Assassin’s Creed Revelations Walkthrough

Get yourself ready for yet another adventure with Ezio Auditore. Although the game also features other heroes in the series, Ezio will enjoy the spotlight throughout the singleplayer campaign. And this time, he is fighting with the Templars in Constantinople. This Assassin’s Creed Revelations walkthrough will help you solve the mysteries of his past.

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, like all the previous installments, mostly follows the stealth based gameplay. There are a couple of new elements like the all new hookblade etc which will make assassinations more fun to execute.

Now if you are playing the game and are stuck, not knowing what to do during the main story line of the game, following walkthrough can be helpful.

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Walkthrough

Sequence 1 – A Sort of Homecoming

Memory 1 – The Hangman
All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the cutscene.

Memory 2 – A Narrow Escape
Full Sync – To get full synchronization, you need to execute a Templar using counter. Press the concerned button at the right time to perform a counter kill.

Just to get things started, you have an easy task i.e. to follow the ghostly figure of Altair. Kill any Templars that interrupt your path. On screen pop ups will guide you through. Climb up the structure and then jump into the water in the typical Assassin’s Creed style.

Memory 3 – A Journal of Some kind
Full Sync – Do not fail a single tail. You need to follow
the group of Templars without being detected.

Eliminate the two guards in the chamber. Then investigate the worker to know about the Templars. Follow the worker and once you are outside, you can either chose to fight with the guards or choose to flee away. Take another group on the tower and get ready for a parachute jump. Mark your direction towards the Templar’s Captain to the village.

Now begins the stealthy trace. You need to follow the group without being detected. Ultimately a cutscene will play.

Memory 4 – A Hard Ride
Full Sync N/A–

It seems like Ezio is in trouble. You need to climb up the rope slowly. Make sure that you dodge any obstacles along the way. You will soon reach and take control of the cart. For the next section, enemy carts will attack, it’s recommended that you stay defensive and try to stay alive. When the ride is over, so will be the memory.

Memory 5 – The Wounded Eagle
Full Sync – Kill at least 5 guards from a haystack.

Eliminate a couple of guards near the haystack and the dead bodies will attract rest of them towards you. You can either choose to fight in open or hide to ambush them.

Ezio needs some medicine. Follow the path leading to the village. Silently remove the guard on the stairs and wait near the haystack till the second one passes neaby. Eliminate it and start following the objective marker. The next wave of enemies has the medicine.

You will have to kill them first to loot the medicine. After you are healthy again, it’s time to eliminate the Templar. Get to the top and perform the execution to wrap up the first sequence.

Sequence 2 – The Crossroads of the World

Sequence 1 – A Warm Welcome
Full Sync – To get full synchronization, you should not move away from Yususf.

After reaching Constantinople, you will meet Ysusf. You need to follow him (Stick close to him). You will soon be attacked by the guards. Deal with them and start following him again to complete the memory.

Memory 2 – Upgrade and Explore
Full Sync – N/A

You need to get your gear ready. For that, you need some cash first. Pick pocketing seems to be a quick way to do that. Gather the required amount of cash and pay it to the blacksmith to get your armor repaired.

Memory 3 – The Hookblade
Full Sync – To get full sync, you need to perform every hookblade move successfully atleast for once.

Follow Yusuf to learn the use of your new weapon. It can be useful for hanging along the ropes, long jumps and last but not the least to eliminate enemies without losing any momentum. Complete the training and you are good to go .

Memory 4 – The View From Galata
Full Sync – Climb to the top of the tower in under 60 seconds. You will have to observe Yusuf closely so that you can remind the path to the top. You might have to give it a couple of shots to get 100%.

It’s time to put your hookblade training into practice. Follow Yusuf to reach the top of Galata Tower.

Memory 5 – Advanced Tactics
Full Sync – If you perform a zipline assassination, you will get it 100%. You can do it right after you are taught the skill.

You will learn another skill during this memory i.e. the use of zipline. You can leap onto one and then adjust your speed during the ride. You can also perform an execution while sliding from one section to another. Perform one on the templar to get the job done.

Memory 6 – On the Defense
Full Sync – N/A

It’s time to defend one of your strongholds. You can defend towers in Revelations. You will have to place the allies and other weaponry such that the enemies cannot cross the baseline. You can use your ally soldiers from the rooftop and when the tank like vehicle arrives at the end, you will have to direct your barge cannons towards it with fully fury.

You can also make your soldiers gather the loot from enemy dead bodies. Be quick though, as the next wave will be inbound. After you have successfully defended your safe-house, the memory will conclude.

Memory 7 – On the Attack
Full Sync – For full sync, you can‘t afford to create any conflict in the Imperial North District. Rooftops are the safest way till you find your target.

After dealing with the guards at the start, Yusuf will teach you how to use the cherry bomb. You can distract the guards to access the restricted area. Now to take control of the district, you need to remove the Templar in command and then light the tower after that.
Stay in shadows and follow the path towards your objective avoiding any contact. Execute him and then run towards the watchtower to light it.

There is no need to engage in fight with anyone. Just run for it. Your task will be easier if you have the Bow and Arrow already. This way you can avoid the trouble of taking down the running target. When the town is yours, the sequence will conclude.

Sequence 3 – Lost and Found

Memory 1 – Lost and Found
Full Sync – You need to pickpocket the guard to get the key without being caught.

Use the bomb to distract the guards first. Then head to the rooftop and use your eagle vision to find your concerned target having the key. Get the key from him (do it quietly for full sync) and free the prisoner to add him to your legion of assassins.

Memory 2 – The Sentinel
Full Sync – Use your Assassin Signal to take out one guard during the mission. The red bar at top left of your screen indicates the number of signals you have.

You should take out the guards silently without any fuss. Call in your apprentice to take care of the business. Then in the next section, use your eagle vision to find the spirit that will lead you to the culprit. Follow him and make sure that you don’t fall too much behind.

Soon, your apprentice will attack but he will fail to execute. What now? You are the real assassin. You need to take care of the mess now. After you have survived the fighting, the memory will complete.

Memory 3 – Guild Contracts
Full Sync – N/A
All you need to do is head to a safehouse and send one of your apprentices to a mission.

Memory 4 – Bomb Crafting
Full Sync –N/A
This sequence covers the tutorial on bomb crafting, Can be useful in various ways.

Memory 5 -A Familiar Face
Full Sync – N/A
When you gain control of Ezio, turn on your eagle vision to find a secret door In the back room, that will lead you to some underground section.

Memory 6 – The Yerebatan Cistern
Full Sync – You should not be detected. Yes, it’s hard but not impossible. You need to be cautious and use crossbow from distance. Bombs will do good too. You don’t to get close to the Captain to get the key. You will have it irrespective of your distance from the target.

In order to avoid being detected, stay in the shadows above and pick enemies from distance using the bow and throwing knives. Now, if you don’t have these weapons, you can use your bomb crafting skills to divert the enemies.

Each enemy down there has a key. You don’t need to grab the key physically so don’t get caught in haste. Keep it steady and cautious and you will be fine. If you are detected in this level then don’t panic. You can still survive but you will lose 100% synchronization. You will have to kill all the enemies before you can enter the next chamber.

In the next chamber, your concerned target is on the second level. Use your assassin skills to get there. Like before, you can shoot him from distance and get the key. Otherwise, get close to him and eliminate the threat.

For the final section, your target will be somewhere in the center. Again, you can take him out from distance if you have the weapons for that. If not, you should take out all the enemies with your sword. After you have all the keys, move towards the statue for the Master key.

Memory 7 – Quid Pro Quo
Full Sync – N/A
There is nothing adventurous in this memory. Watch the cinematic and then go meet Ysusf to conclude the sequence.

Memory 8 – The Mentor’s Keeper
Full Sync – Save all citizens under attack

You will take control of Altair. Everything is messed up. You need to run for the keep. There you will face templars. There are plenty of them so try to keep on climbing as you deal with them. Knight are relatively resistant enemies to deal with.

To inflict any damage, you need to bring down their shield first by kicking and then you can use your blade attacks. When the gate is closed on you, quickly take climb up the wall and take any enemy patrols up there. Then you need to get to the proper position to perform an air assassination from above.

Talk to Al-Mualim to conclude the memory.

Memory 9 – Curse of Romani
Full Sync – You need to poison all the targets while being blended with Romani girls.

Your job is to scare off the targets by shooting darts so that they consider it as curse and leave it. You need hire Romani chicks from the encampment who will act as your escort. Don’t move away too much from the ladies to stay hidden. And whenever you see a target, it is recommended that you take it out using your poison darts not the blade to stay hidden. After poisoning three guards, rest will run away and you can take the chest to the Romani encampment.

Memory 10 – The Sentinel Part II
Full Sync – Don’t get detected while you search the prisoners
You need to free the prisoners but first, meet the fellow assassin. There will be a couple of guards in front of the prison cell. You can use the rooftops and use your apprentice to take care of them.

Free the prisoner and then repeat the process for the second prisoner. Then, you need to follow the Sentinel again. Use the same strategy (stick to the rooftops) along with your apprentice. After some time, he (your friend) will execute the target to complete the Sequence.

Sequence 4 – The Civil War

Memory 1 – The Prince’s Banquet
Full Sync – Get to the Palace before Yusuf. Rest of the team doesn’t matter, it’s Yusuf only you should be worried about.
The race is on to the Topkapi Palace. After you finish the first wave of Minstrels, hide the bodies in the haystacks nearby.

Your fellows will help you. You need to do the same exercise for the next two waves but be careful of the guards as they might be alerted if you are not cautious.

For the next part, you will serve the purpose of a distracter. Play your instrument to distract the guards so that your mates can join in the party. After you get inside, you should activate your eagle vision and allow your fellow assassins to take out the targets by playing the lute.

For the final templar, who is about to kill the Prince should be eliminated in time to make the prince a good friend of yours.

Memory 2 – An Uneasy Meeting
Full Sync – Do not get detected.

It’s time to meet the prince in the palace. Talk to him and he will explain his problems. Accept the mission and get to the bell tower to spy on the traitors. For this task, if you stick to the rooftops and stay out of guards’ sight, fully synchronization won’t be an issue for you.

Memory 3 – The Fourth Part of the World
Full Sync – Get in and out of the port without being detected.

You should swim along the water to get to the boat. Then you can call in your fellow assassins to take care of the guards on board. After getting the concerned article, you can get back without alerting anyone. If you can’t find the concerned object, use your eagle vision to spot it. Deliver it to Sofia to complete the memory.

Memory 4 – Sings and Symbols I
Full Sync – N/A

Head to the top of the tower and activate your eagle vision. Keep on exploring till you have the location of the book. You can use the parachute now to get to the location of that book. Collect the book to complete the memory.

Memory 5 – Galata Tower
Full Sync – Complete the level in under 6 minutes.
Don’t get rattled if you have to restart the memory as you will have to learn the sequence of ledges and traps before you can get it right. Enter the tower and move down the stairs and through the wall opening, jump onto the next platform.

After you fall, grab the wooden piece in time to get back to the arch and then jump again quickly before you fall again. Move across the ledge and then use the zipline to get to the ground. Move through the cave and follow the path to get out of this chamber.

In the next section, you should use the ziplines to move through waterfall. After the wooden tower collapses, reach (using the zipline) the top of the waterfall where you need to dive into the water.
After you reemerge from the water, move through the final section to get to tomb. Use your eagle vision to find the hidden passages that will lead you to the ring. This will also complete the memory.

Memory 6 – The Mentor’s Wake
Full Sync – Don’t lose more than 3 synchronization points.
You will get control of Altair again. Grab the body of your Mentor and move towards the marked destination. After you burn the body, some of the assassins will go against you and attack. You need to take out atleast 7 of them without losing more than 3 synchronization points. That’s possible only if you have perfect time your disarm moves with their attacks. Don’t worry, a couple of restarts and you will get it right, ultimately. Or if you don’t care about 100% sync then it won’t be a problem for you.

Sequence 5 – Heir to the Empire

Memory 1 – The Janissaries
Full Sync – Distract 2 Guards with bombs

Talk to the merchant in the crowd and you will come to know about Janissaries. Now silently follow Tarik Barletti. You should be stealthy so that the target does not spot you. If he does, you need to hide quickly and blend in the crowd to divert his attention.
When he walks across the two guards, you can use bombs to divert them (that’s the requirement for 100% sync). After you dealing with the guards, start your chase again and when you cross the next bridge. The memory will conclude.

Memory 2 – The Arsenal Gates
Full Sync – Make sure 40 or more rioters survive
After talking to Yusuf, your goal will be to encourage rioters to stand against the conspiracy. You can start by bribing the 3 preachers near the gate. When the riot starts, your goal is to take out the

Janissaries as quickly as possible so that you can save the rioters as much as you can. If their number drops below 25, you will have to restart the memory. For full synchronization, make sure that atleast 40 of the total rioters survive. Your apprentices can give you a hand, so don’t forget to call them on different groups.

Memory 3 – Arsenal Infiltration
Full Sync – Perform an Air Assassination from zipline.
In the shipyard, you can use your eagle vision to trail Manuel. You don’t need to bother about the Janissaries and rioters will keep them busy.

When you reach the required area, try to listen to the conversation. When you are spotted, it’s time to get out of the arsenal. Yes, you need to run. Rooftops, like always is a good way to be disappeared fast. You can also use those ziplines that will aid your escape.

Memory 4 – Portrait of a Lady
Full Sync – You need to steal the painting without being spotted by the merchant.

Sofia will tell you about the stolen painting. You need to get it back. Head to the bazaar and beat that man a bit to make him spill out the information.

Now, get to the store to retrieve the painting. You need to get it back without being spotted. It’s easy if you have a smoke bomb. You can smoke the area and then get the article back without alerting the merchant. Head back to Sofia to complete the memory.

Memory 5 – Sings and Symbols II
Full Sync – N/A
Time to find another book. Climb up the tower and use your eagle vision till you spot “The Flute Girl”.

Memory 6 – The Forum of the Fox
Full Sync – Don not take any damage
You need to follow the Templar. Jump from ledge to ledge and move through the cave. Don’t lose the trail. The chase is not going to be easy. You need to be fast and if you fall in water, you will have to start over again.

Soon, enemies will start firing canons at you. You should focus on the obstacles along the path rather than the attacks. After a long chase, at the wooden bridge, the Templar will throw bomb at you and destroy the path. You will have to move through it to get to the zipline ahead.

The zipline will aid you to reach the boat where you can start eliminating the enemies. For Full Synchronization, you can’t afford to take any damage. The best way is that you wait for opponents attack and the hit them on counter.

After you are done fighting with the enemies, activate your eagle vision to find the hidden passage that will grant you another one of those Masyaf keys.

Memory 7 – A new Regime
This memory narrates the part of Altair story. After talking to Maria, walk behind her to the garden and meet Abbas. After the trouble sets in, you need to run down to the village to get to Altair’s son.
After meeting up with the son, clear out enemies that come along your path.

You can use knives to eliminate them fast. One well placed knife is sufficient to bring down a single enemy. The sequence will conclude with Altair and his son’s escape.

Sequence 6 – Fortune’s Disfavor

Memory 1 – Into the Shadows
Full Sync – You need to assassinate a target from the hiding spot. It can be tricky but if you manage to lure a guard near the haystack while you are hiding inside, you can execute him hidden.
After you talk with the prince Suleiman, search the janissary you need to take out.

Your goal is to take him out without any panic. How you do it? Well you have multiple choices. Use the bombs for distraction.
Since you also have to bury his body in the haystack, try to kill him near one or you will have to drag the body all the way.

Sequence 7 – Underworld

Memory 1 – The Hidden City
Fully Sync – Do not be detected

The task is fairly simple. Follow the objective and after you fill in the map (by standing on it) for the area, move to the green section down there and activate your eagle vision. You will spot the spy in the crowd. She will try to escape so you should chase her till you catch the suspect.

Memory 2 – The Spy Who Shunned Me
Full Sync – Do not kill anyone.

Head to the restricted area and spy on the two people below from above. Then move to the next destination for some spying on the guard carrying the key. You should stay hidden to avoid any attention.

Pickpocket the guard to attain the key. Other guards will chase you as your run towards the cell. Try to reduce the awareness level before you reach the cell as otherwise, you won’t be able to open it.

Memory 3 – The Renegade
Full Sync – Do not let Janos lose more than half his health.

You will need to execute four guards first before you can reach Shahkulu. Take them out in the sequence and after you air assassinate Shahkulu, you will find out that it was a trap. When guards attack you, it’s better to stay defensive and hit on counter. Take them out to conclude the memory.

Memory 4 – Decomissioned
Full Sync – Do not take any damage

Climb the central pillar and then make your way to the depot. When you encounter guards, take out a couple with ranged weapons like crossbow or knives. You can then deal with rest of them with your sword.

To get full synchronization, you need to be cautious and hit on counter. After dealing with the guards, use the explosives to blow up the depot.

Memory 5 – Last of the Palaiologi
Full Sync – Do not take any damage

Time to get your final Masyaf key. Chase Manuel as he tries to escape. There is no need to engage in fight with guards. Keep running and you will be fine. Get to the target and eliminate him to wrap up the memory.

Memory 6 – Escape
Full Sync – Don not lose more than half of your health

You will start loosing your health due to smoke. To meet full sync requirement, you need to get out of there in time. Do not waste your time in fighting with any guard. Use your eagle vision to make the path visible. The memory will be over when you reach your ship.

Memory 7 – Passing the Torch
Full Sync – N/A

This memory is about escorting Altair’s companions. Use the apple’s power to keep things under control. Stay close to your group and you will be fine till your reach the designated spot.

Sequence 8 – The End of an Era

Memory 1 – Discovery
Full Sync – If attacked, you should kill 5 guards without being hit. If you keep on running then you won’t have to bother to fight against the guards.

Head to Sofia’s place and after putting your friend’s body at rest, it’s time to take the revenge. You need meet Ahmet. Head to the arsenal and the guards will try to stop you. Simple strategy here is that you keep on running. Call in the fellow Assassins if you need some help. Otherwise, keep moving till you meet the target who will then you give you a choice.

Memory 2 – Exchange
Full Sync – Rescue Sofia before she loses more than 50% health.

Get the Maysaf keys for the trade. After handing over the keys to Ahmet, he will tell you the location of Sofia. Follow the marker to designated spot (Move up the Galata Tower) and you will find that the girl there is fake. The real Sofia is down below.

You need to use the parachute to get to her. Gunmen will try to make things difficult but if you keep things smooth, there won’t be any major trouble. If you manage to save her in time, the memory will conclude.

Memory 3 – End of the Road
Full Sync – Kill 20 Guards

There is plenty of fight in this mission so getting 20 kills won’t be a big problem. In the first segment, you need to escape the two vehicles. The rough patches during the ride can be used cause damage to the opponent but make sure you avoid them as they can hurt you in the similar manner.

After the first segment, your task will be to safe Sofia from the enemy soldiers. By now, your skills would be sufficient to fulfill the task. After you reach the cliff, you will have to fight Ahmet in air. You can hit punches to do the damage but don’t forget to block the attacks.

Sequence 9

Memory 1 – Homecoming
After walking with Sofia, head to Altair’s library and place the Masyaf keys into the door. Now you need to solve the puzzle. To fit the appropriate keys, you should notice the patterns on the keys and the door. After solving the puzzle, head inside and light the torches and then get the final key.

Memory 2 – Lost Legacy
There is nothing special except for blowing out some torches.

Memory 3 – The Message
It’s been a long journey. Relax and watch the ending.

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