Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey Chapter 4 Walkthrough – Welcome to Athens, a Venomous Encounter, Ostracized, Oil and Love

Our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Chapter 4 Walkthrough Guide will help you complete all the Main Missions associated with the game’s fourth chapter including The Road to the Symposium. The first two quests can be obtained side by side and be switched anytime you want. We have detailed a complete walkthrough of everything you need to do, important choices, enemy encounters, and more.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Chapter 3 Walkthrough

You will have to travel to Attika, part ways with Herodotos and head for Pnyx.

However, do note that we have not talked about collectibles, weapons, armor, and other details. You can always refer to our individual guides for more information on those.

Welcome to Athens

We will have to go back to Athens, undock your ship and head for Attika, our next target.

Reach Attika
Herodotos will talk a bit on the way and finally part ways when you reach the docks of Attika. He will then tell you to head for Pnyx.

Head for Pnyx
Pnyx will be a little far away. Use your horse if you want to get there faster.

State of Pnyx
Before heading for Pnyx, you are on Heights of Thorikos. You can synchronize with the statue of Athena to reveal more side quests and other stuff to do.

Follow the marker and reach Pnyx. You will see a cutscene where Perikles is debating with Kleon, an Athenian Captain. You speak to Herodotos shortly immediately after the debate and he tells you that Perikles is open for a court.

Offer your Presence to Perikles
You can now approach Perikles on the stage. A soldier will try to stop you but fret not, our friend Herodotos is a man of fame.

Perikles will meet you and ask you to play the part of his servant in a function. He will also ask your aid in rescuing Phidias out of Athens because his life is in immediate danger.

You can ask about these friends or skip the long dialogue by choosing the option I’ll get to it. This will unlock three missions that you can do in any order.

A Venomous Encounter

You need to find Perikles’ friend Metiochos and check on him.

Head for Metiochos’ House
Head for the objective marker and enter Metiochos’ house. It will be infested with Snakes and in the center will be Metiochos. Kill all four snakes and rescue Metiochos.

Metiochos will thank you for freeing him and ask you to kill his attackers.

Enter Metiochos’ Attackers’ House
Head for the Poor Market and enter the objective’s home while looking for clues. Beware the snakes in the backyard. You will find a letter on a workbench under canvas.

Attack the Snakes
Attack the snakes in the backyard from your current position. Using fire arrows or a torch will be a good idea. Investigate the snake bodies after killing them.

You will find a victim of the snake’s bite just outside the estate, in one of the corners. Interact with him to complete the investigation.

Conversing the Fishermen
You can now converse with the fishermen about the attacker’s details.

They will not be very friendly at first but if you choose the option Don’t Protect a Criminal, one of the fishermen will spill the secret and you will not even have to kill or beat anyone.

Kill the Attacker
You can find the attacker at the southwest of Piraeus Civilian Port, in a small campsite. Be careful, Ikaros cannot detect the snakes here. The attacker is a very strong adversary.

He will give you a tough time when trying to defeat him, so be sure to have a tactic in mind beforehand. After killing the attacker, loot the whole camp and you can find the ‘poisoner’s dagger’ on his body.

Report to Metiochos
Head back to Metiochos through the objective marker and speak with him to report the attacker. He will thank you for your efforts.


In this quest, you will have to find Perikles’ contact, rig the ostracism vote by swapping the Ostraka, although it does not work and you meet Sokrates.

Head to the Bouleuterian of Athens and you can find the man that is about to be ostracized, aka, Perikles’ contact. Talk to him and he will reveal that he wants you to rig the ostracism vote by swapping the votes’ bag with the one this guy gives you.

Head for Logismos Building
Head for the Logismos Building through the objective marker. The area is heavily guarded so try to slip past the enemies here. If you do not want that, feel free to proceed, however, you wish. After killing everyone, enter the marked houses and interact with the crates to swap the Ostraka.

Return to Perikles’ Contact
Head back to the Bouleuterian of Athens and report back. The committee will still apparently ostracize the poor guy. The good thing here is that you will meet the Legendary Sokrates.

After a very weird meeting with Sokrates (makes me want to punch the guy!). Our aim here will be to meet Phidias and get him out of Athens during the night and to the island of Seriphos.

Meet Phidias
You can find Phidias in his workshop. You can either sneak into the workshop or talk to the guard at the front door. It is hilarious. Head inside the workshop and talk to Phidias.

Phidias is surprised at first but you tell him to relax. After a brief conversation where you share a document with Phidias, he wants you to take him to Seriphos.

Port of Piraeus at Night
Guards will enter the scene shortly after the conversation and you have to either sneak past them or assassinate both of them.

Wait until its nighttime or meditate. Then go talk to Phidias in the Port of Piraeus. Finally, tell him Let’s Go to board our ship and head for Seriphos.

Head for Seriphos
Seriphos is about 3,000m away from Port of Piraeus. Athenian ships will ambush you while you are leaving so prepare for combat. Head for Chora and dock there.

A cutscene will play depicting you meeting Phidias’ friend Theras. The quest ends here and you get the name of a cultist ’Brison’. You will also get a weapon here.

Perikles’ Symposium
After doing all three missions, a new mission will pop up. Head for Perikles, to the function. However, when you are about to enter the area, you run into Phoibe (the little girl from Kephallonia).

You will learn that she now works for Asparia and that you need to be checked for clothes and weapons at the door.

You can choose to wear normal clothes by choosing the option I won’t change my clothes’ or wear servant’s clothes by choosing the option ‘I will change my clothes’.

Converse with Herodotos
When you enter the gathering, you will see Herodotos. Interact with him. He will introduce all his guests in a cutscene.

This conversation will now unlock two new missions that you will have to complete to complete this long and arduous quest titled Drink Up and Oil and Love.

Drink Up
This hilarious mission needs you to make a plan with Sophokles to make Euriphides drunk and then extract information from him. You may also need to make Aristophanes sick.

Converse with Sophokles
Enter the kitchen and talk to the grey-haired guy there, who was just in a heated conversation with Euriphides.

Sophokles will reveal that in order to get Euriphides to talk, you will need to make him drunk. You will also learn that Aristophanes gets sick because of sweet wine.

Prepare to Sink Euripides in Drinks

Talk to the woman in the corner of the kitchen. You can ask her I’m here for your sweet wine and she will give you sweet wine, added to your inventory as Aged Wine. After this conversation, pick up the olive oil from the table.

Make Euripides Drunk
Leave the kitchen and move to the marker to the left. The goal here will be to obtain as much information as possible. Make Aristophanes drunk with the sweet wine until he pukes. This will get Euripides to open up to you.

Return to Sophokles
After a brief drunk conversation, head back to the kitchen and converse Sophokles again. This will complete the mission.

Oil and Love

Our objective here will be to meet and ask for information from Alkibiades who is in his room consummating. You can choose to seduce him for information.

Head for Alkibiades
If you did not do Drink Up before this, head for the kitchen and grab the olive oil in the kitchen. Head to the hallway that splits and take a left. You will get reach Akilades’ door.

Extract Information from Alkibiades
You will now enter a conversation between you and Alkibiades. Apparently, you can choose to seduce him too and then extract information from him. Alkibiades will ultimately reveal the information you need on Anthousa in Korinth.

Perikles’s Symposium – Continuation

After doing both the side missions, you can go talk to Sokrates. He will be in the main room. In the conversation, Aspasia will arrive. Talk to her and go upstairs.

After a conversation, go back down, leave the symposium (the function) and you will complete this quest.

And that is it for our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Walkthrough. That was a relatively shorter chapter than the last one. Things are heating up on both sides of the Greek world. Let us see who takes the win here!

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