Assassins Creed Revelations Ishak Pasha’s Armor Unlock and Location

Ezio comes back to conclude his story and he will definitely need all the aid he can get considering the challenging task at hand. The sudden appearance of Altair may have surprised him and confused against his enemies, but a little improvisation to survive long enough to get his head straight is all that is needed to find the answers he seeks. Our Assassins Creed Revelations Ishak Pasha Armor guide will help you make sure Ezio survives long enough for those answers.

To survive long enough to find all these answers, you will need good armor – actually great armor and that you will find in Ishak Pasha’s Armor in Assassins Creed Revelations. It is buried in an underground tomb accessible through the Hagia Sophia.

Assassins Creed Revelations Ishak Pasha Armor


There are three steps involved in unlocking this armor. First, you will have to find 25 Animus Data Fragments to unlock and buy the map to find Memoir Pages from the bookshop.

The second step is to find all 10 Memoir Pages. The third and final step involves retrieving the armor from the secret tomb at Hagia Sophia. This location gets unlocked when you find Memoir Pages.

So first let’s get down to finding these Memoir Pages.

Memoir Page 1: Galata Tower

This is by far the easiest one to get, just get on top of the Galata Tower and find it on top of the spire.

Memoir Page 2: Gul Mosque

Gul Mosque is located East of the faith mosque which is in the North Constantine District. If you go between this Mosque and the Janissary camp, if you continue down this path you will find a destroyed fortress wall and there would be a page at the top of the stairs.

Memoir Page 3: Fatih Mosque

This one would require some climbing. Just get to the Northwestern tower of Fatih Mosque and this page will be waiting for you at the top of this tower near a chest.

Memoir Page 4: Romani Headquarters

This page is present in the open plaza’s North in the South Constantine District behind a grate. This grate may look like it’s impassable but don’t worry. Just climb on top of it and then you’ll see the way to a tunnel that it was hiding behind it. The memoir is in there.

Memoir Page 5: Arcadius

This one is also easy, just find the tallest building in the southwestern corner of the map. It would be south of the Arcadius tunnel entrance. There would a page on top of this building in its northern edge near a book stack.

Memoir Page 6: Arsenal

Go to the Arsenal District’s northwestern edge. There would be blue barnlike building there. The page is inside this building on the rafters.

Memoir Page 7: Little Hagia Sophia

This one is on the top of Hagia Sophia’s central spire in the South Bayezid District.

Memoir Page 8: Bayezid Mosque

This page is on top of the Bayezid Mosque’s northeastern tower in the North Bayezid District.

Memoir Page 9: Grand Bazaar

Head over to the roof of the North Imperial District’s Grand Bazar. This page is present on top of the central dome.

Memoir Page 10: Hagia Sophia

This page is present in the eastern corner of the Hagia Sophia on top of the tower and we made this the last one for your convenience. It is present on the balcony for your taking.

If you have collected all the pages then by now you have completed the Worth A Thousand Words Achievement/Trophy (20G/Bronze) and a secret area will be unlocked and you will get to a challenge level inside Hagia Sophia, complete that and you would be able to get access to the tomb of Ishak Pasha form where you can get the masked suit of armor belonging to Pasha himself. Have Fun.

It’s not bulletproofed though.

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