Assassin’s Creed Mirage Forty Thieves Walkthrough

The Forty Thieves side quest in AC Mirage is a reference to the folk tale of Ali Baba. It is accessible if you preordered the game.

The Forty Thieves is a side quest in Assassin’s Creed Mirage inspired by the famous story “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves”. Unlike other side quests, the Forty Thieves quest can only be available if you pre-order AC Mirage.

If you pre-order the game, you can play this quest (the Assassination of Al-Ghul). Afterward, you can go to the investigation menu and select it. This quest is about finding Ali Baba and killing the King of Thieves.  

Read the guide below to learn how to complete the Forty Thieves and its three sub-quests and get the reward.  

A Dance with Thieves 

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After initiating the Forty Thieves quest, you must find the letter in the first sub-quest (A Dance with the Thieves). Head to the location and interact with the letter in which Murjana (Ali Baba’s daughter) requests help. Now, head to Murjana’s location to speak with her.

She will be south of Round City, as marked in the map image above. The Monastery of the Virgins’ viewpoint is the closest fast-travel point if you have unlocked it.


Upon reaching the location, use Enkidu to get Murjana’s exact location. She will be just past the Pomegranate Gate. Approach her, and a small cutscene will play, where she will be bargaining with the shopkeeper. After seeing you, she will tell you to follow her to find her father.  

Follow her to the horses and mount one to follow her. While riding to the location, Murjana will tell you about her father’s involvement with Forty Thieves as a skilled trader. After learning the secret, Forty Thieves are trying to get rid of him.  

On the location, you will find Ali Baba’s dead horse near Forty Thieves hideout. Follow Murjana to the hideout and kill every guard in the area. Since several thieves are patrolling the location, it is hard to go all out. Use the high ground to your advantage and use distraction to isolate the guards. Then, jump on them to kill them instantly.  

Afterward, a small cutscene will trigger, where Basim and Murjana find Ali Baba’s dead body. After seeing her father’s body, she will ask you to meet her at her house for payment.   

Secrets, Spoken and Unspoken 

basim meets murjana in AC Mirage

Travel to Ali Baba’s estate, where a cutscene will trigger, in which Murjana will be mourning for her late father. Further in the cutscene, she will take you outside, where you both learn that Murjana is the thieves’ next target.  

After the cutscene, you will get the objective of applying the thieves’ marks at different houses to confuse the thieves. You can use this confusion to assassinate each one of them.  

Open the Eagle Vision after exiting Murjana’s house to see the places where you have to place the thieves’ marks. Once you are done, head to the marker to wait for the thieves to arrive at night.  

The thieves will be scattered around and attempting to find Ali Baba’s estate. Approach them one by one and kill them. Once all the thieves are dead, approach Murjana, where you will see four more thieves. Quickly kill these reaming thieves to save Murjana.

Once the deed is done, a cutscene will trigger where Murjana will tell you that she is the loose end for the King of Thieves. She says he will keep sending thieves until she is dead, like her father.  

Basim takes upon the journey of killing the king before he sends any more thieves after her. After taking the key to the cave, the cutscene will end, and you will move on to the last sub-quest (Meet the King).  

Meet the King 

meet the king location ac mirage

Now, on to the final sub-quest, where you will enter the hideout and kill the King of Thieves. For your foremost objective, head to the location marked in the image above. Since you will be infiltrating the hideout and killing off the thieves patrolling the area, it is best to have smoke bombs and knives to calmly take out these foes.  

Once you are all prepared to take out the king, fast travel to the nearest viewpoint and summon a mount to travel rest while riding. Upon reaching the hideout, you will see several thieves patrolling the area. Start with the marksmen on the above by throwing knives and stealthy approaching and then killing them.  

After all the marksmen are dead, throw smoke bombs at the guards below to separate them, and once they are all separated, jump on them to kill them instantly. After killing all the hideout guards, interact with the main entrance to cue a small cutscene in the Forty Thieves quest in AC Mirage. Basim will say the words that Murjana gave him as the key to the hideout.  

Once the gate opens, enter and kill the one guard. Follow the marker to enter through the caged door and kill the two guards by the stairs. Before heading towards the king, turn right and kill the guards on the above.  

Once all the guards above are dead, approach the marker to the king and kill him to conclude the quest. After the king is dead, a cutscene will trigger, and Murjana will enter the hideout and give you the payment for your services.  

AC Mirage Forty Thieves rewards 

Murjana will give you the King of the Thieves costume as payment for your services. You can also loot the hideout and get a significant amount of leather and other upgrade materials to upgrade your gear. 

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