How To Heal In Assassin’s Creed Mirage

Never forget to restore your HP after fights.

You will eventually have to pick your fights in Assassin’s Creed Mirage, which is why knowing how to quickly heal yourself is important.

Unlike the previous installments in the franchise, you no longer heal yourself passively outside of combat. When injured, you will have to restore your health yourself by finding consumables and various outfits with health-regen perks.

You can not stay in the shadows forever. You will be licking your wounds, eventually. Here is how you can restore your HP in AC Mirage.  

How to heal and restore HP in AC Mirage

You can restore your health through consumables and outfit perks in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. The former is what you are going to be mostly doing to heal yourself throughout the game.

There are several consumables in AC Mirage that you can consume for health points. While food is a good source of health regeneration, we recommend relying on an Elixir which heals for a lot more in comparison.

Drink an Elixir

Elixirs are the best way to get back health in AC Mirage as they restore your HP to full. Whenever you are about to die, drink an Elixir by pressing down on the D-Pad on your controller and get back all of your life.


You start with only two Elixirs by default. Unlocking the Elixir Pocket skill upgrade from the Trickster Skill Tree adds another Elixir to increase your carrying capacity to three Elixirs in your inventory.

Elixirs can be acquired in a few ways. The first and most dependable method is by buying them from vendors who are dotted across the map for 30 coins. You can additionally use the Merchant Favor Coin to get a discount on this item.

If you are feeling a bit stingy then there is no need to worry as Elixirs can be found in blue ammo chests that are laid out all over Bagdad. You can also loot Elixirs from the bodies of downed enemies and pickpocket them from some civilians.

Eat some Food

Although not as effective as Elixirs, eating Food is still a viable option to heal in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. You do not need to waste an Elixir to restore a few health points. You can simply find and eat Food because it comes free.

You can find Food in pots and berry bushes all over the map. You, however, cannot save Food in your inventory. The moment you pick up Food, you are going to automatically eat it for health.

When shown the prompt, press Triangle/Y on PlayStation/Xbox to pick up and consume Food in AC Mirage. Do note that if you are already at full health, you will be unable to pick up Food let alone eat it.

Wear outfits with health regeneration perks

Assassin’s Creed Mirage has several outfits that come with the passive ability to restore your health points. The Abbasid Knight Outfit, for example, can regenerate 1 percent of your health every 2 seconds. The perk, however, only works if you remain in stealth, and heals for a maximum of 50 percent of your total health points.

The base Abbasid Knight outfit can be found in a gear chest inside the Monastery of the Virgins in southwestern Talik. Subsequent upgrades can further improve the regeneration capabilities of the outfit.

The first upgrade schematic is found in a gear chest located inside the Tax Collector’s Mansion in the western Fief of Rayasanah. The upgrade for Rank 2 will require 30 steel ingots and 60 leather. This upgrade allows for 2 percent health regen every 2 seconds.

The second and final schematic that will allow you to upgrade the Abbasid Knight Outfit to rank 3, for 60 steel ingots and 120 leather can be found in the Officer’s Club in the northeast Fief of Rayasanah in AC Mirage. This upgrade will increase your health regeneration to 3 percent for every 2.

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