Assassin’s Creed Syndicate London Stories: Charles Darwin Memories Guide

Assassin's Creed Syndicate London stories guide to solve all Charles Darwin Memories.

How to complete London Stories: Charles Darwin Memories in Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate.

London Stories are basically memories acquired through different historical characters met during the Main Story such as Charles Dickens, Charles Darwin, and more.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate London Stories: Charles Darwin Memories

Most of these stories unlock after you have completed the previous London Story. This guide provides an overview of London Stories: Charles Darwin Memories which is unlocked after completing Charles Dickens Memories.

Memory #1 – The Berlin Specimen

Location: Charing Cross Station, The Strand

Finding Dr. Schwartz
After the initial dialogue with Darwin, you need to run towards the west side of the area and use the skylight to find Dr. Schwartz in the highlighted area. You need to head towards the northwest edge of the Charing Cross Station to locate your target.

Kidnapping Dr. Schwartz
As soon as you get the objective, you will get a challenge of remaining undetected. In order to do this, you can either Air Assassinate Templars patrolling the area or kidnap Dr. Schwartz when he comes near the exit of the station.

I highly recommend kidnapping him near the southwest exit staircase. After you have successfully kidnapped Dr. Schwartz, you will be asked to deliver him to one of the drop locations – which, mind you, are many in this case.

If you used the southwest staircase exit, you will be able to drop him near at the bottom of the stairway tunnel.

Killing the Imposter
For this objective, I recommend getting out of the fight as soon as possible; especially by using a Smoke Bomb and chasing down the imposter in a carriage. You can either decide to Quickshot him or hijack his carriage to complete this objective.

With the imposter out of the way, you need to loot his body and speak with Darwin to complete the memory.

Memory #2 – An Abominable Mystery

Location: St. James’s Park, Westminster

You need to head over to St. James Park and speak with Darwin there to start the memory.

Finding and Investigating Toxic Plants
The three toxic plants that you need to examine are located in the following locations:

First One is Near a Summerhouse
Second One is Near the Bridge on the West Side
Near the Crowd on the West Side of the Pond

While examining the 3rd plant, you will have to defeat a Templar in the area in order to complete the objective.

Finding the Source and Stealing the Carriage
In order to find the source, you need to find a Blighter driving a carriage full of flowers which you need to steal. Due to the toxic effect of the plants, I do not recommend hijacking the carriage.

You should consider Quickshot in order to eliminate the driver and take the carriage. Once this is done, you need to speak with Darwin whom you will find near the north exit of St. James Park.

Getting Rid of the Carriage
In order to get rid of the carriage, you need to drive it across the bridge to Southwark where you will get attacked by some Blighters.

You can either shoot them if they try to pass you or use the toxic eliminating from the carriage to get rid of them which should complete your second challenge.

Once the enemies are out of the way, you need to continue towards the College Wharf and use the dynamites nearby to sabotage the carriage and complete the memory.

Memory #3 – Defamation

Location: Southwest Whitechapel

Chasing the Blighters and Locating the Newspaper
After the initial conversation, you need to head over to the nearest street using the alleyway located on the southeast edge of the area.

Continue chasing the Blighter with the stolen newspaper and he will eventually stop for 7 seconds on the train tracks. You must tackle him within these 7 seconds or he will die because of a train.

After you successfully save the Blighter, he will thank you for it which will complete the memory at hand.

Memory #4 – Cruel Caricature

Location: Covent Garden, The Strand

Finding and Removing 4 Posters
In order to get rid of Anti-Darwin propaganda, you need to find and remove 4 posters in the nearby area. Here are all the locations that you need to know:

Right Next to Darwin
On the Southwestern Wall on the First Floor of the Market
East of the Market – Beware of the sniper on the rooftop
City of London – On a Carriage

Finding and Tackling the Billposter
In order to do so, you need to head under the bridge in Southwark to find a man in top hat. It does not matter whether you manage to tackle him or not; either way, he will lead you to sewer secret entrance which you need to find.

After finding everything you need, you need to head inside the sewer entrance near the warehouse and find the print shop.

Locating the Printing Shop
Location: Southwark Sewers

Continue along the sewer while assassinating Templars along the way and you will eventually come across the printers. You will also receive your challenge of destroying all the printers at the same time.

In order to complete the challenge, you need to evenly spread all the dynamite crates near the printers and middle of the room and blow them up all at the same time. Once the printers are out of the way, you need to find the sewer exit and near the north side and complete the memory.

Memory #5 – A Struggle for Existence

Location: City of London

Following Nightingale
You need to keep on following Nightingale who will tell you about a rogue policeman. You need to find and kidnap the policeman whom you will find near the southwest edge of the area.

Find and Kidnap the Policeman
In order to complete the challenge here, you need to locate and kidnap the policeman without being detected.

In order to locate the policeman, you need to head inside the alley right next to the graveyard and stop near the graveyard’s southwest edge. There are many different ways to kidnap the policeman so you should stick to the one which works best for you.

Once you have kidnapped the policeman, you need to take him through the northwest corner so as to avoid other enemies patrolling the area. While you are taking the policeman, you need to be careful of the patrolling streets cops.

Make sure that you enter the street after the cops have left it.

Finding Darwin
You can either use a knife or a gun on the cop to tell you Darwin’s location which he will do so in an instant. Head inside the carriage with Nightingale and get to the marked area on your mini-map.

Once you get to the house where Darwin is kept hostage, you will find him on the second floor. You can either head inside using the open front door or the open window on the second floor. Once you are inside, you need to deal with the Templars inside and check on Darwin’s condition.

Defending Nightingale
While Nightingale is looking after Darwin, you need to take cover beside the stairs and Cover Assassinate the Templars heading inside the house to finish the job. With these two Templars out of the way, you need to pick up Darwin and carry him to the carriage.

Once you get attacked by the Templars again, place Darwin on the ground and deal with the Templars before taking Darwin to the carriage and completing this memory.

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