Assassin’s Creed Mirage Serpent’s Nest Book Puzzle Solution

The Serpent's Nest Puzzle is a unique on in AC Mirage where even following the instructions to solve it does nothing. This is because you likely have read them in reverse order.

After progressing through Assassin’s Creed Mirage and reaching the end of the Serpent’s Nest, you will encounter a surprising yet confusing book puzzle. The Serpent’s Nest quest plays a vital role in Basim’s journey as you assassinate Qabiha, head of the Order, and further attempts to investigate his chambers to learn more about him.  

In an attempt to investigate him, you come across a book puzzle in the library. Many players cannot do it even after having the poem that tells the order of books. Thanks to a vital detail of Arabic, many players find this puzzle confusing. Read the guide below to learn how to solve this book puzzle.  

How to solve the book puzzle in Serpent’s Nest in AC Mirage? 

While progressing through the Sperpent’s Nest mission, you will find a book puzzle in the library to open Qabiha’s hidden chamber in AC Mirage. At this point of the quest, you must already have four different colored books: White, Yellow, Black, and Blue.  

You also must have found a poem in a room in which Ocean, Desert, Cobra, and Dove are written the top and followed with a short poem. After reading it, you will deduce the colors and order of books.  

If not, then the Ocean refers to the Blue Book, the Desert refers to the Yellow Book, Cobra refers to the Black Book, and Dove refers to the White Book.  

After climbing up the stairs in the library, you will find four altars where you need to place the books. Now that you know the order, you can easily place them accordingly to open the hidden passage of Qabiha.  


However, nothing will happen because you have read the instructions wrong. Unlike English, Arabic is written from right to left, which means you need to reverse the order of the books.  

Therefore, on the far left, you need to place the White Book, then move to your right and place the Black Book. Then move to your right to place the Yellow Book on an adjacent altar, and lastly, place the Blue Book at the altar nearest to the stairs.  

Once you place the book in the mentioned order, a small cutscene will play out, revealing the Qabiha’s hidden passage. This solves the Serpent’s Nest Book Puzzle in AC Mirage.

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