Assassin’s Creed Origins The Scarab’s Lies Walkthrough Guide – Clear Plesionhudor Hideout, Retrieve Bayek’s Gear, Assassinate The Scarab

Assassin’s Creed Origins The Scarab’s Lies Walkthrough Guide will help you with the entire mission, which will see you clearing the Plesionhudor Hideout and assassinating The Scarab.

Assassin’s Creed Origins is the latest entry in the Assassin’s Creed franchise that reinvents the Assassin’s Creed formula. This time around, the game takes players to Egypt in a vast open-world where players can hunt animals and do a lot of stuff.

AC Origins The Scarab’s Lies Walkthrough Guide will help you with clearing out the Plesionhudor Hideout, retrieving Bayek’s gear and assassinating the Scarab.

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Assassin’s Creed Origins The Scarab’s Lies Walkthrough Guide

Upon completion of the quest, you will be rewarded with 1,500 XP. The suggested level for this quest is 18.

Make your way to the city of Letopolis and meet Taharqa who is the leader of the city and agrees with Bayek to find and kill Scarab once and for all. As you get to the city, follow the marker to get to Taharqa and he will ask you to talk in private. So, follow Taharqa.

You really won’t be able to sneak through the enemies that you run into on your way, so you’ll have to kill these various groups that you come across. Consider using the bow since most of the enemies will be distracted.

Once you are inside the building, a small cutscene will play and Taharqa will ask you to help with some bandits attacking the ruins.

Follow Taharqa to the location and a brutal sandstorm is currently blocking your view and Senu is also unavailable. All you have to do is clear the area of the bandits. It will take some time, as you have to fight quite a number of bandits.

Once you have taken out two waves of bandits, follow Taharqa and he will lead you to an even bigger fight. Finish them and then make your way to the back of Temple of Horus where is another battle is going on.

Kill all the bandits in the area, and then speak to Taharqa where he tells you that he won’t share any information regarding Scarab until you help him. Call your mount and follow Taharqa to Plesionhudor Hideout.

Clear Out Plesionhudor Hideout
Plesionhudor Hideout is a small military outpost with one captain. Taharqa will just march in the camp and will start a fight.

You don’t need to be stealthy here, just follow Taharqa and kill all the bandits in Plesionhudor Hideout. Once the hideout is clear of all the bandits, talk to Taharqa and he will tell you to meet him in his house where he will tell you about Scarab.

So, return to Letopolis and enter Taharqa’s temple home and a cutscene will play out. As you wake up you are neck deep in the sand, call your mount to get out of the sand. Once you are out, it is time to retrieve your Gear.

Retrieve Bayek’s Gear
Get on your mount and go to the marker to claim your gear. You will come to the ruins; here you will find a chest that might give you a weapon. Now, follow the next marker to Camp Achlys and here you will find your gear. Use Senu to locate your gear in Camp Achlys.

However, retrieving your gear won’t be a simple task as Camp Achlys is a small military outpost with one captain and soldiers roaming about. Use Senu to mark all the soldiers in the area, sneak your way to your gear, and retrieve it. Now it is time to assassinate Scarab which you must have noticed by now is Taharqa himself.

Assassinate The Scarab
Make your way back to Temple of Horus in Letopolis. Use Senu to mark all the soldiers and locate Taharqa in the temple. Sneak your way around in the temple to get close to Taharqa.

The temple will be heavily guarded. The best way to approach is by the temple’s roof. There will be a few guards on the roof that you can easily deal with.

We would suggest you position yourself above the kneeling and praying Scarab on the temple floor and perform an air assassination. Confirm the kill and a cutscene will play.

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