Assassin’s Creed Syndicate London Stories: Karl Marx Memories Guide

How to complete London Stories: Karl Marx Memories in Assassin's Creed: Syndicate.

How to complete London Stories: Karl Marx Memories in Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate.

London Stories are basically memories acquired through different historical characters met during the Main Story such as Queen Victoria, Karl Marx, and more.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate London Stories: Karl Marx Memories

Most of these stories unlock after you have completed the previous London Story. This guide provides an overview of London Stories: Karl Marx Memories which is unlocked after completing Main Story Sequence 4.

Memory #1 – Cat and Mouse

Location: Train Station, Whitechapel

Following Marx
You need to follow Marx outside the police station where you will be tasked with finding and killing 4 spies. You will also receive a challenge of killing 2 spies using hanging barrels.

Finding and Killing Spies
In order to start, you need to head to the rooftop of the building on the left side and see Marx heading inside an alley with spies on his tail. As soon as you see the spy get beneath the barrel, cut the rope to pursue the challenge.

After this, you need to get to the corner rooftop just as Marx turns southward and wait for another spy to come under the barrel followed by killing him in order to complete the challenge.

Continue to tail Marx where you will see him meeting with someone. At this point, you can leave Marx alone and travel towards the green blip, but do not enter inside.

In order to complete the second challenge, you need to hire some Rooks and have them attack some Blighters and then cops in order to cause a riot.

At times, your Rooks will deal with the spy, but you can always come in and finish the job. Once you are done with the spies, you need to follow Marx to the meeting inside the pub.

Kidnapping the and Delivering Traitor
In order to identify the traitor, you need to use your Eagle Vision which will show him highlighted in gold.

At this point, you need to use a Smoke Bomb on the group of police officers and kidnap the traitor without any difficulty. Once you are done with this, you need to deliver the traitor to the street southwest past the pub and speak with Karl Marx to complete the memory.

Memory #2 – Where There Is Smoke

Location: Warehouse C, Southwark

Locating and Igniting 3 Cotton Bales
After speaking with Marx, you need to head south and reach the rooftop of the factory followed by using your Eagle Vision to locate the cotton bales. You need to deal with the guard on the rooftop and head inside the factory using the open skylight.

Use the rafters to Air Assassinate a target inside and ignite the cotton bales to complete the objective. However, do note that you will not be able to do so if you are not anonymous.

Therefore, make sure that you kill everyone before igniting the bales in the area. Once you have ignited the cotton bales, you will need to speak to the foreman who will run out of the factory.

Hijacking the Firetruck
After speaking with the foreman, you will have to hijack a firetruck in the area and drive it to the front of the factory. Once you get there, you need to speak with the foreman again and follow him into the office.

After you come out of the office, you need to tail the foreman and walk closely behind him in order to steal from him and escape the area to complete the memory.

Memory #3 – Anarchist Intervention

Location: Ludgate Circus, City Of London

Locating and Hijacking the Carriage
Your first task is to locate the explosive cart and hop onto it in order to hijack it. There is no need to kill the driver as he is pretty harmless. However, do remember to drive carefully as the carriage will explode if you bump into too many a things.

While you are on your way, you will get plenty of chances to flip the Templar cart and complete the challenge. But if you are not looking to complete the challenge, you can always Quickshot the enemies and be done with it.

After the 12th checkpoint, you will come across a roadblock which you will not be able to pass.

Protecting the Anarchist
In order to protect the anarchist, you need to get out of the cart and deal with the Templars blocking your passage.

At this point, I highly recommend killing the sniper at the end and using Smoke Bombs to thin the ranks of the Templars before focusing your attention on the sniper.

Once all the enemies are out of the way, you need to approach the anarchist and speak with him which will complete the memory at hand.

Memory #4 – An Explosive End

Location: Southwark

Hiding Inside the Templar Carriage
The first thing that you need to do is to run east through the alley and reach the Templar carriage within 30 seconds. Do not stop for anything – even Templars in the area – and just run straight for the carriage.

After you reach the factory, you need to wait until the two Templars come out and then head outside.

At this point, you will not be asked to stay hidden so eliminate the Templars using any means you see fit. In order to complete the challenge, you need to throw the Nitroglycerin crates at the enemies and kill five of them using the same technique.

Once all the enemies are out of the way and all Nitroglycerin crates are destroyed, get back to Marx and speak with him to complete the memory.

Memory #5 – Vox Populi

Location: London Bridge Station, Southwark

After your initial conversation with Marx, you need to follow him and activate your Eagle Vision inside the alley.

As soon as you see the policeman get behind the building, you need to get closer to the troublemaker and kidnap him. In order to complete the challenge, you can drop a dead body inside the water located nearby.

Your next task will be to kidnap 3 troublemakers which should not cause you any trouble. As soon as you see enemies attacking Marx on the stage, use your Smoke Bombs near Marx and kill anyone who gets close including cops.

Once you have successfully defending Marx, the memory will complete.

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