Assassin’s Creed Origins The Final Weighing Walkthrough

Assassin's Creed Origins The Final Weighing Walkthrough Guide will help you with the quest that will see you facing off against Flavius.

Assassin’s Creed Origins The Final Weighing walkthrough guide will help you with the quest that will see you facing off against Flavius who is a tricky boss.

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Assassin’s Creed Origins The Final Weighing

Reach The Vault
This mission will see you going toe-to-toe with Flavius. As the mission begins, you need to get to the vault below the Temple of Amun while fighting your way through Siwa and there is no option for stealth just fight your way to your next marker.

As you get to the Vault a cut scene will play which will have some revelations.

Once you reach the Temple of Amun, use Senu to mark the soldiers at each of the temple entrances and the few soldiers that appear within the temple grounds.

After the cut scene, pick up the body to the vault then talk to Aya and Rabiah and go to Kyrenaika. Kyrenaika is a small village in the center of the Green Mountains territory and can be reached via the viewpoint.

As you reach your destination a cut scene will play and after that, you will have some soldiers to deal with. Once the soldiers are done bring the old lady to the cart.

Defeat Flavius
To locate Flavius, make your way to the shining city of Cyrene in the Kyrenaika territory and use Senu to locate Diocles in the center of the city.

Make your way to Akropolis and climb through the window and you will face Flavius. Flavius is only Level 35, but the orb has given him powers that make him a dangerous combatant.

He is a tricky boss as he teleports whenever you try to get close to him. Flavius can also spawn decoys that are highly aggressive. The best way to get hits on him is to let him come to you.

As he attacks you, dodge and lands a few strikes. During the fight, he will split into some projections of sorts that you need to kill to get Flavius back. Repeat the process and you will defeat Flavius.

This is a very short mission, speak with Aya in the underground hideout and after the conversation, she will ask Bayek to meet her on the peninsula in Alexandria.

Make your way there and the game will switch to Lyla in the present day.

Here you will learn some more about Assassin’s Creed’s lore and once the conversation is done jump back into the Animus as you have one more quest to complete

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