How To Unlock Eagle’s Will Trophy In Assassin’s Creed Mirage

The Eagle's Will trophy is among the hardest achievements to get in AC Mirage since you have survive combat for 10 minutes straight.

As you progress through the game, you will get various trophies or achievements after satisfying their conditions. An example is Eagle’s Will Trophy in AC Mirage, which tests your patience in combat. You must survive a fight against an enemy for 10 minutes straight to get this achievement in the game.  

You must keep fighting your opponent without finishing them off and not dying. This can sometimes seem impossible as the enemies hit hard in the game. However, there is a much easier way to get this trophy.  

How to get Eagle’s Will achievement in AC Mirage 

As mentioned, the only way to get Eagle’s Will Achievement/Trophy is by fighting for 10 minutes straight against an opponent. If you or your opponent dies, you must redo it again.  

It is best to face a low-level enemy as they are easy to dodge. These low-level enemies mostly have one sword and perform at most two attacks. Although they vary in speed, with full attention, you can calmly dodge or parry these attacks. 

It is best to isolate a single enemy and face him outside the main city, as you do not want to attract more enemies.  

Prefer to dodge the most attacks as parrying can be grueling. If you do not match the timing of the attack and get hit, or if you accidentally press the assassinate button, you will lose the opportunity to obtain Eagle’s Will Achievement/Trophy in AC Mirage.   


The easiest way to get Eagle’s Will trophy


There is a much easier way to bypass this rule. Instead of fighting a human enemy, you can also face off against an animal as well to satisfy the conditions of this trophy. Such an opportunity is in the Wilderness, as marked on the map image above.

Travel to the location marked on the image where you will encounter several sleeping snakes. Disturb one to two snakes from a safe distance to trigger combat. 

The best place to do this will be on an elevated rock while being in the sight of the snakes. Once you are in position, get the snakes’ attention while you are on the rock. The snakes will be unable to approach you and damage you. As such, all you must do now is wait for the duration to satisfy the conditions of this trophy.

After the 10-minute timer ends, you will automatically get the Eagle’s Will Achievement Trophy in AC Mirage. 

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