Assassin’s Creed Mirage All Daggers Locations Guide

Daggers are used for both defense and offense in AC Mirage, you need to know their locations to get them.

Assassin’s Creed Mirage’s playstyle is stealth-focused, as you complete missions while avoiding enemies. But there will be times when you will end up in a fight. That’s where your weapons come into play. Basim wields a sword and dagger in tandem. The sword deals the most damage, but the dagger helps in defense. There are many daggers in AC Mirage found in different locations.

You can find some daggers hidden away in chests, while others you may need to purchase as parts of packs. This guide will tell you about all the daggers’ locations in AC Mirage and how you can get them.

AC Mirage All Dagger Locations 

A plethora of daggers can be obtained gradually at different game stages. You can get on some of these by progressing the storyline, completing contracts, and opening various Gear Chests in Baghdad. Below is the detail of all daggers locations in Assassin’s Creed Mirage and the method to find them. 

Initiate of Alamut Dagger 

You will have access to the Initiate of Alamut Dagger automatically as soon as you complete the prologue. When you meet her, Rebekah will give you this dagger while pursuing the main mission, “A New Beginning”. 

Rostam Dagger 

Unlike the other daggers you get from chests, the Rostam Dagger is obtained once you complete a specific contract, “The Satiric Poet”. You can take this contract from the contract board by visiting any Hidden One Bureau.  

Dagger of Time 

The Dagger of Time is one of the DLC-only weapons in AC Mirage. You must purchase the game’s Deluxe Pack to obtain this dagger and its upgrade Schematics. 


Demon Fang 

The Demon Fang is a powerful weapon that ignites enemies if it parries any incoming attacks. As you may have guessed, this one is also not included in the game and can be obtained only by purchasing the Fire Demon Pack. 

Abbasid Knight Dagger 

One of the most useful daggers in the game, the Abbasid Knight Dagger, helps you survive tougher fights by increasing your Damage Resistance when you are below 50% Health. This dagger’s location is in one of the Gear Chests of the Karkh region in AC Mirage. 

Go to the Bazaar and enter the main building beside some stalls. Keep walking in the hallway until you reach the stairs on the right. The Gear Chest will be on the left part of the upper floor.  

Lightning Dagger 

Having the “One-man Army” perk, this dagger increases your Damage output and resistance when surrounded by multiple enemies. To get this handy weapon, you must spend $5 and purchase the Lightning Weapons Pack from the store. 

Hidden One Dagger 

The Hidden One Dagger is quite a useful weapon for wiping out hordes of enemies quickly. By killing a Poisoned enemy with this dagger, you can produce a poison cloud to damage surrounding opponents, allowing you to do a few more easy kills. 

Search the Wilderness and loot a Gear Chest to obtain the Hidden One Dagger. The exact location for this dagger in AC Mirage is Dur-Kurigalzu in the northern part of the Wilderness. Perform a Leap of Faith into the pit to enter the destination cave. You can loot the Gear Chest after eliminating the guards in the area. 

Zanj Uprising Dagger 

Zanj Uprising Dagger is one of the efficient tools to restore your stamina in AC Mirage. When you successfully dodge enemy hits, it refills 10% of your stamina. This dagger is found in one of the Gear Chests in Abbasiyah.

First, you must pickpocket a key from a man in The Four Markers to enter the Four Markers storage. Grab the fire pot from there and smash open the wooden wall outside. Use another pot to open a hole in the roof.

Once you reach the upper area, you will see the Gear Chest containing the Zanj Uprising Dagger. 

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