Assassin’s Creed Origins The Lizard’s Mask Walkthrough

Assassin’s Creed Origins The Lizard’s Mask Walkthrough Guide will help you with defeating the giant snake during the ritual and how to rescue Panchrates.

We recommend you to be at least at level 21 and you will be rewarded 2700XP after completing the AC Origins Lizard’s Mask mission

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Assassin’s Creed Origins The Lizard’s Mask

Head to Memphis and talk to Pasherenptah. His wife is not feeling good and he has some cow trouble too. A cutscene will play in which he will send you to seer’s house. Follow the instructions for the ritual and things get a bit weird.

Defeat The Giant Snake In The Ritual
When Bayek wakes up after being passed out, walk a bit forward and you will see some torches in the distance.

Go towards those lights and go down the slope and past the giant statues where a small cutscene will play and you Bayek will get a bow and infinite ammo.

Here you need to kill the giant snake so, fire arrows at it. Not only you have infinite ammo but, the bow can also fire as soon as you can pull the trigger.

The fight is simple but, consists of two phases. While both phases are the same but, in the second phase, things will be a bit difficult as you will have less ground to stand on and if you fall in the water you will be dead. Just keep shooting arrows without falling in the water and the Snake will be defeated.

Once it is down, swim your way to the light and you will come to a cornfield. Make your way forward and you will see Bayek’s son who will disappear again and will appear at a distance.

All you have to do is keep running towards him until the ritual is done.

As get out of the Seer’s house, Aya will be outside waiting for Bayek. Take on a nearby boat and go along the canal to the temple where you will have to look into Apis Bull’s illness.

Examine the bull, and the things in the area and talk to the stable hand.

Once you have investigated, go to the feed storage and smash the door and examine the items inside. After examining speak with Aya.

Rescue Panchrates
After that make your way where Panchrates is being held captive. Once you reach the camp, use Senu to mark all the soldiers inside the camp and also locate Panchrates.

Sneak your way into the camp and make your way to Panchrates. Free him and carry him home, either on foot or on a mount.

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