Assassin’s Creed Origins The False Oracle Walkthrough

Assassin's Creed Origins The False Oracle Walkthrough Guide will help you with assassinating Medunamun who is the new Oracle.

Assassin’s Creed Origins The False Oracle Walkthrough Guide will help you with assassinating Medunamun who is the new Oracle so that players can progress in the game.

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Assassin’s Creed Origins The False Oracle

This quest will see players assassinate Medunamun, The False Oracle, who is well protected like all the other assassination targets in Assassin’s Creed franchise.

Also, make sure you have the gear to assassinate Medunamun as all the guards in and around the temple will be level 5 and it is possible that you will not get one hit kill.

Now Medunamun will be walking around the temple, will take different paths, and will sometimes walk around the city.

Use Senu to scout the temple for soldiers and you will see that Medunamun will start from the roof. You can enter through the west entrance of the Temple.

Here you will face a guard; you will potentially spot you if you try to climb the building on the left of the entrance.

Kill him and climb the building. Enter the next building and then walk on the rope between the building and the temple.

Make your way to the temple and wait on the Southwest edge of the building and you will find Medunamun will walk through the stairs just beneath you along with his soldiers.

Now, if you are level 4 or above you will get to do the Stealth strike and kill him in the process in just one hit.

Once he is done, a cutscene will play with Medunamun. Then the game will jump one year backward when Bayek will be doing some target practice with his son Khemu and then Bayek decides to take him on a hunt.

As you gain control of Bayek, run to the hunting area. As you get close to the pond, use Senu to locate the ibex.

Sneak to the ibex until it is in your range and put an arrow through it. If you scare it, then you will have to chase it down.

Once it’s down, loot it and run towards Southwest to next marker and long the way Bayek will decide to detour to Halma Point.

Climb up the hill with Kheemu, and walk to the ledge that is overlooking the lake. In the meantime, Bayek will hear the screams of Chenzira and will run to investigate.

As you gain control, you will have to go through the cave at Halma point. As you go through the cave, you will see that Chenzira is being held captive by some soldiers. Whether you want to fight or not, you will be knocked out.

As you gain control, you will have to follow a man in the mask that will tell you that it is important for them to enter the vault.

As you reach the destination, Bayek will be reunited with his son. The men will threaten to kill Khemu is Bayek doesn’t give them the key to the vault.

As the cutscene ends, you will return to the white room with Medunamun where you will smash his head with his orb. After that, Bayek decides to reunite with his wife.

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