Assassin’s Creed Mirage Wilderness Collectibles Locations

You can find a total of 34 collectibles in the Wilderness in AC Mirage. From gear items to enigmas to tales of baghdad, you will uncover many secrets of the game but collecting them.

The Wilderness region in AC Mirage offers 34 Collectibles. Some require story progression to acquire, while others can be picked up whenever you want. Some collectibles, such as gear items, can provide you with different bonuses once picked up.

There are 7 types of collectibles: Gear Chests, Lost Books, Enigmas, Historical Sites, Mysterious Shards, Tales of Baghdad, and Dervis’ Artifacts. 

Gear Chests

ac mirage wilderness gear chests

Gear Chests collectibles are scattered around the Wilderness map in AC Mirage. You can find them by roaming around in certain spots. These chests can reward you with mesmerizing gear that can be helpful.

These chests contain weapons and some outfits which are worth the struggle. 

Hidden One Dagger 

You can find a gear chest that contains the Hidden One Dagger in the locked tower just north of Anbar. To get this one, you can go up the tower where you can see a candle wick flickering. Throw a throwing knife inside, and the gate will crash open giving you access to the tower. You can then loot this gear chest collectible in the Wilderness in AC Mirage.  

Hidden One Dagger Upgrade Schematic # 1

You can find another chest in a cave that contains the Hidden One Dagger Upgrade Schematic. This particular cave is in the Dur-Kuriglazu. Jump down into the water, progress ahead, and pick up the explosive stone.


You will need it to destroy a destructible wall ahead. You will find some enemies beyond it. Defeat them, and the chest will be yours. 

Hidden One Dagger Upgrade Schematic # 2

You can also find a third chest containing the Hidden One Dagger Upgrade Schematic near the Water Mill area. This one will be locked. The key will be lying around near the water wheel. Scan the area to better focus on it and grab it.

Continue up the stairs and towards the northwest where a room will be covered by a moveable shelf. Move the shelf to reveal the gear chest collectible in the Wilderness in AC Mirage.

Hidden One Sword 

A chest is up for grabs at the abandoned caravanserai building containing the Hidden One sword. You will need to blow up a destructive wall to find this chest. The explosive vase can be picked up in the yard on the right side.

Align the moveable shelf with the crates so you can get to the top. Pick up the vase, get to the top of the shelf, and follow along the path. Once you hit its end, jump on top of the minaret and the wall should be in front of you. Destroy it with the vase to reveal the chest. 

Hidden One Sword Upgrade Schematic # 1 

A chest is available out in the open at the Southern Camp, which is located just southeast of the city. You will need to fight some enemies before you can grab this one. But, if you play this right and choose the entrance with no guards, then it should be a piece of cake.  

Hidden One Sword Upgrade Schematic # 2 

Another chest containing the upgrade schematic for the Hidden One sword is available in the tree house.

Shamshir-e-Zomoroddnigaar + Milad’s Outfit

A total of 3 chests are located in the Northern Oasis but they require a total of 10 Mysterious Shards to be unlocked. The first one requires 2 Shards, the middle one will take up 3 Shards and the right one will take up 5 Shards.

Dive down into the oasis and push on to the hidden chamber. You can find the chest here.  

Tales of Baghdad: 

These tales are more like side missions, which aren’t rewarding but interesting to look into. They provide some lore as to what Baghdad used to be.  

The Hunt

The first is the woman found in the house by the water. This house is located north of Ukbara village, which is at the furthermost north point of the map. Talk to her to activate the quest for this Wilderness collectible in AC Mirage.

Dive into the water and make your way inside the house. There will be a blue vase containing some copper ore. Bringing it back to the woman will complete the quest. 

Curse of the Si’La’ 

The next tale will require you to be at the Abandoned Village. Talk to the mysterious NPC there, and he will send you on a clue hunt. The clues will highlight themselves when scanned, and thus you will have no difficulty in spotting them.

The clues will start from a corpse and then lead to a coin, a Chinese box, a vase, tracks in the sand, a cheetah’s sleeping spot, and finally a pile of wood. After picking them up, return to the man to complete the quest. 

Lost Books

These books are thought to be lost but can actually be found by doing some digging around. There are a total of 2 books, which are thought to be the Lost Books. 

Suleiman Al Tajir: Accounts of China and India 

The first book is easily found in the guard house present in the Tuesday Market. After entering the house, go upstairs, where you can find the book Suleiman Al-Tajir: Accounts of China and India. 

Kitab Al-Zahif

The second book is named as the Kitab Al-Zahif. This one is found under a fake floor in the ruins near Selucia-on-the-Tigris. Near the swamp, these ruins are present at the southeast corner of the map. 


Enigmas are the puzzles divided up into two parts. They consist of finding the first part, which is mostly a cryptic riddle. This leads to the second part, where this collectible will take you to a treasure. 


An enigma can be found near the Tomb of Zubaydah. Go north from the tomb, and you can find the enigma sitting around on an unmarked grave.  

Joy Beneath Weeping Palms

To find the next enigma collectible in the Wilderness, travel towards the Gate of Mills in AC Mirage. Continue southwest, and you can find it under the pavilion of stone. 

Reap From the Ruins

An Enigma is also found on the balcony of a house in Jarjaraya Village. You can climb up the balcony to find the collectible. 

Historical Sites

The Historical Sites give a further insight into the history of Baghdad. Each represents a unique memory from the past when Baghdad was in its developmental stages. 

Founding of Baghdad

You can reach a Historical Site that grants you a view of Baghdad in all its glory today. This is a throwback to when the Abbasid Caliphate chose to build a city in this unpopulated piece of desert. 

Other Palaces

Another Historical Site is the Other Palaces, known for the insight it gives of the time of the Caliphates and the mansions they built for themselves. This location for this Wilderness collectible is found west of the Winter Palace in AC Mirage. 


The Dur-Kurigalzu is also a historical site that tells the story of a god named Dur-Kurigalzu, worshipped by the Kassite people in ancient Mesopotamia. 

Baghdad Canals

The Baghdad Canals are also a historical site to visit as they show the irrigation and transport methods in the Caliphate eras. Today, these canals have dried up, and children have taken up the space once occupied by water. 


Although being in a barren area, people still used methods of farming. The Agriculture Historical Site will give you information on the methods people used to increase the harvest. 

Gates of Baghdad

The Gates of Baghdad historical site Wilderness collectibles are located on the Iron Bridge in AC Mirage. They are the most iconic part of the game. They allow Basim to enter the city’s heart for the first time in the game. 


Caravanserai are known as the places desert travelers would come to a rest for. This place is off-limits for Basim, but you can still admire its beauty from the outside. 


Camels, being camels, are also an iconic part of the game. This historical site allows you to rest your eyes on the king of the desert and admire its strength and sheer willpower. 

Zubaydah Bint Ja’far

Zubaydah Bint Ja’far was an iconic character in One Thousand and One Nights. She was also the wife of the Late Caliph Haroon Al-Rashid. She has passed away long ago, but her tomb is still around. You can find it in the graveyard next to the Gate of Tahir. 

Death and Afterlife

The Historical Site known as Death and Afterlife sheds light on the practices and beliefs of Islam regarding death. This site is close to the Gate of Mills. 

The One Thousand and One Nights

The One Thousand and One Nights references folk stories of the Arab and South Asian regions that have now become a part of the game. This historical site rests right in front of the Forty Thieves Hideout. 

The Silk Roads

The Silk Roads sing the melodies of trade Baghdad has experienced since its birth. This historical site collectible in the Wilderness is found in Jarjaraya in AC Mirage. 


Selucia-on-the-Tigris is an old city now in shambles. These ruins represent the great capital of the Greek Seleucid Empire while it lasted. These ruins are near the swamp on the map in the far southeast corner. 

Dervis’ Artifacts

Dervis is an NPC in the game you meet during your storyline. He will send you out on a hunt for his artifacts, which are now in the pockets of the wealthy. You must pickpocket them off and return them to their original owner.

The artifacts can be located by scanning the NPCs with these artifacts and then pickpocketing them.

You can find his artifacts at the following locations.

  • Southwest from Winter Palace, Staurotheke on an NPC 
  • Byzantine Bracelet on an NPC in Jarjaraya Village 

Mysterious Shards

These shards are remnants of the Isu people scattered throughout the map but mostly found on individuals wearing black robes.  

Mysterious Shard #1 

You can find one on an NPC wearing a black robe, roaming west of Anbar. 

Mysterious Shard #2

You can also find another on an NPC wearing a black robe roaming around Jarjaraya (mostly to the south). However, this one will not be alone and have two guards by his side.  

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