Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey Abilities Guide – Warrior, Assassin, Baseline, Hunter, How to Respec

Our Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey Abilities Guide will teach you everything about all the skills/abilities in the game. Our guide details all four skill-trees i.e. Baseline, Hunter, Assassin, and Warrior.

Furthermore, we have also detailed upgrades for each of these skills. While not available for each skill in the game, a few of the skills have upto 3 upgrades.

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey Abilities

It goes without saying that acquiring these Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey Abilities requires you to earn Ability Points. Earning these Ability Points is simple and you will continue to earn these as you progress naturally through the game.

How to Respec your Abilities

Occasionally, you might make a mistake when it comes to your abilities.

Some abilities look great on paper, but they do not seem to mesh in well with your playstyle. When that happens, you have the option to reset your abilities and try again from the start.

In order to reset your abilities, make your way to the abilities screen and press the L3 button. Remember that resetting your abilities costs you some drachmae which scales with your level.

The price required to reset your abilities can be viewed in the bottom right corner of the abilities screen.

Since the price is increasing with each level, the cost of resetting your abilities might be quite expensive. For that reason, it is best to experiment in the earlier levels of the game and decide which abilities you prefer to the other ones.

Think before you select an ability, as you might be able to get away early on but there will most regret in selecting the wrong one towards the later stages of the game.


These abilities essentially deal with bow and arrows. These include AoE abilities, slowing down time, and firing volleys.

Beast Master
This ability allows you to tame knocked out wolves with the exception of Elite Animals. Moreover, you can only tame on a wild animal at any given time.

Arrow Master
With this ability, you are able to craft Paralyzing Arrows that allow you to knock out enemies instead of killing them right away.

Sixth Sense
With this ability, time slows down for upto 5 seconds whenever an enemy spots you. During this time, you can fire arrows at an enemy to deal 150% Hunter Damage.

Rain of Destruction
This ability allows you to rein down a volley of arrows in an area of 3 meters, dealing 300% Hunter Damage.

Multi-Shot allows you to target upto 4 enemies simultaneously and shoot an arrow that deals 150% Hunter Damage to each target.

Spread Shot
You can hold LT + A to shoot a volley of 7 arrows that deal 100% Hunter Damage each. You can also use Special Arrows for the Spread Shot and break enemy shields.

Predator Shot
You can press LT + Y to zoom and fire an arrow that deals 350% Hunter Damage and travels 150% farther. While in the air, you can hold RT to control the arrow. Moreover, you can also use Special Arrows.

Devastating Shot
You can press LT + B to fire a bloodthirsty arrow that deals 350% Hunter Damage. You can also increase the effectiveness of Fire/Poison arrows by 200% and use Special Arrows.

Archery Master
With this ability, you can gain increased Hunter Damage and Headshot Damage by 40%. While using Hunter Abilities, you no longer consume standard arrows.

Moreover, time slows down while aiming with a bow in midair and Adrenaline refills outside of combat.

Overpower Bow Strike
You can hold LT to aim and press RB + RT to shoot a charged arrow that deals 1,500% Hunter Damage that also explodes on impact using 3 Adrenaline segments.

Ghost Arrows of Artemis
You fire a ghostly arrow that can slip through shields, enemies, and walls. The arrow deals 220% Hunter Damage.


These abilities include status effects, knocking down enemies, and dishing out critical damage. A few of these abilities require Adrenaline segments to activate.

Ring of Chaos
You can hold LB + B to trigger a blast that stuns enemies inside the 7 meters circle and deals 250% Warrior Damage.

Second Wind
Holding LB + X replenishes 50% of your max HP and removes Fire/Poison effects.

Bull Rush
This ability allows you to rush through enemies to knock them down and deal 250% Warrior Damage.

Sparta Kick
You can hold LB + A to perform the Sparta Kick that knocks enemies back and deals 250% Warrior Damage. While the kick will not kill enemies, it allows you to recruit your targeted enemy.

Also, do note that the Sparta Kick can hit multiple enemies with the shockwave.

Weapons Master
This ability allows you to increase Warrior Damage by 40%, Crit. Chance by 10%, and increased damage for combo finishers.

Gear Master
Taking care of your armor allows you to improve it by 90%, reduce ranged damage by 20%, and 10% chance to stagger.

Overpower Attacks
You can activate this ability by pressing RB + RT that allows you to unleash powerful attacks (depending on the weapon) for 3 Adrenaline segments. The attacks have increased damage and efficiency.

Battlecry of Ares
This ability allows you to deal 50% increased damage for 20 seconds and renders all enemy attacks as non-lethal. Moreover, each received hit further increased your damage.

Fire Mastery
As the name suggests, this ability allows you to increase your Fire buildup by 60%, burning duration by 6 seconds and burning damage by 40%.

Flaming Attacks
This ability allows you to inflict Fire damage for 25 seconds with melee weapons and standard arrows. When Fire Meter reaches completion, the enemies start burning and has no cooldown whatsoever.

Shield Breaker
You can hold LB + Y to break all shields, stun the target, and deal 250% Warrior Damage. Broken shields explode to deal damage to nearby enemies.

Charged Heavy Attack
This ability allows you to unleash a powerful charged attack (depending on the weapon type) that knocks enemies back and break their guard. You gain increased damage by 150% and reduced charge duration by 25%.


As the name suggests, these abilities primarily focus on stealth, assassinations, and distractions.

Shadow of Nyx
When out of combat, you become invisible at the cost of Adrenaline. However, moving will cause you to be seen.

Stealth Master
With this ability, you get reduced noise from movement and assassinations.

Slow Time
This ability allows you to reduce time for 7 seconds.

Critical Assassination
When out of combat, you deal 200% Assassin Damage with a stealth attack.

Hero Strike
This ability allows you to perform a hard-hitting attack that deals 60% Assassin Damage.

This ability allows you to stun all nearby enemies for 10 seconds that last full duration until the enemy is attacked.

Call to Arms
This ability allows you to call forth a Lieutenant who distracts enemies for 30 seconds.

Poison Mastery
You increase your Poison buildup by 25%.

Rush Assassination
You hurl the Spear of Leonidas at an enemy to deal 150% Assassin Damage. You can chain this attack upto 3 times.

You can use this ability to tag all the enemies in 20 meters, secrets, chests, and secret areas.

Venomous Attacks
You inflict Poison damage for 15 seconds with melee weapons and standard arrows. Once it is full, enemies become intoxicated that deals damage over time.

Shadow Assassin
This ability increases assassination/knockout damage by 40%, Crit. Damage by 50%, and gain one Adrenaline segment. Moreover, you automatically loot enemies following an assassination.


Coming in at last, the Baseline Abilities are essentially must-have abilities for your characters. Abilities like Leap of Faith, calling Phobos, marking enemies, etc. all come under Baseline Abilities.

You rest and move time forward.

Summon Phobos
Call Phobos and auto-mount.

Eyes of Ikaros
This ability allows you to use Ikaros to tag enemies. You should also consider synchronizing viewpoints to increase Ikaros’ accuracy.

This ability allows you to use Spear of Leonidas to either kill or fatally wound an unaware enemy.

Leap of Faith
The signature Assassin’s Creed ability that allows you to fall from heights without taking any damage.

Blow a whistle to gain an enemy’s attention.

Man at Arms
You can equip a second weapon from the Inventory Menu and swap between them at any time.

Defensive Maneuvers
You can dodge at the perfect frame in order to slow down time.

You can knock down enemies in order to recruit them to your cause. To do so, open up the Ship Menu.

This is all we have in our Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey Abilities Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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