Assassin’s Creed Mirage Harbiyah Collectibles Locations

Northern Baghdad holds plenty of treasures

Harbiyah in Assassin’s Creed Mirage is the region north of the Round City, and it contains a total of 31 collectibles, a lot more than Karkh and Round City itself. Finding these collectibles in Harbiyah will go towards 100% completion of Assassin’s Creed Mirage as well as reward you with unique items and lore regarding the world.

Just like all the other regions, we will also be dividing the collectibles locations in the Harbiyah district within their own collectible category and provide you a Harbiyah collectibles map in AC Mirage to help find and collect them all.

Harbiyah Gear Chests locations

A total of 6 gear chests can be found in Harbiyah in AC Mirage. As always, the chests are divided into two sets. The first set of a specific gear chest will always reward you with a weapon or outfit while the remaining two chests will have upgrade schematics.

Collecting all the Gear Chests in Harbiyah in AC Mirage will get you a fully upgraded Zanj Uprising Sword and Outfit.

How to get Zanj Uprising Sword (Gear Chest 1)

Make your way to the location marked on the map within the Soap Boiler’s District of Harbiyah. Once at the place, you can enter the house by going underneath the floorboards and then breaking them with your throwing knife. Once the floor is destroyed, you need to get to the second floor of the house.

Right next to you would be a ladder that you could climb up. After entering the room on the second floor, just turn around, and you’ll find the gear chest that contains the Zanj Uprising Sword.


How to get Zanj Uprising Sword upgrade schematic (Gear Chest 2)

The second gear chest of Harbiyah is at the Damascus Gate Prison. Once you are at the prison, you need to hop into the trench right outside the prison gate. Turn right towards the chest, and you’ll notice a slightly broken chain gate. Use your throwing knife to open the other end of the gate, allowing you to circle around and reach the chest. You’ll obtain the Zanj Uprising sword upgrade schematics here.

How to get Zanj Uprising Sword upgrade schematic (Gear Chest 3)

The last gear chest for Zanj Uprising Sword is at the Metal Factory in the Harbiyah district of AC Mirage. You don’t have to break open anything to get into the first floor of the building where the chest is. Just climb up from the inside of the house at the marker shown on the map. On the upper floor, you will find the chest that contains the Zanj Uprising Sword upgrade schematic.

How to get Zanj Uprising Outfit (Gear Chest 4)

You would need to move the big racks around a bit in order to reach the chest. First push in the one you can grab from the outside.

Then, jump over the boxes to your right. And push this same rack forward from there all the way through.

Now go to the second rack, and pull it back as much as you can. Then go to the third rack and pull that one as well, enough to make room to move through. Once you’re there, pull the first rack again, and you’ll reach the chest and obtain the outfit.

How to get Zanj Uprising Outfit upgrade schematic (Gear Chest 5)

This one is not that difficult to obtain. There are, however, plenty of enemy guards on patrol that you would need to worry about. You could either assassinate them all, sneak past them, or go loud but the route is quite straightforward, and the chest can be found on the ground floor near the wall. You’ll obtain the Zanj Uprising Outfit Upgrade Schematic here.

How to get Zanj Uprising Outfit upgrade schematic (Gear Chest 6)

At the guardhouse, you need to go all the way to the rooftop. There are two guards there, and the chest is within the armory. You’d have to deal with the guards first before trying to access the armory. When you’re done with the guards, you come across the same moveable stacks.

First, you need to break the clay pot that would stop the right stack from being pushed. After that, push the right stack all the way through, just sprint underneath the table on your left side, and you’re inside! You can finally obtain the last schematic over there.

Harbiyah Lost Books locations

There are two Lost Books in Harbiyah in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

Lost Book #1 Kalila wa-Dimna

Location: Near the Great Mosque

The first lost book you’ll find would be inside the house in the given location. Just walk to it, and open the door and you’ll find it inside.

Lost Book #2 Tafsir of Altabari

Location: Outside Nestorian Monastery

To get the lost book Tafsir of Altabari, you need to go underground via the staircase, which acts as the secret entrance to the Nestorian Monastery. You’d need to take the first left within the shelves, go towards the end where there’s a table, and take a right. Go straight ahead and take a right, and you’ll end up with one of the moveable stacks. Pull it back and go to the second stack.

To reach the second stack, you need to take the first left when looking back from the table. Pull it back as far as you can as well.

After that, go to the final stack and pull it back. It’ll open up an area with a broken wall with crawling insects all over it. You can slide underneath it easily. It will take you directly to the lost book.

Harbiyah Historical Sites locations

A total of 13 Historical Sites collectibles are scattered around the Harbiyah region of Assassin’s Creed Mirage. Make your way to the locations shown on our Historical Sites collectibles map and interact with the glowing orb to collect them.

Before you start collecting them, make sure to climb and synchronize at all the viewpoints in Harbiyah. This will reveal the locations of each Historical Site on the map in the Harbiyah district of AC Mirage.

Historical Site #1 Kalila and Dimna

Location: Near the Great Mosque

If you have followed the “Lost Books” above, you’ll find that this historical site is in the same room as the first lost book mentioned here. The book is on the left side, on a table whereas this historical site is on the opposite – towards your right when you enter the room.

Historical Site #2 Hajj (Pilgrimage to Mecca)

Location: The Great Mosque

This one is an easier find, as you can see it on the southern roof of the wall of the mosque itself.

Historical Site #3 Pillars of Islam

Location: The Great Mosque

It’s on the opposite wall of the one that we have mentioned before and is easily visible on the ground.

Historical Site #4 Prisons

Location: Damascus Gate Prison

It’s right in front of the Damascus Gate Prison wall on the ground and is easily visible.

Historical Site #5 Abbasid Revolution

Location: On the South Western border to the Round City

It’s right at the border between Harbiyah and Round City and is easily visible at the location on the ground.

Historical Site #6 The Banu Musa Brothers

Location: South Harbiyah

It is inside a house. The door’s not locked, so you can enter easily. Just go up the stairs and take a right turn, and you’ll have it.

Historical Site #7 Ceramics and Lustrewares

Location: Metal Factory

Outside the factory near the houses, you’ll find it quite easily it is out in the open.

Historical Site #8 Emporium of the World

Location: Qutrabbul Gate

This one is available near the fruit and vegetable stalls on the ground out in the open.

Historical Site #9 Alcohol production and consumption

Location: Near the Farms south of Ditch Sluice of the Lief

To obtain this one, navigate to the farms south of the Ditch Sluice of the Lief. It is a little hidden but easily visible from an angle and is on the ground and out in the open just like the rest.

Historical Site #10 Maritime Trading

Location: East of the Dyeing Factory

If you follow the given location, you’ll need to climb on the rooftops of the houses in this location. Once you’re on the roof, you’ll find the historical site.

Historical Site #11 Expansion of Islam through Trade

Location: South East of Upper Harbor

This one would be easy to locate as well as it is in the center of the market.

Historical Site #12 A Difficult Succession

Location: Outside Prince’s Palace

You’ll find this one at the gate that leads to the Prince’s Palace out in the open.

Historical Site #13 Greeks Bearing Gifts

Location: Outside Khurasan Gate Guardhouse

You’ll find this one at the stall with shields on display quite opposite to the opening of the Khurasan Gate Guardhouse.

Harbiyah Dervis’ Artifacts locations

Four of the Dervis’ Artifacts in AC Mirage are scattered around the Harbiyah district. Go to the marked locations on the map and use Eagle Vision to highlight the targets. They should be in gold color. Once you have marked the target, walk slowly to them and pickpocket the NPC to steal the Dervis’ Artifact from them.

Dervis’ Artifact #1 Buddhist Votive Plaque

Location: West of Iron Gate

Dervis Artifacts are a little different and a little difficult to figure out. They’re mostly on the person of an NPC that Basim needs to steal from. The first one is in a little awkward location, a bit away from the two landmarks on the map. You’ll find this NPC near the haystack if you follow the location on the above-given map.

Dervis’ Artifact #2 Aksumite Amulet

Location: Dyeing Factory

In order to pickpocket this NPC, you’ll need to visit the Dyeing Factory. Luckily this NPC is not near any police patrol, so it would be easy to retrieve the Dervis Artifact from them.

Dervis’ Artifact #3 Scandinavian Brooch

Location: Near Farms

You’ll need to navigate all the way to the farm entrance south of Ditch Sluice of the Fief. One of the farmers over there would be holding the artifact, and you’d need to pickpocket off of him.

Dervis’ Artifact #4 Money Cowerie

Location: West of Dyeing Factory

This one is also an easily approachable NPC you’ll find near a haystack cleaning around the area. You can silently pickpocket the Dervis’ Artifact from them.

Harbiyah Mysterious Shards locations

Just like the other regions of Baghdad, Harbiyah in AC Mirage has 2 Mysterious Shards being carried by the Tha’abeen. You can intercept these targets anywhere on their route and assassinate them to pick up the Mysterious Shard collectibles. However, we will be giving you the best location to assassinate the targets.

Mysterious Shard #1

Location: Soap Boiler District Bridge

The shard is held by one of the enemy NPCs. They’ll be walking around, but they’ll end up at the bridge highlighted in the above map. The target will be accompanied at least one other NPC. Since there are no other guards on this bridge, this is the best spot to kill the Order member and pick up the Mysterious Shard.

Mysterious Shard #2

Location: South East of Dyeing Factory

The second Mysterious Shard in Harbiyah is a little difficult to collect. The target location, as shown on the map above, has a lot of guards around, so if you kill them or try to pickpocket, you will surely raise an alarm.

To get this Mysterious Shard, create a distraction either with your smoke bombs or some other way, and then go after the Tha’abeen. Assassinate the NPC to collect the Mysterious Shard.

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