How To Reduce Notoriety In Assassin’s Creed Mirage

Becoming famous is not a good omen for an assassin.

Notoriety in Assassin’s Creed Mirage is a wanted level meter that fills up as you do unlawful acts. The higher the level on the meter, the bigger the target on your back with more bounty hunters tracking you to hunt you down.

It is an exciting addition to the game because it puts weight on your actions and also incorporates combats into regular gameplay.

Higher Notoriety levels draw enemy attention towards you which will make stealth nearly impossible and even restrict you from getting certain missions.

This is why you are sort of required to keep a low profile, especially as an assassin so let’s look into how you can decrease your Notoriety Levels in AC Mirage

How to reduce your Notoriety in AC Mirage

There are three main ways to reduce your Notoriety Levels in Assassin’s Creed Mirage: removing wanted posters, giving the Munadi a Power Token to call off the mercenaries, and taking out elite enemies that are hunting you.

All the options besides the last one lead to quick results, so choose the one that is most convenient for you. We recommend removing the wanted posters because not only can they be found pretty quickly and easily but they also don’t require any additional resources.


Find and remove Wanted Posters

Once you get Notoriety, wanted posters are spread around towns of Baghdad to warn them of your presence. In order to decrease Notoriety in AC Mirage, you will have to search and tear down these Wanted Posters from walls yourself.

We found these posters in Market Places where you can also find a Munadi. You cannot see these wanted posters on the map but thankfully, they will be marked on your compass when you are near. Just follow the mark that looks like a paper and it will lead you to a poster that you can then take down.

Follow your compass to find wanted posters in AC Mirage.

Depending on your Notoriety Level, you will have to take multiple posters down to bring the meter back to zero. Note that with high levels, the civilians will spot and report you so either be quick on your feet or travel through less populated areas.

Take down wanted posters to reduce Notoriety in AC Mirage.

Though there are multiple marketplaces all over Baghdad, we recommend looking into the following smaller ones to make your search easier.

  • The marketplace southeast of the Great Mosque at the border of Harbiyah and Abbasiyah.
  • The market northeast of the Bimaristan in lower Abbasiyah.
  • The bazar in central Karkh.
  • The market southwest of Round City, next to the Kufa Gate.

Trade Power Favor Tokens

Bribing the local Munadi with a single Power Favor Token will remove your Notoriety instantly in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

The Munadi can be found in markets and there is bound to be at least one in each town. Similar to the wanted posters, a nearby Munadi location will show on your compass as a torn piece of paper.

They are also visible on the main map, but you will have to zoom in a bit to find the same mark indicating the location of the Munadi.

Bribe a Munadi to call off the mercenaries in AC Mirage.

Once you have located a Munadi, all you have to do is to trade a single Power Favor Token but note that this method only works if you have a high Notoriety level.

The Power Favor Tokens in AC Mirage can be obtained by pickpocketing the yellow pouches and taking on contracts via the notice boards in towns.

Take out Elite Mercenaries

Once you reach Notoriety Level 3 in Assassin’s Creed Mirage, elite guards, mercenaries, or other bounty hunters will be sent after you. Not only they can emulate your attacks, and have a lot of HP, but they can also heal themselves back up to full health.

They are difficult but not impossible to take down so you still have some luck on your side. We generally do not recommend this route because not only is it time-consuming but uses up resources but for the battle-hungry assassins, it may just be what you were looking for.

Elite enemies after you are going to be a bit difficult to defeat.

How Notoriety levels work in AC Mirage

Notoriety levels in Assassin’s Creed Mirage can be identified by looking at the Notoriety meter in the bottom right of your screen. The higher the Notoriety level, the more attention you attract making you a popular target for the local guards and mercenaries.

Keep an eye on your Notoriety meter.

There are three levels to Notoriety in AC Mirage with level 3 being the highest one.

Level 1 Notoriety will only make a few people recognize you on the streets and call for guards.

Level 2 Notoriety is where things start getting a little tough. There will be archers situated on rooftops that act like snipers and will start shooting if you are recognized. You will be recognized by civilians more easily and shout for guards thus revealing your location.

Level 3 Notoriety makes traversing even more difficult as you are almost immediately recognized by locals and they start running away from you as well. Along with other penalties of lower levels, you are targeted by elite soldiers who are able to take you down fairly quickly if you are not careful.

What actions increase Notoriety wanted levels?

Notoriety levels in Assassin’s Creed increase as you do more criminal acts. These crimes can range from simple acts like pickpocketing, and theft to more severe ones such as killing enemies or high-profile assassinations.

Fortunately, Notoriety levels increase incrementally so if you are on the cusp of getting caught, take cover till the heat blows over and you may be able to reduce it gradually.

However, once the next level is reached, you will have to resort to the aforementioned methods in order to remove Notoriety in AC Mirage.

How to turn off Notoriety in AC Mirage

Though Notoriety introduces a bit more thrill to the gameplay, it may not be for everyone. The good news is you can actually remove this whole aspect from your playthrough without it hindering gameplay.

In order to turn off Notoriety in Assassin’s Creed Mirage, open the Interface menu in Settings. Under the HUD: World and Quests Tab, you will find the toggle for turning Notoriety off at the bottom of the list.

Turning off Notoriety will mean that you no longer get recognized and called out by civilians and guards will not hunt you down every time you become wanted. Note that guards will still attack you normally so do not blow your cover thinking you will not get caught.

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