Assassin’s Creed Origins Herakleion Nome Side Quests Guide

Assassin’s Creed Origins Herakleion Nome Side Quests Guide features all the side activities you can perform in this area. Completing these activities is going get you rare gear, XP, and plenty of other loot you can use to complete main quests and hunt down your targets. There are a handful of side quests in this area; we recommend that you sync with a viewpoint to unlock the entire area.

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Assassin’s Creed Origins Herakleion Nome Side Quests Guide

Recon Work
Reward: 2000XP
For this side quest, you should at least have a level of 31. You will need to investigate the camp and talk to the prisoners there.

The Mithidrates Military Camp will be located in the north-eastern end of the map. Bayek will have to investigate a number of places of the camp.

For this, you will have to put down most of the enemies located here. You can send Senu and invade the camp at nighttime.

You will have to free the prisoners as well since one of them happens to be luseneb, whom you’ll have to speak with after you secure the area.

Interact with the informant table and head to the military base.

Loose Cargo
Reward: 2500XP
The suggested level for this side quest is 31. This is rather an easy quest. However, it’s a hidden quest so you need to head to the Zoiontegoi Shipwreck location marker that is located to the northeast of the synchronization point that is located at the southern end. It will be quite northeast of the map.

Once you get close to the area and are on the location marker, you will hear someone’s cries for help and the quest will be added. There will be a man inside a cage being attacked by 3 lions.

You will be required to kill all of the 3 lions. You will need to utilize your overpower attack if you feel that you’re in a bad place, or just keep swinging until the lions die.

Once you’ve killed the lions, open up the cage and talk to the man once he comes outside. After you’re done with the dialogue, the quest will be over.

Reward: 2500XP
The suggested level for this quest is 31. You will need to reach the Huntress Cave camp. Senu will fly to the location.

Once you’ve gotten rid of the enemies, you will have to speak with Tahira and then escort her to the ruins in the north and climb the vantage point after which you will see a cutscene and you will have to meet Tahira in the Natho village.

You will be required to set free an albino crocodile. You will have to use Senu to locate the croc, who will be located in the Carcer Roman Compound. You can shoot the cage with your bow to free the animal.

After you’ve saved the croc, you will have to escort it to the water tank. The crocodile won’t attack Bayek so you will only be required to kill the soldiers that come in your way. You may also be attacked by the hippos or the hyenas, you will need to kill them one by one. Once the croc reaches its destination, the quest will be completed.

Predator to Prey
Reward: 3000 XP, Rare Hunter Bow
Speak with Tahira, who will be at her hideout. You will have to accompany her to three places altogether. You will be required to kill enemies you hunt animals.

You can use Senu to locate the enemies and then kill them from the vantage point using stealth or your bow.

Once you’ve killed all the Romans that have been hunting flamingos, crocs and hippos, the quest will be completed. However, you will need to be wary of the strong hippo located in the lair.

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