Assassin’s Creed: Origins Receives a New Nightmare Difficulty Level, New Quests Confirmed

Assassin’s Creed: Origins has generally been well received by the public and the critics alike. However, the difficulty maybe one of the few points where the game may fall short. I mean, you are allowed to control the trajectory of your arrows in mid-air. How much easier could it get?

Most people have been enjoying the game due to the expansive world of Egypt and the charismatic nature of Bayek. However, what if I told you that you can now do that and actually have to face a little bit of a challenge?

The December Update of Assassin’s Creed: Origins has been confirmed to ship with a brand new Nightmare Difficulty, in the words of the developers:

A new Nightmare difficulty level will be available. The enemies will become more resilient to damages and more dangerous.

The update will also add Enemy Scaling which will scale up lower leveled enemies to your level for the masochists to rejoice in their play through.

Ubisoft has also announced that two new quests will be available with the Assassin’s Creed: Origins. One of them will be known as Here Comes a New Challenger, which will have limitless enemies for you to fight in the form of a horde mode. The other one might be the crown jewel since Ubisoft have not revealed any details about it yet.

Lastly, a ton of new stuff will be available for the rich kids to buy from the store. There will be a host of new gear and outfits which you will be able to purchase with real cash. You can also purchase Trials of the Gods, which is being called the Sekhmet battle: the final trial.

We will continue to update you with any news that we get a hold of. For now, enjoy wandering the expansive deserts of Egypt and looting the dead pharaohs.

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