Assassin’s Creed Origins Faiyum Oasis Side Quests Guide

Assassin’s Creed Origins Faiyum Oasis Side Quests guide will discuss side activities you can complete in this area. Completing these activities is going get you rare gear, XP, and plenty of other loot you can use to complete main quests and hunt down your targets. There are plenty of side quests Faiyum Oasis; it is best that you sync with a viewpoint to unlock the entire area.

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Assassin’s Creed Origins Faiyum Oasis Side Quests

Murder in the Temple
Rewards: 2500 XP
Suggested level: 24

The murder scene is in Karanis temple, where once you speak with the hunter, you can head inside and start the investigation. You have to any trails left by the murderer to track him.

On the floor, there is a bloodstain, part of a statue is smeared with green paint. When you climb up to the upper balcony, examine the statue’s head and the balcony as well to find the Killer’s letter.

The letter will let you know about the plot against the High Priest. Head to the High Priest along with the hunter and you’ll find him surrounded by cultist. Kill them all to save the High Priest to complete the quest.

Feeding Faiyum
Rewards: 3125 XP
Suggested level: 24

This quest is unlocked after completing the quest; Murder in the Temple.

To begin, speak with one of the women in Karanis temple, then meet with a stonemason and you’ll objective to examine the undergrounds of Karanis temple. The entrance is guarded by a couple of guards and there are more inside. Clear them and search the area for a Message from the Butcher.

Next up, head south-west from Karanis near Sunken Temple of Pnepheros to dive into the water and recover the chest down under. There are many enemies of levels 24 and 25 nearby, most of which you can avoid.

Afterwards, head back to Soknopaiou Nesos city to find a warehouse using Senu. Enter either through the roof or the door and pass enemies in your way to the basement. Search the basement to find an Urgent Message from the Butcher.

Finally, to end the quest, you have to face the Butcher himself, in his villa. An easy way is to in through the balcony that leads straight to his office. After a short conversation, kill any guards that come in your way and then kill the butcher. Approach the corpse to confirm the kill and ends the quest.

The Jaws of Sobek
Rewards: 3750 XP
Suggested level: 29

The objective of this quest is to find evidence of corruption at the Trireme Standing Camp. The documents are in one of the tents in the camp. You’ll also find loot in the same tent.

Getting to the tent unnoticed is the main part of the mission as the number of soldiers there makes it very difficult to get through unnoticed. Alternatively, you can kill them from a distance using your bow. The ones with the campfire are swift at calling for support, focus fire on them first.

The mission ends when you collect the right documents and you will unlock the quest; Bad Faith.

Bad Faith
Rewards: 3000 XP + a Legendary Mace
Suggested level: 29

This quest requires you to get rid of a person that spreads bad faith in Krokodilopolis, his name is Sehetep. Talk to Padiaset and will tell you that you can find him in the Temple of Sobek. Locate him using the Senu and get to there. You’ll find praying there with only one guard. After killing him go back to Padiaset who awaits you in front of the building.

Forging Siwa
Rewards: 2500 XP + a Legendary Sword
Suggested level: 25

Get to the Valley Market near Euhemeria city, take a walk there to overhear a conversation about treasures that came from Siwa. This will unlock the quest.

Visit the stall that sells goods from Siwa, use Senu to locate it. Talk to the girl there, she will lead you to a place where the bandits took her mother to. Swim to the other side to kill them or bow them from afar, you just have to free the mother. Once done, the quest is completed and you will receive the legendary sword; Imitation Siwan Kopesh.

Warning – although the weapon deals a lot of damage, it is cursed and placing it in Bayek’s equipment slot will weaken him.

Fighting for Faiyum
Rewards: 4500 XP
Suggested level: 30

This quest is unlocked after completing the quest; Shadya’s Rest.

For this, you have to meet with Hotephres and Khenut and then go speak with the farmer who is busy with work. You can help him by setting a few haystacks on fire, keeping yourself from being burnt along. After that you must go back to Hotephres to find the mansion being attacked by enemy soldiers. Eliminate all enemies and follow Khenut.

Now you must save the rebels’ leader that is being kept in Cleon’s Dam camp. Once there, scout the area first then act at night. Find the prisoner, free him and get out of the camp. You are sure to be seen when escaping so be ready to face the foes.

You next objective will be to assassinate the Commander of Fort Boubastos. Just as before, scout the location and wait till night to attack. Get to the commander, kill him, confirm the kill and get out of there to get the quest completed.

Demons in the Desert
Rewards: 3000 XP
Suggested level: 39

To get the quest started, talk to the madman, who is close to the center of Faiyum. Kill all soldiers surrounding him and talk to him to get you first objective. The madman will send you to rescue a boy for the desert. When you get there, you’ll find that he is surrounded by hyenas. Kill them and escort the boy to Desert Waterfalls Hideout.

For your second objective, you must save the farmers and free them from the enemy camp. Followed by that, you must save the father of one of the prisoners from another enemy camp. Head there, free the man and carry him to a safe place – preferably using the mount, and the quest is complete.

Curse of Wadjet
Rewards: 3750 XP + a Legendary Light Bow
Suggested level: 25

A person will tell you about the titular curse and you’ll have to go to the Greek district and find the cave. Locate its entrance with Senu and head inside, wary of the snakes in the main chamber that you can get rid of with fire. You have to find Caretaker’s Letter that lies among scrolls.

When leaving the Caretaker and his men will attack you. Kill them and the confirm the Caretaker’s kill and move on to Pannouki Hideout to free a hostage. Speak with him after rescuing him to complete the quest and get the unique weapon; Bow of Wadjet.

Warning – the legendary weapon inflicts poison.

Rebel Strike
Rewards: 2250 XP
Suggested level: 25

For this quest, you must support Theodoros in a battle at the Beached Trireme Camp. As soon as you reach there with your allies, the battle will begin. Among the enemies are a number of level 25’s including Derratos and the Captain is level 27. Defeat the enemy forces to complete the quest.

Sobek’s Gold
Rewards: 3000 XP
Suggested level: 27

Speak with the priest to be charged with retrieving two statues. Head to Okteres Blockade in the north 3 boats are docked. The first one is in the middle boat. Sneak up to it, retrieve it and jump into the water to avoid a skirmish.

The second statue is in Sunken Trireme near the eastern boat. Retrieve it as well and head back to the priest. Heavily shielded guards will come to attack you, use heavy charge attacks to get rid of them. After that pick up the young priest and speak with him to completes the quest.

The Sickness
Rewards: 3000 XP
Suggested level: 26

To start the quest, talk to the healer about the burned corpses. You must run an investigation into this and kill the culprit. Go to Euhemeria Harbor to examine all tracks and come speak with the healer again. This time go to Merchant’s house with her. After a cutscene, defeat the merchant and his two bodyguards, kill the merchant and confirm a kill to ends this quest.

The Bride
Rewards: 3000 XP
Suggested level: 26

In the North part of Faiyum, you’ll find a woman standing on a cliff about to commit suicide. Get to her to try to persuade her not to commit suicide. She’ll start her speech which you’ll have to listen to the end. To stop her from killing herself, you must bring her a Heron Feather.

It is not a very difficult task as these birds – Heron, are abundant throughout the game world. Find one, kill it with your bow and search its corpse and take a feather. You may want to use the Enhanced Predator Bow as it is better for the purpose.

Bring the feather back to the girl and then accompany her. To the docks safely, killing the jaguars that attack you on the way. The quest is completed.

Fires of Dionysias
Rewards: 4500 XP + a Rare Shield
Suggested level: 37

The objective of this quest is to find out who is behind the fire in Dionysias. Speak with a farmer, Zahra – who will lead you to the place where the man is. Fight off the soldiers there, then kill the two bandits assigned to you. One in White Desert Sobek Ruins and the other in Dionysias Caravensarai. Kill both men and go back to Zahra to complete the objective.

The Champion
Reward: 2,250 XP, Rare Shield
Find the Old Fighter and complete this challenge.

The Man Beast
Reward: 3000XP
Talk to the fisherman and investigate the marked area. Find the source of the body parts. Find and kill and embalmer.

Sobek’s Tears
Reward: 3000XP
Speak to the guardians at the Temple of Sobek. Investigate the marked area and find the injured person. Kill Melina.

The Jaws of Sobek
Reward: 3750XP
Investigate Tannery’s Storeroom and reach the docks near Tannery. Rescue and speak to the man. Collect evidence to expose the corruption.

Bad Faith
Reward: 1,500 XP, Legendary Scepter
Speak with the priest and kill Sehetep.

Shadya’s Rest
Reward: 1500XP
Speak with Hotephres at Philadelphia farm; follow him and bring a Heron feather to Shadya’s Shrine. Kill the Ptolemy Captain and speak with Hotephres.

Fighting for Faiyum
Reward: 4500XP
Speak with Hotephres at the Philadelphia Farm; Speak with the farmer and burn the Pyres for the farmer. Defend the people of Philadelphia.

This was our Assassin’s Creed Origins Faiyum Oasis Side Quests Guide. If you have any questions take to the comments below!

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