Assassin’s Creed Mirage The Botanist Walkthrough

Collect the Medical Samples without getting detected for extra rewards.

The Botanist is one of the contracts in Assassin’s Creed Mirage that you get from the Contract Board of the Harbiyah Bureau. You can only get it after completing the Satiric Poet contract mission. The contractor requests to remain undetected as you steal medical samples from The Pharmacy of Haylanah.

Collecting the samples in the contract is not an easy job. I will guide you in completing each quest objective and provide a walkthrough of the Assassin’s Creed Mirage, The Botanist contract.

How to get the list of Medical Samples in AC Mirage

Before you dive into collecting the samples, make sure to acquire the list. For this, you need to get to the location of Haylanah Pharmacy in AC Mirage. Once you get there, find the tent shown in the image below.

You can get to the central tent by walking on the ropes. You can also hide in bushes and take out the patrolling guards to reach the tent. Place the patrol guards inside the bushes to remain undetected and crouched.

The Botanist in AC Mirage is near the central tent, and the x-marked containers are due west. Beware that the Botanist wears green clothes and is found tending the flowers in the pharmacy. The image below shows the location of the Botanist holding the list of locations of samples.

Pickpocket the botanist to obtain the locations of the medical samples. Now, you have to find the container mark with the X symbol. This will differentiate them from the Gold colored containers in the Assassin’s Creed Mirage Pharmacy.


How to steal the Medical Samples in The Botanist

To remain undetected during the contract, I advise you to crouch at all times and hide in bushes. Whistle the nearby patrolling guard and take him out as he reaches you in the bush. This will help you get rid of the body.

The X marked Containers are inside the Central Tent, Northwest, near a small shed, A building inside the Pharmacy due south, and the first floor of a house due west.

Provided you know which jar contains the medical sample, open it to collect it. Be cautious when opening the jar, and do not open the other jars as they have Toxic green fumes. They will take chunks from your health pool in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

Getting into the Building on the south can be tricky but not difficult as an open window is on the upper level. Make your way by climbing onto the building and getting inside.

As for the House on West, you must locate yourself on the first floor of the building, where two guards protect the jars. You can wait for the right moment to strike or throw a knife at one of the guards from close range and assassinate the other.

Or you can whistle from the ground floor to let the guards leave the jars, then move up and get the medical sample quietly. You do not need to take samples from all the jars, as the Botanist contract bar in AC Mirage will fill up before you take samples from all the x-marked jars.

How to steal the Medical Samples (loud)

If you do not mind the request to be undetected throughout the contract, feel free to blast your way in and take out the guards without any hassle. Make sure to use the smoke bombs and the throwing knives to help you in your cause.

Acquiring Samples like this is not tedious and gets the job done at the expense of less rewards and more risk.

How to take the Samples to Abu Jafar’s Stash

To get out of the Pharmacy of Haylanah, stealthy navigate to the house on the west. As you enter the house, you will find a backdoor near the Silver Jars. It leads you out of the Pharmacy in AC Mirage the Botanist.

Follow the marker as it leads you far from the Pharmacy. On your way, you will find the Abu Jafar’s Stash inside the bushes close to a bridge. Stash all the medical samples you acquired from the Pharmacy of Haylanah.

Hiding the samples inside the Stash will complete the Botanist Contract in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

AC Mirage The Botanist Rewards

As you complete the Botanist Contract, the base rewards are 2 Power Favor Tokens, Rostam Dagger Schematic, and 45 components.

If you complete the Contract while respecting the contractor’s request to remain undetected, you will get 2 Scholar Favor Tokens and 65 Dirhams.

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