corner of the restricted area.

Cover kills and Phantom Blades work wonders in this part. Keep on killing enemies as you come across them and leave the area once all thugs are eliminated to complete this mission.

Tapestry Thief
After speaking to the lady, you’ll have to chase a target. Once your target reaches the restricted area, blend in the crowds located in the area. Kill the enemy patrolling the ground level and the Watcher overlooking the area.

With that being done, head near the wooden fence and eliminate Extremists using Phantom Blades before killing your target.

Alternatively, you can also go around the restricted area without entering it and use a Phantom Blade to hit your target near the southeast corner. Once this is done, leave the highlighted area to complete this mission.

Cartouche’s Memoirs
This mission requires you to acquire two memoirs located in two restricted area located to the northeast corner of your starting position.

Get to the restricted area to the east from the southwest corner and start off by killing two Watchers on the rooftops. Go through the archway using the Stealth Mode and hit one Extremist with a Berserker Blade before retrieving the memoir.

The second memoir in the restricted area to the west side is hidden inside a chest between the two bells. I would not recommend going with a stealth approach for this mission.

Instead of this, you can hit one of the two Defenders in the area with a Berserker Blade (by standing outside of the restricted area) followed by throwing a Poison Bomb at them.

Once this is done, assassinate the remaining survivors and Watchers on the rooftops using Phantom Blade headshots before retrieving the memoir. Once you’ve acquired the memoir, return to Cartouche to complete this mission.

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