Assassin’s Creed Origins Lootboxes Are Thankfully Nonexistent

It’s kind of a shame that Ubisoft actually has to make a statement these days that Assassin’s Creed Origins lootboxes for real money are nonexistent, especially considering that another singleplayer-focused game, Middle-earth: Shadow of War, has microtransactions and lootboxes. However, you won’t have to pay a cent beyond the purchase price for Assassin’s Creed.

Ever since the announcement that Middle-earth: Shadow of War would have lootboxes (especially egregious when the original game, Shadow of Mordor, didn’t have any microtransactions beyond adding in new orc factions, new costumes, and a brand new campaign, The Bright Lord), there’s been a great deal of renewed uproar about how stupid lootboxes and microtransactions are.

Numerous multiplayer-focused games like the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront 2, Overwatch, Rainbow Six, and more all have various loot boxes and whatnot that can be used to gain new abilities, weapons, cosmetics, and more depending on the game you play, but Ubisoft is breaking the mold and showing confidence in their game by not putting in any Assassin’s Creed Origins lootboxes.

Or, at least, no lootboxes that can be purchased with real money. Eurogamer has said that the game DOES contain lootboxes, however they can only be bought in-game from an actual merchant with in-game money. In a similar manner to the later Assassin’s Creed games, you can buy or acquire various new weapons from vendors or steal them from enemies during missions, but if you don’t want to go through that you can just buy the mystery box.

The mystery box allows players with a ton of money to gain unique weapons and items to gamble their money, and either way players can grab more weapons if they want. Not to mention that even if you want to use the Assassin’s Creed Origins lootboxes, you can still find every weapon and item in the game.

Assassin’s Creed Origins will be releasing on October 27 for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.